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  1. My math says that there were 50% more celiacs with MG than the control group. 14 cases not celiac versus 21 cases celiac. This looks like the same math Johnson and Johnson used when they decided that a 30% increase in ovarian cancer by using their product was not significant.
  2. The last time I tried to buy Maalox, at several different stores I thought it had been discontinued. I went to the doctor with lower back pain. He ran a lipid panel and my triglycerides were over 10,000. I was admitted to the hospital, Acute Pancreatitis, nothing by mouth, not even ice chips, on IV Dextrose for a week. The plan was to give my guts a total break and hope I survive. Assuming you do not have pancreatitis, try eating only foods that make your tummy happy. Also don't allow yourself to get over hungry, that is one of my triggers for the scapula area pain. Cream of Rice is my good friend. Sometimes I add Hershey's Syrup, but I prefer it plain, around room temperature. Very soothing. Romain lettuce everyday helps. Ensure has 25% of your daily nutritional need in each bottle. Walgreen's branded value pack was $16 for 16 bottles. I take 500mg a day of Graviola. After a few days of looseness, it seems to help regulate peristalsis for me. Some days really suck, other days are getting better. You are undoing the damage caused by eating a poison to your body for most of your life. Make sure you are getting more than the minimum RDA essentials. Dr. Amy Meyers might be a good resource, she seems to specialize in Lupus but GFD is a core value. I hope you feel better tomorrow.
  3. I did not mean to make you angry. I think you might find this article by Dr. Meyers interesting. She specializes in autoimmunology. In synopsis: Raynauds can be a symptom of Lupis. Lupis is often associated with leaky gut, or thyroid issues. https://www.amymyersmd.com/2018/03/5-steps-reverse-lupus/ My issue is once the doctors tell you maybe yes maybe no we don't know what to do, but try this, what now. It is not psychosomatic. It would be, in my opinion, beneficial to assume a gluten issue and do a trial GFD for a month, paying attention to essential vitamins, in order to rule out Celiac, as a diagnostic test. A shame to suffer. Summer break would be a good time to try. It is embarrassing to kids to be singled out as defective because they can't eat "regular food". But I think if she is suffering enough she will jump at the chance of relief. I respect and appreciate your knowledge in this subject. In this instance I feel you are wearing the blinders of social pressure.
  4. Along with celiac disease comes malabsorption syndrome. Get her tested for vitamin D. The mental health benefits become obvious when the blood level is in the middle to upper range. I had to stop taking my Buspirone for anxiety after a few weeks at 10,000 iu/day. The buspirone was making me woozy and I finally was less depressed and I no longer needed it. My daughter in law was always angry until she took D and was so impressed she decided to try GFD and her gut is now much better.
  5. I feel embarrassed to ask this but, Cycling Lady, is your daughter on GFD? There is one thing I have noticed over the past years. Most people seem to have numerous complaints about some aspect of their health. Arthritis, cataracts, gut pain, headaches, endometriosis, enlarged prostate for men or overactive bladder if you are a women, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, obesity is rampant, and on. Everyone seems to have more than one problem and the doctors are taught which drugs and treatment have been codified for each disease. It finally occurred to me that it really not likely that I have 18 separate diseases. Maybe it is one disease with multiple exacerbations. I have decided that wheat is poisonous to me and the other stuff, that always was "we don't know what causes it, really, but these drugs will cure this and that." Of course the drugs usually have side effects that are much worse than the disease itself and maybe it will help. Except the Fear that You Will Die if you don't do what the doctor prescribes. Shortly before going gluten free, my optometrist said my intraocular pressure was high at 34. Good is around 20. High IOP like mine can lead to glaucoma. Well, it turns out that only 10% of those with high IOP actually get glaucoma. Last exam in November I was down to 20 left eye and 22 right eye. My mom had cataract surgery, then high IOP surgery by one of the top eye research schools in the world, none of which made a difference. She was type 2 diabetic, had been obese but dieted and lost half her size, and died of cardio myopathy. Not all diseases are caused by a gluten diet, but can cause co-morbidities and symptoms that mimic and are diagnosed wrong. There are around 200 different medical complaints that have shown improvement with GFD, so having answered the question for your child is she Celiac with a rousing "Maybe", you should all go gluten free for a trial period. It is easier when everyone eats the same and could possibly have health benefits for the rest of the family. Only one way to tell. For years they've been promoting that Ciliac is a defect in the patient. Maybe it is not the patient but the food. We've survived a long time as the human race, why are we falling apart now. I am becoming more convinced that things like the current increase in congenital diseases like autism and type 1 Diabetes might be caused by wheat in the mothers diet acting on the embryo's systems. Only way to tell is a diet without wheat.
