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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. Restaurant Recommendations In Denver, Co?

    For those monitoring this thread, here are some options: Panzano (higher-end, owner has Celiac) PF Chang's, 15th and Market (near free shuttle stop) Chipotle, multi Maggiano's (middle of 16th St pedestrian mall, near theater) Spaghetti Factory (have not been to this location) BTW, Coor's Field has one dedicated gluten-free food outlet on the main concourse, limited selection, but ALL gluten-free choices incl beer.
  2. Texas Roadhouse

    I prefer Outback. I've dined there dozens of times without one issue of C/C. Love Outback! PS: Yes, you have to still be careful and verify everything when you order and when it arrives at table. I do this at mom's house too!
  3. Safe Sausage Brands

    Boulder Sausage is great, Costco may have it in the cheese aisle (it's local to me). Jones is another that is easy to find. BTW: Hormel Pepperoni is easy to find and is gluten free.
  4. My two cents. In the beginning (especially), don't eat ANY foods that are clearly marked "made in a facility that shares....". If you don't, you're only guessing that these foods aren't the problem. Then, you can add them in one at a time if you like. I was diagnosed about 8 years ago and I still won't eat these foods. There are other choices and I don't want to play Russian Roulette. Until it's mandated that equipment is sanitized to under 20 ppm or lower, I don't trust manufacturers to police themselves for our benefit. Good luck.
  5. My discovering this was about 15 years after I first had symptoms of a food allergy. It started with banana and fresh orange, both made my mouth sensitive and my tongue swollen a bit. It wasn't critical, but noticiable. Then it went to colored bell peppers, except for green. Even cooked. Ultimately, the final straw was watermelon closing my airway enough to make me sound hoarse (which is what I thought it was, I was at an all day bbq and I was yelling a lot). I found out later that hoarse = bad news. Interestingly, I never noticed GI symptoms with this. I just stopped eating uncooked fruits, which sucks, but it's better than needing an EPI Pen. If you Wiki OAS, you'll get more info. Everyone's symptoms are different, but I'm also allergic to certain trees/pollen/ragweed etc and there are tables out there that will help match up the fruit/veg and the plants, they share proteins (so in my non-physician explanation, eating a raw strawberry that you're allergic to is like breathing in an entire tree you're allergic too). Find a good allergist and do the skin testing, you'll then be on your way. Best. J
  6. I might be able to help with this. I ate fresh fruits and veggies all of my life until I had a reaction to watermelon and bell pepper. My mouth got itchy and my voice got hoarse (airway closing). This didn't happen until my 20's. Ultimately, I was diagnosed with OAS or Oral Allergy Syndrome, which essentially is an allergy to a PROTEIN in many foods (usually related to uncooked foods and other allergies, such as pollen/trees etc). Sound familiar? As a Celiac, I understood that my chemistry is different than others, this was just one more thing. Interestingly, when you cook these foods, the protein is usually deactivated or lessened enough to consume the foods without issues (I can eat apple pie, but not a raw apple). I have yet to find a fresh fruit that I don't react to and quite frankly it's not worth finding out, as my body changed even into my 20's. Go see an allergist, they'll test you and get you squared away. Good luck.
  7. Disappointed At Chipotle - What Should I Expect?

