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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. My biopsy was also negative because it took me 4 months to get an endoscopy. I was very sick at the time of the High positive blood test. We are all calling it celiac disease which had healed enough at the time of the endoscopy for it to be negative. It just means the gluten free diet is working. I will always have celiac. Other things went away after going gluten free which also is a sign that it is a correct diagnosis (anemia, fatigue, markers of inflammation on my CBC).
  2. Colorado?

    I am from Colorado but I don’t live there now.
  3. I am your symptom twin and I have celiac and EOE. EOE can be helped by swallowing an inhailed steroid. Basically I had to use a steroid inhaler, hold the puff in my mouth, then swallow it instead of breathing it in. Make a bunch of soup with clear broth and over cooked veggies and live on that for awhile. Then look into AIP wellness. I don’t have to follow every AIP rule but I am VERY gluten free. I don’t eat much dairy and I am doing great! Get lots of good nutrients into your body so you can recover. Soup and kale or spinach smoothies are a great start.
  4. Post-diagnosis depression

    After almost two years I have found eating at home to be enjoyable and delicious. A few of my keys to this are a great source of recipes: www.iowagirleats.com and a way to stay organized: www.plantoeat.com helps take me recipes and create a calendar and shopping list. Please contact me if you plan to sign up for this. I will give you my real name so you can have access to my recipes so you don’t have to go through the work of uploading. It may also get me a discount if you use my name as a referral. I also have a grocery store that will deliver for free if my total is over 100 and they have an amazingly easy website. it took me a while to get here but it is very delicious and my heart and tummy are satisfied. I would love to answer questions about the above resources.
  5. I like these one-liners! Thank you and keep them coming. It is giving me mental amo for all my holiday stuff.
  6. I want a great sentence to use with grandmas, neighbors, waitstaff... I want it to be memorable and not too overly dramatic. I also would like it to be slightly accurate. Here is my current scenario: new friend: What is Celiac? me: It means my body responds to gluten the way yours might respond to rat poinon. new friend got it and understood the restrictions and complications involved in planning a neighborhood potluck with me. Please send me your best one-liner that I or anyone else can use when needing a quick explanation. Or, let me know if mine is best???
  7. My brain fog did not go away until I stopped taking iron. I also noticed a big increase in energy after stopping. Iron gave me ulcers according to my Dr.
  8. I have had three different flavors of Ricola cough drops this week with no problem other than a possible sugar headache from so many of them. It could just be a sick headache though.
  9. I bet $5 you have an ulcer. I took iron for years and doc says it caused my ulcers. I went off iron and took meds for the ulcers and the pain and nausea went away. That does not explain all your symptoms though. I ran a marathon then had babies. Now I am 42 with celiac. I am choosing not to run that much anymore because I need those nutrients and healing to feel healthy. Running would drop all than into "unhealthy" again. When I don't eat well, sleep well, push too hard...I get all the other symptoms you mentioned. Like my body screeming at me to put on the brakes and make a kale smoothly.
  10. Popcorn, wine, as well as coffee are my favorite things. Have you identified what is left to enjoy?
  11. Yes, we like peanut butter in the blender with frozen bananas and a liquid (juice, coconut water, almond milk...). You can add berries or even ginger and turmeric.
  12. I have both eoe and celiac and now that I have been gluten free for 18 months, my anemia is gone. It is good to get off the iron supliments because mine may have been the cause of my ulcers. It feels good to recover and heal! I may work my way down to fewer supliments and lots of feel great days despite eoe, celiac, ulcers, hiatal hernia, and acid reflux. I was on Flovent and omiprizol for a while but I am happy to be done with both! Best of luck! I am here if you have specific questions.
  13. I have enjoyed your posts and responses for a while. I appreciate your level of knowledge and willingness to share it. Your openness and honesty is refreshing. Thank you for all of it!
  14. Some of your symptoms sound like my ulcers. I take carafate before every meal now and they are much better. I have 3 ulcers possibly caused by taking iron supplements. They are worse when I eat spicy food and dairy. I might be wrong but for your sake I hope it's just ulcers. They were found by endoscopy.
  15. If you hear an ice cream truck playing morbid music, grab your money and run! They sell roasted sweet potatoes from a truck. Live on those. They are delicious. Eat them as you would eat a candy bar. It's just sweet potato. Maybe 300-500 yen for a big one. They are sold by weight. served hot and ready. I have purchased enough for a few days at a time and eaten them cold after refrigeration and loved them as well. 300 Yen per potato so plan accordingly incase you hear that truck.