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  1. My biopsy was also negative because it took me 4 months to get an endoscopy. I was very sick at the time of the High...
  2. Estes


    I am from Colorado but I don’t live there now.
  3. I am your symptom twin and I have celiac and EOE. EOE can be helped by swallowing an inhailed steroid. Basically I...
  4. Estes

    Post-diagnosis depression

    After almost two years I have found eating at home to be enjoyable and delicious. A few of my keys to this are a great...
  5. I like these one-liners! Thank you and keep them coming. It is giving me mental amo for all my holiday stuff.
  6. I want a great sentence to use with grandmas, neighbors, waitstaff... I want it to be memorable and not too overly...
  7. My brain fog did not go away until I stopped taking iron. I also noticed a big increase in energy after stopping. Iron...
  8. I have had three different flavors of Ricola cough drops this week with no problem other than a possible sugar headache...
  9. I bet $5 you have an ulcer. I took iron for years and doc says it caused my ulcers. I went off iron and took meds for...
  10. Popcorn, wine, as well as coffee are my favorite things. Have you identified what is left to enjoy?
  11. Yes, we like peanut butter in the blender with frozen bananas and a liquid (juice, coconut water, almond milk...). You...
  12. I have both eoe and celiac and now that I have been gluten free for 18 months, my anemia is gone. It is good to get...
  13. Estes

    To the Forum

    I have enjoyed your posts and responses for a while. I appreciate your level of knowledge and willingness to share it...
  14. Some of your symptoms sound like my ulcers. I take carafate before every meal now and they are much better. I have...
  15. If you hear an ice cream truck playing morbid music, grab your money and run! They sell roasted sweet potatoes from...