  6. Until one day in the not far future you wake up one morning and feel good for the first time in a long time. Thanksgiving 2014 I, like Ennis, was convinced I was going to die, and medications I was prescribed were not helping. Now I am on my way to health. Try 1000 mg Pantothenic Acid (B5) sustained release capsules and 500 mg Magnesium oxide caps for your numbness. It is helping me. Vitamin D was helpful at the lower doses but it was when I started taking 10,000 iu a day that it really made a difference in my life. For the vitamins to effect me I needed the to raise my level to the middle of the recommended range, and that just will not happen by supplementing with 20% of your daily minimum. When we eat the essential vitamins and minerals our bodies use what is needed and stores the rest for days when it is not available. Vitamin D is only made from sunshine and organ meats. The rest of the time it takes it from storage in the skin, so you need an ample supple for the other 75% of the year.
  7. Of course you will continue to find other foods and nutritional deficiencies and side effects of the medications you take. Read Dr. Davis' book, Wheatbelly Total Health for a good overview. Most of the current popular diets today all have one common thread, either complete or severely reduced consumption of wheat containing foods then add nutrition focused on their particular specialty. Dr. Davis is a cardiologist.
  8. My biggest regret is that when my son was diagnosed with Celiac disease as an infant 42 years ago, we did not as a family go gluten free. I know that today he would be healthier ( he is in denial and noncompliant), I would not have suffered from the 18 various health complaints not typically related to Celiac I've lived with most of my life that got better with GFD only, and my wife (endometriosis and ovarian cancer), brother and father (both failed to recover from intestinal surgery, stitches wouldn't hold the seal and that resulted in sepsis) would probably still be alive. Do a family GFD and watch your family's health improve. Whatever a biopsy might show, he is still gluten sensitive and the only treatment is GFD. Wheat is a giant industry, so they will spend millions $ and do whatever they can to convince you to eat it.
  9. If food doesn't help quick enough I take Alka-Selzer (aspirin and bicarbonate) and that almost always works. Zantac and Pepcid are H pump inhibitors designed to reduce your stomach acid long term, which if not necessary will interfere with your digestive process leading to more malnutrition. And down the rabbit hole you go. They have recently been linked to kidney failure as an underreported side effect. Lawsuits have been initiated.
  10. I get that hunger pain in my back, usually between the right shoulder blade and backbone. At first I thought heart disease, because it is very painful and in the right area, but goes away when I eat the right food.
  11. I have been underweight my entire life. In 1971 during the Vietnam Era when they were taking everyone for the war, I was exempted from the draft with a 4F (we don't want you and never will don't come back) because I was so underweight. I never weighed more than 173 pounds (6 feet, 2 inches) until a few years ago when I popped up to 185 pounds and a 42 inch waist. When my GFD weight loss started I dropped to 160 then came back up to 170 and has stayed there ever since. That was concerning and I did get scared maybe I was wrong. My waist stayed at 42 inches. When I started eating sushi seaweed Nori everyday (one sheet supplies 40% the recommended upper limit) not long ago my belly fat started to disappear and I started to gain muscle mass in my chest. Weight holding at 170 but my belly is down to 39 inches. To quote a song, "It's gonna take time, plenty of time'" I do not exercise. I figure if I have that much extra energy I can always do chores. The government has taken fat and eggs off of the bad list. Meat is your best source for Heme, an important nutrient for red blood cells. We can make it from iron but heme is more bioavailable. For now eggs are good again. Go back to normal eating, continuing strict GFD (most American made Soy Sauce has wheat listed as the first ingredient by the way and Twizzlers are all wheat). Your "Dairy free, low sugar, no processed foods, low meat consumption Diet" obviously is not right for you. GFD is right for you, but now you need to get enough fat, meat, vitamins and fiber to support your nutritional needs. Gluten also artificially increases your appestat by 500 calories a day. Your gut will likely to continue to bother you until healed and it's gonna take time. (there's a mechanism in your brain, perhaps in the hypothalamus, called the appestat. It's believed to monitor your blood for nutrients and regulate appetite)
  12. Good advice from Ennis and GFinGC. Many years ago the health industry ridiculed Linus Pauling for proposing that high doses of vitamin C was beneficial to health, in particular in speeding recovery from the common cold. In the eighties they proved that zinc lozenges stops the common cold and flu viruses practically in their tracks. B5 helps peripheral neuropathy. D3 can reverse sadness and depression in high enough dose. Iodine is necessary for apoptosis (killing off of defective or diseased cells) and muscle tone and energy. I've read that one tablespoon of wheat converts to the equivilant of one tablespoon of sugar. How can that be good for a diabetic, type 1 or type 2. Now there are claims of a type 3. Malabsorbtion Syndrome is co-morbid with Celiac Disease.
