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  1. About once or twice a month I eat these. After still having some damage on my year follow up endo, I am looking closer at what I am eating. I just noticed that they contain isolated oat protein. What is this stuff? I assume it is just as subject to cross contamination as regular non-certified oats?
  2. ironictruth

    bran muffins

    Wow. I feel dumb for not looking on the website. Lol. Thank you for the link. Eased my mind.
  3. I have a hankering to make carrot bran muffins (after I get over my current tummy issues). I found a gluten-free recipe but it calls for Bob's oat bran. The package says gluten-free but the back ingredients list does not indicate certified gluten-free oats. I sometimes eat certified gluten-free oatmeal and have no trouble. What's the deal with Bob's?
  4. Can anyone tell me about their experience with symptoms after iron infusion? My doc wants me off of iron pills as they may be contributing to my continued abdominal pain. My ferritin is back up to 42 which is awesome, but not near my baseline. Since I also am a distance runner now, we knew that if I stopped the pills that it will quickly tank (I was on a high iron diet too). So I had an infusion yesterday. I feel AWFUL today. I look 5 months pregnant, feel weird sensation in my stomach, loose stools, my whole body aches. I thought I was going to pass out at work this morning.
  5. ironictruth

    Gluten Challenge

    Yes. That assay should be the one they repeat (sorry for my late response, I see it is Friday), not the one you initially had. Just so you know, my brother has biopsy damage and was TTG and EMA negative (no deamidated gliadin was done for him). I only tested 1 or 2 points elevated to deamidated gliadin IGA (DGP herein) twice. Both major Celiac Center I spoke with dismissed the result as it was so low. I was then given a combined assay for DGP (IGA and IGG) which came back weak to moderate positive three separate times. HOWEVER, the DGP tests were NEGATIVE during the same time period when separated out. I have had that damn blood test more times in the last two years.... Eventually I went out of state to a celiac specialist, did another gluten challenge and the biopsy found damage the second time around. Even THEN the pathologist initially only read a slight increase in a particular cell with no villi damage. My doc re-cut the samples and re-read it at the Center as having damage consistent with celiac. I had no idea they could even do that and was totally shocked when I got the phone call. My specialist is leaning toward official celiac but we have to wait for the year biopsy follow up before it is definitive. I hate to tell you this, but they put me on a 12 week challenge at the specialist because they did not feel the 6 week challenge my local doc had me do was long enough. My symptoms the first challenge also did not really kick in until 4-5 weeks. That is actually fairly common I am told. We often think it is immediate, and it is for some, but not all. I hope you get some answers soon. It was difficult for me to accept because I did not feel better on a gluten free diet right away. Even now, months into it, I am having horrible upper right side pressure today, tenderness to the touch in the right abdominal region and tender right ribcage. BUT, I think even if your tests are negative, you could try the gluten free diet and see if you feel better. It sounds like you already do feel better on the diet.
  6. ironictruth

    sugar cookies for santa (ahem...mom)

    This will be fun. My son will enjoy doing the different colors and it looks easy.
  7. Anyone know of a good EASY sugar cookie recipe? Anything out of a box or bag would be better. We need some icing ideas too! My 6 year-old will be making gluten-free cookies for santa this year...
  8. ironictruth

    Gluten Challenge

    They told you that you were 100% celiac free?!!! It is hard to make out what test you had done but I am GUESSING It was a dual TTG/DGP screen. I had a dual DGP test, but my assays always separated the TTG from the DGP. The problem with the dual screen is that you have no idea what is positive. TTG can be positive in other diseases and so can DGP. Recent studies suggest that DGP is not as reliable as once thought. In fact, there are studies of young children having positive DGP screens which go on to become negative DESPITE continuing on a gluten containing diet. Your assays does not distinguish so we have no idea what is causing that positive. My doctor, who is a leading celiac researcher, is not a huge fan of these combined screens. That being said, they are not without total value obviously. And it is interesting that your numbers went down on a gluten free diet. Was the SAME screen done for your second test? Do you have copies of that? Enjoy those donuts for awhile longer (please have a chocolate covered white cream filled for me), ask to go to a lab that separates the assays so you are having: Total IGA, DGP (both IGA and IGG), TTG, and EMA. Consult with a dermatologist to see if they can biopsy the rash if it occurs as it could be DH. This would be a diagnosis of celiac and you could avoid the endoscopy. If your insurance covers it, do the genetic test. But do nto go crazy spending out-of-pocket fudns on that if not covered. The scope is not crazy invasive. Christ, I think I was scoped like 4 times in under 2 years. The meds make me queasy but we resolved that the last time. Oh, and do any of your life insurance policy planning BEFORE you get the official celiac diagnosis on your record. Keep us posted!
  9. So, I know Wegmans is awesome about gluten-free labels. The ricotta they use does not have a a gluten-free label and in one of their online recipes for gluten-free lasagna they actually use Belgioioso ricotta. That being said, they will not label a product as gluten-free unless the manufacturer can guarantee it. I did contact the company but was hoping someone here might have had the Wegmans ricotta before with/without issues. It contains vinegar. Am I right to assume this is NOT malt vinegar if it simply says vinegar? I guess what I am wondering is if it actually is MADE with gluten containing ingredients vs possibly being cross contaminated with them. Thanks!
  10. ironictruth

