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  1. Did you know, that it is estimated that approximately 1 in 67 people have coeliac disease! That means at college there are at least 3 other people who are losing out on their quality of life and limiting our gluten free options for absolutely no good reason at all. They need to listen to their bodies and SORT THEMSELVES OUT!

  2. Have just spoken with a number of authorities who have advised me that the "Gluten Friendly" label is ILLEGAL despite its abundance in describing foods in Australia as such! They agree with me that it is NOT appropriate for businesses to label foods as 'gluten friendly' as it is not a term in the Australian Food Code and was made up by some *company* trying to cover themselves. Nice try YOU STINKERS! *snort* *snort*!

  3. My name is Kelly also. Kelly Nolan. I'm from Down Under! I've been coeliac for 13 years and have yet to meet anyone else my age who is 'truly' gluten free. What I mean is: not just a 'fad' dieter (I've met some of these from time to time) but never anyone else on a "TRUE" gluten free diet! ...