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  1. I agree with the above posters: we have three Celiacs in our household. Our out-of-the box thinking cardiologist Dr...
  2. for me it is sugar that makes me toot! carbs/fructose/maple syrup!!! my husband always busts me when I've dipped into...
  3. mamaupupup

    Paleo Diet... Did It Really Help?

    we are a family of four with three Celiacs. We have been following an auto-immune paleo protocol for more than two years...
  4. Hi there! We also find that going in to a restaurant and talking to the Chef at 3:30 in the afternoon and then returning...
  5. mamaupupup

    Problems With Dairy?

    Hi! You are not alone...I have a 6.5 year old little girl who developed tummy aches over 8 months ago. We have eliminated...
  6. mamaupupup

    Could My Couch Be Contaminating My Son?

    You are a great Mom! I was CRAZY with the cleaning I did...I have those $100 slipcovers over couches I got pre-kids...
  7. mamaupupup

    Need Help With Sibo In Kids--Input?

    Hi Lisa--the test we did was to have my daughter "fill" a bag by breathing into it every 15 minutes. We capped the bag...
  8. mamaupupup

    Cross Contamination Ocd!

    Thinking of you! In our house we "fell" one by one -- first one daughter was diagnosed, then the second...
  9. mamaupupup

    Need Help With Sibo In Kids--Input?

    As a quick update, we did the SIBO breath test yesterday at Children's Hospital in LA. Results due back Tuesday. Super...
  10. mamaupupup

    Need Help With Sibo In Kids--Input?

    Hi Lisa, Thank you so much. We are going to the allergist tomorrow...we'll see how receptive she is... (She is the...
  11. mamaupupup

    Need Help With Sibo In Kids--Input?

    thanks Lisa! I'll take any/all links to this you have. A couple questions: - I've read mixed reviews on the DAO blood...
  12. mamaupupup

    Need Help With Sibo In Kids--Input?

    Wow! This is an amazing perspective! Thank you! I'm going to go to the kitchen, eat some chocolate chips, do the dishes...
  13. mamaupupup

    Need Help With Sibo In Kids--Input?

    Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for your input. It's interesting, we see two specialists in LA--a GI pain specialist and...
  14. Hi there, We have a six year old who was diagnosed a year ago with Celiac. We were gluten-free and happy/no problems...
  15. You are a great Mom!!! You are asking great, smart, thoughtful questions. I had to go around LOTS of doctors to get...