    iron question

    Thank you Ennis! You always have great nutrition advice. I bought those nibs. I do use magnesium a couple of times of week and am stocked on pumpkin seeds as well as coconut water. I may want to increase the magnesium though.
  11. ironictruth

    iron question

    By far probably the best advice i have gotten overall. I have been so frustrated with gluten challenges, the diet and the whole process, I have not been as cautious as I could be. In part because the symptoms seem so not text book. Granted, I am new to running and just did my second half out if three in nine weeks. I am busting my butt to make sure I get my nutrients. If I do not see another carb for at least two weeks, I would be thrilled. But I have not been as cautious as I know i should be. And Fasano is my doctor. I experienced a lot of wax and wane of symptoms and no "omg this is certainly a glutening". So it is tough for me to know what is what. But it might be best, at least through my next and last race on Turkey Day, to be more cautious. Maybe we should not have celebrated dinner out tonight, even with grilling wait and cook staff. Thank you!
  12. ironictruth

    iron question

    Thank you! Yes, my intestinal damage was more mild Marsh 2-3A. But I knew with the running on top of that I would need to keep it checked. I honestly thought perhaps I was taking TOO much and this was causing issues. Clearly not the case I guess. I was doing 65 mg with vitamin c most days and some days I alternated between a lower dose 2x a day as you have done. Plus a high iron diet. Cannot say enough good things about Tolerant red lentil pasta. 50% rdv in one serving. And who only eats one serving of pasta? I totally forgot about liver. I loved liver as a kid! I bought some liquid stuff as I read its easier on the tummy. I still feel pretty poorly so am always looking at ways to improve my symptoms. I keep hoping I will find something that explains the flu like symptoms that wax and wane but never turn into the flu. I am nervous this morning. I felt horrible yesterday, slept terribly and have my 2nd half marathon, this morning. And its pouring now!
  13. ironictruth

    iron question

    I bought some liquid yesterday, which I read is actually easier on the stomach than pills anyway. I am fortunate that I haven't had any major issues with deficiencies. And that may also be in part Because I have more mild damage and I also am obsessive about making sure I get enough of the nutrients into my diet and in protein shake form. I am sorry about your insurance Ennis! I actually was concerned that I might have to pay for pocket For the test at one point and I called the lab and I want to say it was like under $40 for the test. But don't quote me on it. So you might want to shop around if you're curious.
  14. I've been an iron supplements for over four months because my ferritin was starting to border on too low. I knew the range I was in was no good for somebody trying to run long distances. Anyway my iron, ferritin and saturation have been tested three times since May. I was unaware that my one doctor had run the test back in August until today. I'm happy to say my ferritin is coming up very nicely. however my iron and saturation are dropping. they are still within the normal lab ranges which is great. I just don't understand why they've been consistently dropping shouldn't they be going up now that I'm on iron? I have some gastropathy and I'm pretty sure the iron pills were making it worse and creating more abdominal pain and nausea so I asked my doctor to be tested recently thinking I'd be safe to get off the supplements. I already eat An iron-rich diet. I guess I'm just thinking that if I stopped some kind of iron supplementation with iron levels and saturation dropping the ferritin Is going to get sucked up pretty quickly and I'm going to be right back where I started. I know it can happen quickly too because I went from normal hemoglobin to very slightly anemic once in 24 hours without eating. It was horrible. I can't imagine walking around like that for months. I have been very fortunate. Anyway, anybody have any experience with serum iron not elevating after starting iron supplements but your ferritin being within normal range or increasing?
  15. No ulcers in April, but yes, I think iron pills are contributing. I do not feel super hungry but red lentil pasta, ground beef and kale pasta sauce is on the menu tonight! I am only doing halfs. Was hoping I can maintain my nutrients. I eat a lot. No weight loss. Will see what the doc says about rechecking it. Maybe it is something else.