    I'm probably the biggest advocate of Chipotle there is, but that doesn't mean they can ever be perfect. I've been enjoying their food since they opened about 15 years ago, the last 5 being since I was diagnosed with Celiac. My experience is that the CO run stores are cleaner and better run overall. This may be part of the problem. Since the OP is newly diagnosed, I understand how stressful eating out is. Maybe this will help. The only thing in the store that has gluten is the wheat tortilla. But the warming machine is definitely cc'd, so don't use it ever. The only ingredient that may have been a worry is the vinegar in the hot red sauce, but vinegar is usually ok'd by us Celiacs (some choose to avoid it). Yes, the spoons sometimes touch the tortilla, but usually they just dump it on top, and it doesn't. They will change spoons and gloves if you ask (I don't bother). I have never once got cc'd there and I eat there at least 3x per week (few choices near my job and I trust them). I ONLY ever order a Burrito Bowl. This way there is no possible cc from salad, dressings, taco shells etc. I skip the "extras", even though they are gluten-free, they are more easily cc'd. I order MEAT, BEANS, Fajitas and Meat. That's it. If I ever see a dirty store, I'm more careful I eat their chips all the time. No problem, it's a dedicated fryer. I verified all the meats are gluten-free, they even let me read the label(s) when I was first diagnosed We all have to be careful, I understand, but eating at Chipotle's CAN be done easily. I'm sensitive to cc and have never had an issue. Good Luck!
  8. In-N-Out Burgers, Beware The Fryer

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/28/in-n-out-reddit-ama-cook_n_2782427.html This is one link, it was widely reported on Yahoo and MSN around the time of my original post. It's interesting, the difference between a "Forum" and a "Blog"..... As someone who has worked in restaurants, it's not unbelievable that this happens. In fact, it's unbelievable if you think it doesn't.
  9. In-N-Out Burgers, Beware The Fryer

    I thought I'd pass along something interesting that I read recently about their workers. An employee mentioned in a blog that "employees like to experiment with the ingredients after hours"....he included the recipes for "home-made donuts". They take rolls, douse them in milkshake mix and deep fry them. So, in addition to the normal c/c that we endure, even places with "dedicated fryers" are suspect. I don't assume ANY fast food and/or pizza place has 100% responsible employees. But, you would think that all of the good publicity they get, (this article also mentioned their terrific health benefits) would lead to better supervision. Just thought you all should know.
  10. Rice And Bacon Question

    As a newbie, I encourage you to read EVERY label. It's the best way to not only get educated, but also to help you learn the "suspect ingredients" much faster. I know when I was first diagnosed, some trips to the grocery store were over an hour, as I was reading every label. Good luck. It gets easier!
  11. Gatorade 2 A.k.a. G2

    I think Gatorade is ok, but I seem to recall Powerade (some varieties) may have some gluten in it.....just an fyi.
  12. French Bread Or Baguettes

    Another vote for Against the Grain! In fact, I just finished a great meatball hero for dinner. If you ask your local grocer, they may be able to specialty order for you (maybe a case at a time?). Trust me (us) it's SOOOOO WORTH IT! The best gluten-free anything I've found.
  13. Chronic Fatique Syndrome

    I was diagnosed with CFS at the age of 24. It took more than 6 months before I found a doctor that would verify "it wasn't in my head". Something I already knew. I was young, buff and strong as an ox. Within days after coming down with something similar to Mono, I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without sitting down. You will find many, many people who can and will relate to your situation. Unfortunately, for me, I had to figure it out for myself. Here's my two cents: If you're not sleeping, this is paramount that you get this figured out. Your body cannot heal without proper sleep. I take 50 mg of Doxepin each night and I saw an immediate improvement in my sleep (I was no longer feeling "wired" while trying to sleep). I made the mistake of "pushing myself" physically and thought I was invinceable. I should've dialed everything back immediately. I was an "A" type personality, I learned to only worry/think about things that are truly important, not petty issues. I avoided stress and drama, it makes a world of difference. I became more selfish, because I had to be. It's ok, take care of yourself first. I should point out this happened almost 25 years ago. I was very sick for about 2 years. I limited myself for another 2 or so. Everyone is different, trust your own instincts. I would occasionally have "flare-ups", but since my Celiac diagnosis 5 years ago, I have had none. I can't draw a conclusive correlation between gluten and CFS, but I always felt it "was something chemical within me", as opposed to arthritis or something. Good luck. I'd be happy to assist you in any way. Just ask.
  14. New Gluten-Free Deli In Stamford, Ct

    Darn it, that's my old hometown!
  15. I can vouch for the Pecan Pie, Apple Pie, Cupcakes and the soooo good Almond Scones. Haven't tried the other items.