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  1. joolsjewels


    Dissappointing Day: i went to my fibro dr today and told her about the last 6 weeks. She looked right at me and said...
  2. joolsjewels

    Please Cancel My Optimism

    What kinda of reaction did you have to peas? Bloating, extreme gas? I had those problems a few summers ago with peas...
  3. joolsjewels


    I have an appt with my fibro dr tomorrow. I have several questions for her. Maybe i can make some headway as well as...
  4. joolsjewels


    Hopefully, the sleep study will be this week. I think i am going batty. What probably compounds the problem is that we...
  5. joolsjewels


    Feeling like crud today. I can not decide if its just pms or i am just having one of "those" days. I am still having...
  6. joolsjewels

    Girlfriend Making Me Sick And Dont Know Why

    I also contacted Biolage about their hair products. Some contain soy. Some clearly state on the website that they contain...
  7. joolsjewels

    Thanksgiving Ideas...

    Julesglutenfree.com has a great thanksgiving cookbook. My first thanksgiving was intimidating, but this cookbook helped...
  8. joolsjewels


    I just got back some more bloodwork. My creatinine which was originally mildly elevated came back normal this time. Yeah...
  9. joolsjewels

    Olive Garden

    In general, do not waste your time on olive garden's Gluten-Free pasta and sauce. It is so nasty! My dad was in the navy...
  10. joolsjewels

    Girlfriend Making Me Sick And Dont Know Why

    If your girlfriend has to change makeup, clinique is a good option. I call them and ask about each individual product...
  11. joolsjewels

    Chronic Fatique Syndrome

    My gp is waiting to change any of my meds until after my stress test and then another sleep study. But i will keep those...
  12. joolsjewels

    Chronic Fatique Syndrome

    CeliacAndCfsCrusader, Thanks for the info. I currently take ambien and feel like i have been beat up. I have had fibro...
  13. joolsjewels

    Chronic Fatique Syndrome

    Oh, someone asked how long i have been Gluten-Free-3 1/2 yrs. I am very consistent about it. The only times i have been...
  14. joolsjewels

    Chronic Fatique Syndrome

    I do have fibromyalgia, but this is weakness rather than just pain. Other conditions include: pcos/infertility, sinus...
  15. joolsjewels

    Chronic Fatique Syndrome

    I just had my thyroid tests done last week. They ran a full and complete set of tests. Everything was "normal". I am...