  13. That statement, by itself should help you stay on GFD, whether or not you are labeled Celiac. Some of the secondary effects of your disease process can take several years to reverse. Stay the course. Subclinical malnutrition is the norm, rather than the exception, and few doctors do nutrition. In the face of overwhelming evidence, traditional medicine is reluctantly accepting the reality of NGWS (non gluten wheat sensitivity) as a real phenomenon. Most of the research on our current big diseases are done on a population that eats wheat, barley and rye as a significant part of their diet. Why take Lyrica (check out those side effects) when a gluten free diet will end your foot pain? Why has Congress exempted the wheat industry from all of their GMO regulations and discussion? Google the 200+ side effects that have been cured by a gluten free diet. Four years ago I had to crawl to the bathroom from bed (only 15 feet) because I had to pee so bad (BPH, I was diagnosed in 1972) and my feet hurt so much I could not stand on them after lying down. Now, foot pain is only intermittent numbness, BPH is gone, sleep apnea gone, fibromyalgia pains (that's a life-sucker) under control, depression gone, etc. At first it is hard to be gluten free, people will laugh at you, you will feel like you are missing out on the good life. Wheat is addictive. I was always told that my snoring and sleep apnea and COPD would get better if I quit smoking. I did not get better by quitting so eventually I quit quitting. Then I stopped eating wheat containing (barley and rye are also wheat) foods and I started feeling better. I was eating ice cream, potato chips, meat, full fat foods, family sized Hershy with almonds, fritos; anything to avoid gluten, and smoking a pack a day of Marlboro ( the original cowboy killer). I'll be darned if contrary to prediction I lost 25 pounds, breathing easy, sleeping well, feeling good. Just by giving up gluten. Big Wheat, Pharma and Medicine have been throwing everything under the bus to divert attention, but the facts are once you give up gluten and reverse your malnutrition (an unmentioned and untreated cause of many of our major diseases) then you can effectively treat whatever problems are left. Your life will improve. My long term alcoholism turned out to be, not a crazy personality disorder with multiple levels, but a simple side effect of wheat addiction. It ended (the addiction to alcohol, not the crazy) when I went gluten free. At first I had vivid dreams of boxes of Duncan Donuts. When I stopped drinking, two years before gluten free, my health started to seriously decline and the drugs prescribed were only helping the doctors' boat mechanics. I started drinking again and felt better. I, at this point believe that the quantity of vodka I had been drinking every day was sterilizing my gut and keeping the bad intestinal flora subdued. I stopped drinking and got worse, I stopped eating gluten and got better. Go figure. Now I can drink socially if I choose but rarely choose to do so. It doesn't make me feel good anymore. In conclusion, follow your gut, not the food industry.
  14. Wheatwacked

    Fainting before an upset tummy

    In my case, not POTS. I did have years ago, it was called Postural Orthopedic Hypotension and I probably was vitamin deficient then. Situp or standup brain blood pressure drops and you faint. I do not know why it stopped. The closest thing I can compare this to is when I was put under with nitrous oxide by the dentist. Going down down down. And it happened while perfectly relaxed, sitting still in a chair. Another time, standing still at the kitchen counter. I think it may be that the combination of very little dietary fiber recently, while combined with the nitrates and maybe the coke without anything else to move it along, I basically anaesthetized myself. The cheese just sped up the nausea. Once I throw up and poop, which can be minutes or hours later, all is back to normal. Based on my eating patterns and vague memories of previous occurrences, this actually makes sense. It was not low blood sugar because I drank the coke first. I hope this helps someone because it has certainly helped me.