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    I have long standing health problems including: Hashimotos Thyroiditis, Diabetes 2, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, TMJD, Bipolar 2, ADHD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Cancer Survivor: MALT Intestinal Follicular Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. In remission since 12/16/2014.
    Positive blood work for Celiac Disease, Negative Biopsy = Inconclusive Result.
    Traditional Doctor told me no need to go gluten Free.
    Alternative Medicine Doctor advised I go gluten free.
    Gluten Free Since 04/2016.
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I  was probably a hippie in a past life. I am a chemical dependency counselor, a wife, and pet mom. I enjoy yoga, meditation, and music. I'm an Introvert by nature, or as I like to call it an extroverted introvert ;)  Any questions? Just ask.

  1. Hi There, thanks for the reply Yea it is kind of a mute point considering gluten covers wheat anyway... but I was curious and it was not something I really ever explored further. The testing was IgG, btw.
  2. Thanks. And yes I am 2 years Cancer free -- on December 16th, and doing pretty well Yea, it's a shame doctors aren't more clear on these things and do not have clear communication either! I have to say this forum has been a fantastic help. I'm glad you are staying gluten free!!!! Best...
  3. This is quite possible, if I am glutened (which happens) I get it bad. I noticed that within a day of no gluten, it clears up nearly completely. I've had this my entire life. Only since going gluten free, has it cleared up. Hmmm......... But I also do believe I'm having hormone issues...
  4. So I've been thinking... My story in a nutshell --- had a weak positive blood work for Celiac several years back, had biopsies which were negative. My doctor's seemed stumped and told me I "probably didn't have Celiac, but not sure entirely what your results mean" and I could " probably continue...
  5. I also have positive blood work, but ended up having negative biopsy. I literally had a doctor tell me "I don't quite understand your results. You'll probably be fine continuing to eat gluten." ... and so began a long journey. VERY long story short, I ended up getting duodenal non Hodgkin lymphoma...
  6. Hello, Peg I too have Fibromyalgia, IBS, and Celiac Disease. Although, I was diagnosed with IBS prior to Celiac, and assume I may not have had IBS after all. If you continue having pain, I'd definitely see a Rheumatologist to see if you do have Fibro. I'm currently taking Savella...
  7. Diagnosed Celiac, and am overweight. I am starting Weight Watchers. Anyone else do the program?
  8. Does anyone have Keratosis Pilaris as a skin condition related to Celiac and *NOT* DH? (I do)
  9. My blood work was positive for Celiac, after years of mis-diagnosis and nobody putting two and two together or giving me straight answers. Thank you Google (LOL). I went in for a Biopsy to confirm Celiac Disease. Came out of my endoscopy with "no visual damage to your villi from Celiac, BUT...
  10. Thank you again for your reply. I agree that people respond to Diabetes much more than Celiac. I suppose because they understand it better. The old myth that Celiac is "rare", is just that... a myth... And I appreciate your honesty about me being my own best advocate. Again, thank you. I think I...
  11. Thank you Gemini and squirmingitch for your replies, I really appreciate it! Yes, I knew that duodenal/intestinal non Hodgkin Lymphoma was highly associated with untreated Celiac Disease (I did some research, but the 'do I have celiac do I not have celiac?' has been a back and forth question with...
  12. So I was told again by my GI doctor that I do not have Celiac Disease because my biopsies were negative, and I do not need to be eating gluten free (I had been seeing my GI doctor previously who diagnosed me with non Hodgkin lymphoma of the duodenum - part of the intestine. I am since in remission...