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  1. On the other hand... I'd say if you were one of the VERY few celiacs who can tolerate up to 150mg of gluten a day, seeing as though you would need to eat 7500 grams of a food containing 20 ppm gluten, you could (technically) take about ~ 7 grams from that cake and (perhaps) be able to safely enjoy that small bit of it Wacko! I think that's going to extremes (at least for me anyway) I'll stick to my strict gluten free guns and stay at the level of ZERO gluten for now. It's probably easier in the long run and of course then I can sleep in peace.
  2. All the feedback that has been given from these forums has been passed on to the others in some way or other. Who they are shall remain a mystery. But don't get me wrong, many on these forums (yourself included) have been very helpful overall and I really appreciate getting feedback from all who have something to contribute Their identity cannot be traced, and I don't think they'd have a problem with how I've gone about any of this. These questions I believe are similar to those that many I'm sure may be asking in their own minds (they may just not want to share their feelings with anyone and may not know where to do so). As for a potential gluten free success story, you might be interested in an earlier post today on Sun Flour Mills's chocolate cake mix in Idaho (it won first prize amongst a variety or regular versions of it in two local competitions). Quite impressive, really - might even order some for myself just to assuage my curiosity. The same could be said for a variety of special diets. Wheat, barley and rye all have qualities that simply cannot be replaced without compromise. Whether it be that a replacement is high in salicylates (natural preservatives which are continuing to become highly problematic for a number of individuals), fructose (i.e. esp. brown rice), raffinose (lentils, soybeans, chick peas), nightshades and others; I believe we need to eat these foods in moderation if we can consume them without adverse effects. Vitamin B supplements have greatly improved my ability to function normally. Generally, the gluten free diet is not normally considered a diet that people go on to be healthy. In fact, the opposite may likely be true. It also seems as though many of the natural and organic produce can also cause problems for individuals. These are often ignored in today's society, as we often tend to blame the 'artificial flavours' as a source of our problems. I know my mother did, until she found out that it was (in fact) nightshades and fructose (foods including apples, onions and honey just to name a few) that were the sources of almost all her food problems. These have, and continue to, affect her far worse than gluten. I think it's good to focus on whole grains and try and get some gluten free ones in on a daily basis. I also believe vitamin supplements can also be useful for some individuals with celiac disease. We order supplements from over your way, as it's nearly impossible to get any without some natural ingredient that's out for at least one of our family. I think, at the end of the day; it's all a matter of balance, and it seems as though many here on this board are really good at keeping us well informed on such matters.
  3. Quinoa was something Anthony Demetre (a coeliac who goes gluten free for 3 months at a time but gorges on "as much pasta and pizza as I (i.e. he) can get a hold of" for 2 weeks following this period of so-called 'gluten-free-ness') had a passion for working with. Perhaps some of his suggestions would be helpful.
  4. I took the question very seriously. I thought it would make a rather interesting discussion. Many of us know that individuals prone to coeliac disease who follow a strict gluten free diet are at risk of nutritional deficiency and I thought some may be able to relate. Perhaps I worded it inefficiently. What I meant to say was that he believes he was a far more competitive athlete before he went on a gluten free diet. I wouldn't dismiss this too overly. Some of us out there sure do have fairly good memories even of those days.
  5. I will suggest this to them. Generally, I get questions through my site, email and other social accounts. Some of these questions are asked at college during mealtimes and other social events when people find out I'm coeliac too. I then tend to ask around on various sites to see what others have to say about these issues, as I'm quite personally interested in what you all have to say too! The athletic guy asked this question quite some time back, so I'll have to see if I can chase him up at our next gluten free gathering up in Queensland. I'll also draw each one's attention to these respective posts about them as well. I was introduced here via various people. Unfortunately I wasn't so sure of joining this community as I didn't know if I could really relate to anything here. My issues have been more on the topic of gluten free 'labeling' issues and matters related to that in particular but then I decided it might be useful to see what people thought about various other aspects of the gluten free diet. I ended up getting pretty tired of it. Perhaps this is just my opinion, but maybe there's something to do with Vitamin B deficiency or lack of whole grains that may present a contributing factor to this possibility. Just a thought. Sorry if I've been too intrusive. I'll try and recruit some more Aussies over to the forum.
  6. I believe there's an allergy dating website out there for those who are interested in finding their 'true' allergy-free loves out there
  7. That's great news beebs Haven't been to Woolies in a while so I'll look forward to having some next time I'm out that way... Thanks for letting me know!
  8. Rich chocolate type cakes tend to be both hers and my favourites! But anything would most certainly do.
  9. Also how do you get that "pink" quote box inside the other green one?
  10. Here, 'Down Under', it means you're normally 6-7 years old. I think he started training a lot because after year 3 he was really disappointed. He never thought about it being his gluten free diet though
  11. I'm in Australia and I found the Woolworths Select supermarket brand worchestershire to be the only one without gluten in it. Spring gully is another one that's apple cider vinegar based but I prefer Woolworths's one - less expensive for my liking. Thanks for the tips everyone! Can't wait to get my hands on these delights.
  12. My friend is Coeliac. He has made the following statement: What do you have to say. Do you think he's just making an excuse or that there may be some validity in his statement? I've kind of given up knowing how this all relates to health and fitness so I'd appreciate a response as I'm just rather
  13. Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes are very popular here in Australia right now! Domino's Pizza here introduced a regular chocolate lava cake a short while ago (2 years ago, maybe...). I'm trying to find something for my friend who's been so eager to eat a 'normal' piece of cake (and who fell for the temptation).
  14. My doctor suggested I go on a gluten free diet. I was never biopsied although I had an abnormal reading with my stool tests and blood antibody test. And nothing seemed to be abnormal when tested 12 months after that Never was there a need for what the call an "official" diagnosis.
  15. I have heard rave reviews over the net on the Sun Flour Mills Chocolate Cake Mix and wondered how you found this product. It apparently won first prize and my friend drew my attention to it recently so I thought I'd share for those who aren't familiar and get feedback from those who are. Personally, I'd love to try their Molten Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe. Never've had one of these in all my life...
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