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  1. I never really had much heartburn before my diagnosis of Celiac and consequent dietary changes. But since then, I have...
  2. Seeking2012

    Is This Cross Contamination?

    Yes. I don't understand why everyone else seems so lax on their CC standards here. Why did I bother to even make this...
  3. I'm one of those 90% neurological and 10% GI people. Like you, I have tingling, numbness, etc in the extremities...
  4. Seeking2012

    Is This Cross Contamination?

    True that the water on the inside is not CC. However, as I said, I like certain things to remain un-CC because my water...
  5. Seeking2012

    Is This Cross Contamination?

    I don't believe I overreacted. I believe he CC'ed my jug and I will bleach the handle when I get home. I like certain...
  6. Seeking2012

    Is This Cross Contamination?

    Actually there shouldn't be any doubt whatsoever that CC has occured between the wheat bread to his hands to his phone...
  7. I have my own water jug filled with filtered water and I refill my water bottles with it. Our fridge has been so packed...
  8. Oh god, the King Arthur recommendation was from heaven. Thanks everyone!!!!
  9. Seeking2012

    How Do You Get And Keep A Job?

    Thanks for all the advice everyone. I've been getting better at avoiding accidental glutenings. I pretty much eat within...
  10. Seeking2012

    Gluten Free Waffles

    Put them in the oven at 400 degrees F for 7 mins. Wala. That's what I'm doing at the moment.
  11. Where do you get your gluten-free pizza meat toppings?
  12. Seeking2012

    Do I Say Anything?

    Just email or facebook your relatives a list of safe brands (Bob's red mill gluten-free, Udi's, Dove, etc) or ask everyone...
  13. I'm one of those Celiacs who never gets gastro symptoms; for me, they are all neurological. During an accidental glutening...
  14. Seeking2012

    How To Stop The Immune Attack?

    Reporting back with nothing to report. So far, I have found a whole lot of nothing. This is unacceptable. I will continue...
  15. Seeking2012

    How To Stop The Immune Attack?

    I am determined to find an answer. I shall keep looking. I've contacted several organizations and will be getting in...