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  1. Last time I ate a full gluten meal, 6 wreks after going gluten free, this was 9 years ago, within 45 minutes I was projectile vomiting, then bile, exrutiating belly pains, cold sweats etc, taken to ED. I am very careful with gluten now as I react badly to CC, but don't have that kind of severe...
  2. I've since found out that the stomach acid not being able to swallow thing is due to Eosiniphilic Esophagitis. They are co-morbid conditions, and there are a few people on this forum who also have both.
  3. I'm not sure why, but red wine seems to be very bad for me. I can't work out why, I am fine with whites, champagne, cider, other spirits. But for some reason, if I have a couple of glasses of red I will puke all night long. I don't think it is gluten related, but I'd love to know why it happens!
  4. I've never come across a cider with gluten in it. Alcoholic ginger beer however is a different story, I haven't found a gluten free one yet!
  5. One of my main symptoms was really bad GERD, so yes, it can be a symptom of Celiac. I think you should get him tested.
  6. I came on to mention the new Country life as well Saz! I Think it is 100 times better than it was before. It doesn't smell like the ocean when toasting and tastes like real bread. It is more expensive, but still cheaper than shar and those other brands. I am well impressed with it. I basically...
  7. I agree with this. My kids haven't even noticed switching to gluten free and two of them don't even have issues with gluten. Majority rules in this house, so they go without. Also - unless you guys are doing something totally different in the states, I am really unsure how you can even tell. Lots...
  8. My local coles have bellyhoo pies back in - yay!
  9. Oh NO! Are you serious?! Healthy feast has shut down:( Boohoo. They did amazing cakes!
  10. Heck yeah - in fact I *avoid* the bakery section usually, why on earth would I even go to that side of the store??
  11. Yaya! yay! Yay! I lurve crumpets! They aren't doing bellyhoo anymore at my coles either, majorly upset, I didn't even feel bad paying that price as they are so good!
  12. I can't say either way = but I had to do those tests when pregnant, and they made me feel really nauseated - they said that was normal, but I was heaving and stuff, Ring the company to make sure I reckon!
  13. The cafe is in Bathurst - its called Ellie's and has the biggest coeliac menu you have EVER seen. I seriously almost fainted from excitement. A whole menu where we can eat whatever we want!!
  14. Is reactive arthritis different from AI type arthritis? I have something -still not officially diagnosed, but something along the lines of connective tissue disease (RA, psoriatic, sjogren's, lupus etc) Unfortunately nothing to do with my joints has changed since going gluten free. Doh. Sposed to...
  15. Oh my god, I just had the best ever gluten-free bread experience. I went to a cafe in town that has a separate Coeliac menu. wahoo. Anyhow - I ordered a cajun chicken burger - it came with toatsed bread and at first I was a little disappointed - that didn't last long. This bread was AMAZING. So...