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  1. If you reduce the gluten intake, that could also skew results. I'd be keeping her on a full gluten diet and getting it done ASAP, that advice sounds absurd.
  2. come dance with me


    We only really like the muesli from Aldi in the gluten free range, not impressed with other things.
  3. Those in Ballarat, there's a restaurant called Chat For Tea that's a vegetarian/vegan restaurant with most of the menu being gluten free! Also if you are visiting Clunes, Widow Twankeys has some really nice gluten free options on their menu.
  4. come dance with me

    Pseudo Coeliacs

    My daughter was super, extra skinny before diagnosis because the food she was eating was going straight through her, she wasn't keeping enough in to be of a healthy weight. She's still thin, but she does dancing, gymnastics, martial arts, AFL, netball and swimming, but she's not skeleton thin and unhealthy looking anymore. I guess it's about how your body absorbs the food. People can be on a strict gluten free diet for a number of reasons, I'm not judging anyone, I just don't like when people claim it then straight up order something that isn't gluten free. Even with the vegetarian ones, it's people like her who are the reason other vegetarians are offered fish, it's hard enough for people to understand without others confusing matters.
  5. come dance with me


    I bought a flavoured iced tea, went to give it to my daughter then caught a glimpse of the label, the flavouring of it contained wheat.
  6. Might not be this, but my step mum is coeliac but also suffers malabsorption of fructans, which are present in onion, shallots, leek, garlic, chives, basically anything from the onion family, and also in dried fruit and dessicated coconut. She can't eat any of those things, on top of not being able to eat gluten. Might be worth looking outside of grains.
  7. come dance with me


    Gah, barley hides in so many things it wouldn't surprise me if the softdrink used in the fruit punch had it in there somewhere, also some colours for softdrinks are derived from wheat, but generally not ones you'd use for punch.
  8. come dance with me

    Pseudo Coeliacs

    My daughter got sick at school when she had a fruit salad that was being prepared on the board beside where sandwiches were being made. The tuckshop staff were unaware of her condition (second day at a new school, I hadn't ordered tuckshop but miscommunication between myself, my daughter and the teacher meant she had a fruit salad) so didn't know to do the fruit salads first, seal the tubs then start on sandwiches which they now do. She was sick for days, which is why I even questioned it having not been told she had a fruit salad at school.
  9. I have an indoor cat but he still gets fleas because I also have a dog who goes in and out. Having said that, the dog is on Sentinel with the flea treatment and the cat is on a similar one so fleas haven't been a huge problem for us. I love our cat, he's such a funny little fellow, can't imagine life without him now he's part of it. I adopted him from a rescue organisation when he was a kitten 2.5 years ago. Some people just aren't cat people, I think they may have mice in an earlier life
  10. My friend is gluten intolerant but not coeliac. He said the symptoms are fast to come on but also fast to leave. He lives a 100% gluten free life, although has been glutened from cross contamination or by people simply forgetting and not telling him.
  11. come dance with me

    Pseudo Coeliacs

    Just a minor vent, I suppose. We went on a family road trip last weekend while my brother was down here visiting and my dad and his wife invited their friend along. I'd met her before, she came for dinner one night and was a bit excited to find out that all my cooking is gluten free due to my child being coeliac, and that we also do not eat meat. She's vegetarian and coeliac, so she told me, and even on our road trip we drove past KR Castlemaine where the ham and bacon products come from and she started getting upset about the treatment of pigs and saying this is why she can't stand the thought of eating them. Anyway we were discussing where to go for lunch and I said there was one place I know that has gluten free, vegan options in one little town and also an Indian place where all the curries are gluten free and a couple of them are vegan. This friend then told my brother that she, too, is coeliac so it's good to know she doesn't have to worry when she's with us. Fast forward to lunch time, we made sure we were in that particular town at lunch time and went to the cafe, although we did check out the menu at other places. I ordered a roast vege toasted sandwich to share with my daughter which was vegan provided no spread was used, and it was delicious. I even had to double check the bread was gluten free it was so yummy! We also had the garden salad with it to share. Friend, on the other hand, ordered a salmon wrap which was not vegetarian, nor gluten free! All the while saying out loud in the cafe that she's a vegetarian coeliac! The staff gave me "the look" whereby I knew they were thinking what I was thinking, but I still felt nervous about other people in the cafe who might now think that wraps are fine for coeliacs! It's her life, her business, she might well be coeliac and willing to eat it at the risk of feeling very sick later on, but I think people being vocal like that about it then ordering something that isn't gluten free really does make it more difficult for everyone. Like I said, just a minor vent but it's been playing on my mind for a full week now! Happy Easter everyone, hope you have a good one
  12. come dance with me

    Hello Again!

    That staff member is very strict with being on a gluten free diet and the place the camp is at caters to all dietary needs and have never got it wrong in the years they've been doing it, with hundreds and hundreds of kids passing through every year so I'm not really worried about it from that angle
  13. Our new school is great. 200 students, one teacher is coeliac and they are very proactive. The schools here don't tend to provide food and are very on top of watching out that kids don't share and avoid cross contamination. They offer cooking this term and are using only certified gluten free ingredients (Orgran brand and the likes) to make sure it's absolutely gluten free. Have a chat with the principal of the school and classroom teachers. Good luck.
  14. My cousin makes it using cornflour and not all cornflour is gluten free. Maybe that's it?
  15. Chickpea rounds, mashed potato, steamed veges (broccoli, carrots and beans) for us tonight.