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  1. Rice, chicken, Chinese spices, big pile of veggies (no rainbow carrots though)
  2. Thanks sarahdea That's a good link Mw
  3. Wow, I choose major surgery time to pop back in! I hope you are both doing well, being looked after, taking one day at a time . I just posted on the histamine thinger elsewhere (OK, OK, I can't remember which thread I put it in...
  4. Hi not been around for a while, and wondered if you had any ideas on this. I am NCGI, gluten-free for 18 months, and all going pretty well. I need to lose some pounds, and have started back on a paleo Whole30 type diet. I did this...
  5. Hello again Had a lovely dinner of homemade fishcakes, beans and fries. Been away a while, unexpected new job :-). Gone from thinking I would never work again with this delightful condition doing its thing, but now the diet is sorted...
  6. I am not sure what a silly birthday is, but I am up for celebrating anything which involves cake
  7. Thanks Addy Maybe you have a convert
  8. Late to this party, just had my shoulder length hair lopped off, chin length one side ear length the other. Has anyone had success with shorter hair?
  9. We got away with losing a fence panel. My it was windy though. Thoughts with those flooded and without electricity, and those suspected washed into sea. Not a perfect day here, bye Lou x
  10. OK, so we might be in for hurricanes in the UK Sunday or Monday. Is there a phlippppover ? I had a quick look and not spotted anyone. Someone hiding?? Dancing GOOD
  11. Celiac Mindwarp

    Please Don't Let It Be Coffee

    I found I have an intolerance to coffee, tea, cola etc. Nothing to do with gluten, in fact I found out about the coffee thing long before I knew about gluten as an issue. Just a thought for another explanation.
  12. I like big flat mushrooms grilled for that kind of thing. Or done in foil on a bbq
  13. OK, time for favorite jokes then. What do you call a fish with no eyes?
  14. Do you get sick when you eat gluten? Sadly that may be as much as you get in the way of answers. Check out exactly what other information you could get from tests by all means, but remember genes only show a predisposition anyway. I...