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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Celiac - Stressful Disease

    I understand your pain. I am currently writing a book on my emotional pain and journey after being diagnosed. That being said, you SHOULD NEVER stray from the gluten free diet. By eating wheat while pregnant, you put your baby's life and your life at risk. You are very lucky that nothing happened! I was diagnosed during the final year of my master's program, and I went through everything you brought up. It was very discouraging to see myself fall behind at a result of my body's weakness. Make sure that your teachers are informed and provide them with medical documentation as soon as possible. I am in my midtwenties and was diagnosed two years ago. I felt like I was in my 80s with my iron levels so low. But after staying on my supplements, following an absolutely strict gluten free diet, eating healthy and exercising, I became back stronger than ever after only 1 year. Initially, I was so weak that the only exercise I could do was walking. I am now so strong that I can swim, run, and lift weights on a daily basis. If you stick with it, and if you develop respect for yourself and for your body for the miracles of healing that it is performing right now, you WILL recover stronger than you have ever been. Not only did your is your body repairing from celiac, it also just created life, so give it some credit and some love. (I had a major issue with being angry at my body, I don't know if you are going through that) Best of luck! You must not forget - YOU WILL RECOVER, and you WILL be stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually than you ever were before!
  2. I was diagnosed with Celiac 2 years ago and immediately began the gluten free diet. For some reason, I still have a distended belly. (It's flat when I wake up, but after 15 minutes of moving around, even if I haven't eaten anything, it becomes distended.) I am a young, healthy man in my mid-twenties. I exercise very actively. Blood tests have ruled out gluten contamination. I am totally gluten free. I am also not lactose intolerant. Every day, I take a multivitamin, probiotic (lactobacillus), and essential fatty acid supplement. Has anyone also had these problems, even after being gluten free for so long? I have been taking GasX to alleviative the bloating, but it doesn't help that much.
  3. It seems like you all suspect that there are additional allergies & intolerances. Please take my word for it, there are not. What else could it be? At the belly button, my waist measures 41 inches when I am bloated. And I am only 5 foot 9 inches tall!
  4. It has been confirmed that I don't have any other allergies. I live alone. No significant other... (but I am seeing someone I kinda like... =D ) I'm not getting ANY hidden sources of gluten. Blood tests confirm this. I read labels very well, having a background in chemistry.
  5. I have been gluten free for 15 months. I am now 24 years old. I am a young man standing at 5 foot 9 inches and 200 pounds. Since going on the diet, I cook all my food myself. I have confirmed via blood test 3 months ago that I am not getting any hidden sources of gluten. I have not lost any weight, despite swimming, running, and kickboxing three times a week and walking everyday. As of one month ago, I have started limiting my calorie intake to 1400 calories. I still have "celiac belly" due to severe bloating problems. I take a multivitamin. What gives????? What can I do?
  6. Hi, I am 23 years old and I was diagnosed with Celiac over a year ago. I am somewhat better, but my energy level is not even close to where it should be. For those who have completely healed from Celiac, what did you do that you think may have helped you heal quickly? I've been taking multivitamnins, digestive enzymes, and iron supplements. I have also been exercising on a regular basis via yoga, swimming and running
  7. So I was officially diagnosed about 13 months ago. I am 23 years old. Before Diagnosis: I was sleeping 15-18 hours a day, way too tired to work out. Eating like a pig. Now: I sleep about 9-10 hours a day. I can do my routine as a student, and I can work out, but not with the kind of energy that would be expected of someone my age. For example, I can walk but not run, do light weightlifting, and pushups. I eat slightly less than I did before, but now its all very nutritious because I cook half of it. My "celiac belly" is still there. My weight hasn't really changed. It was 210-215 before diagnosis, and now its 200. As a male, I stand at 5 feet, 10 inches When am I going to get better? My last bloodwork (6 months ago) said that I am not getting any gluten in my diet. I have been taking my multivitamin. What am I doing wrong? Should I be going easy when I work out, or is it time to try to work up a sweat?
  8. Everything (>95%) of what I eat is home cooked. Usually it is not even cooked because I just eat a lot of raw fruits and vegetables. Here is a rough break down: Raw Fruit: 50% Rice: 20% Vegetables: 20% Meat (Chicken): 9% Meat (Beef): 1%
  9. Irritated With My Family!

    I think you've found your problem! I have found in my life that people are well meaning, but you must communicate your wishes to others - they can't read minds, and dont mean to disrespect you! It may also help to label your food e.g. "Rachel's Gluten Free Brownies" Little reminders help in big ways!
  10. Irritated With My Family!

    They are totally disrespecting you IF you have already told them how you feel. What have you done to tell them about these feelings?
  11. Its the same story with the blood I had drawn in March, just 2 months ago. All vitamin levels are OK except Vit D, which is now being treated. Its not a vitamin issue.
  12. Well, as the lab reports above establish, the issue is not with vitamin levels. They are verified to be at the right levels in my blood. I dont understand - what is left in my body that needs healing? I am treating my low density bones with VitD and Calcium supplements. My intestines seem to be absorbing food again now. What could be the culprit? What needs healing?
  13. Looking at the lab work done just 2 months after starting the gluten free diet, all my vitamin levels were within range, with the exception of Vitamin D. I recently started 50,000 IU Vitamin D once a week by prescription from my doctor. I started that about 3 weeks ago.
  14. Here's what my Multivitamin has in it: http://www.whole-food-vitamins.net/images/mf-one-daily-facts.jpg What is "A Stress B and C combo " and "sublingual B12"? Yes Vitamin levels have been checked... let me fish out my labs and check what the numbers are... hold on...
  15. I am an age 23 male in the 9th month of the gluten free diet which I started immediately after being diagnosed with celiac disease. A month or two ago I had my antibodies checked and the doctor said they were superb (what a relief!!!). I have most of my energy back (my body wants 10 hours of sleep a day instead of 16 like it used to). Furthermore, my body is totally de-conditioned to exercise and my belly is still distended. I walk 45 minutes a day on a treadmill, drink 64 oz of water daily, get 8 hours of sleep a night, and take a multivitamin. I recently cut out dairy and soy, and started probiotics and digestive enzymes. I am not able to do any kind of moderate intensity or vigourous intensity exercise, and I can barely lift weights (I used 8 lbs weights for biceps, where I used to use 25 lbs). When will I be back 100% ? I want to be able to run again. I used to be able to enjoy boxing and be able to do vigorous exercise. When will that happen?