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  1. loves flourless chocolate crispie cookies

  2. I know where another one is. I might call them. When I asked about gluten issues, the cashier had no clue what I was talking about. She turned to ask a coworker... blank stare. Asked a manager... no clue. Then she came back and said yes, the dressing has gluten because it had cornsyrup. huh? I asked...
  3. I researched the places we go and Chick Fil A is one of them. I found that the waffle fries were listed as gluten-free. Ok... suspect but OMGOSH I love them. So I took a chance and failed. Within 20 minutes I was running to the bathroom. When I got home, I told my hubby I ate gluten so I was pretty...
  4. A kindred spirit, I LOVE diet Dr Pepper