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  1. Thanks for replies... I am still waiting for appointment... not a nice time, but appreciate you replying ❤️
  2. Hello friends Its been years since I was on year, diagnosed 6 years ago... I had a 2 year recovery but have been well for a long time. For the first time ever, I accidentally consumed wheat starch in a vitamin tonic. I had no awful symptoms (vomiting/diarrhoea) except a very tender abdomen...
  3. Hi there Just wondered if you found anything out about that lymph node... Is it still there? I have one too... I'd love to know what happened to yours and what docs said if you went?? All the best Kimmy
  4. Hi all Its been a while since I have been on here... I'm just wondering what the risks are with Lymphoma being Celiac... I have had a supraclavicular node swollen for about 8months now, doctors are being rather useless as usual... And all have dismissed my linking celiac to lymphoma...
  5. Hi Kaile Only just seen this, sorry... Its been a stressful few months. How many and how big are your nodes? Are they still there? The supraclavicular ones are the 'worrisome' nodes unfortunately... This is what I have. I am still under testing and watch and wait... All the best ...
  6. PS. I picked one... "He who fears he shall suffer, already suffers what he fears" Massive thanks and hugs
  7. Bartfull, thanks so much...Yes, I need some Ostrich! I must be like your mum! Although I am generally pretty laid back, except when it comes to a fear of dying... Which has intensified since I had my little boy. Thank you for the link, I will look tonight :-) And I will keep one to carry with me...
  8. Thankyou RMJ... Thats reasuring a little.... I do hope mine is the same....It is sinister because of my age and because of its location, as you are not supposed to be able to palpate these nodes freely. :-( I know it wasn't there before... Its 1cm ish and hard. Hard apparently isn't good either....
  9. Thanks Iceland girl Everyone on here is so lovely, and of course right with advice. I just want to rule out the sinister reasons for this lump in my collar bone, and it all points to malignancy... Apparently 90 percent of those over 40 with enlarged nodes in collar bone are malignant. It really...
  10. Hi Nvsmom, how you doing?! Oh it's so lovely to talk to guys again (ladies!)... Thanks for replying. Yeah, I guess I have such awful rouble previously with doctors that I search Dr Google to eliminate any sinister possibilities myself, and actually end up going down the dark alleys. Funnily enough...
  11. Bartfull! I remember you from a few years ago! How are you doing? Are you eating maize yet?? Thanks for replying. Send me some ostrich syndrome pleeeeeeaaaaaase. I'm having a real bad one here. I hope you are right about the 99.9999 percent... I have had SO much bad luck since my celiac diagnosis...
  12. Thank you for replying! I am sorry you are going through tough times too. Thanks for being so positive, I know I need to try and get on and try to ignore... Being medically minded I am looking for answers on Dr Google... to my detriment. As much as I don't want to die, for myself I want to live!...
  13. Thanks Colleen. Thats a fair response I guess! I can't help myself on Doctor Google... I am quite medically minded (possibly to my detriment)... It's so upsetting as I have tried so hard to stay healthy, I hardly eat any processed food, exercise as much as I can... I'm gutted at the moment... All...
  14. Hi everyone Its been a while since I have been on here... I have been slowly recovering from my diagnosis of celiac disease... And have had ups and downs, various problems... All of which are sorted or being sorted! However a few days ago, I accidentally discovered a lump on my clavicle. ...
  15. Thanks guys, i really appreciate all your help. Sorry for the late response, I have been in a bit of a black hole these last 2 days with it all... (PMT doesn't help!). Takala, I have only just seen your post, as I havent logged in for a couple of days, couldn't even bear the forum! Anyway, thanks...