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  1. Rice, chicken, Chinese spices, big pile of veggies (no rainbow carrots though)
  2. Wow, I choose major surgery time to pop back in! I hope you are both doing well, being looked after, taking one day at a time . I just posted on the histamine thinger elsewhere (OK, OK, I can't remember which thread I put it in) but it looks like I should have come straight here. All...
  3. Hello again Had a lovely dinner of homemade fishcakes, beans and fries. Been away a while, unexpected new job :-). Gone from thinking I would never work again with this delightful condition doing its thing, but now the diet is sorted I am full time. Work good, just catching up with the rest...
  4. I am not sure what a silly birthday is, but I am up for celebrating anything which involves cake
  5. We got away with losing a fence panel. My it was windy though. Thoughts with those flooded and without electricity, and those suspected washed into sea. Not a perfect day here, bye Lou x
  6. OK, so we might be in for hurricanes in the UK Sunday or Monday. Is there a phlippppover ? I had a quick look and not spotted anyone. Someone hiding?? Dancing GOOD
  7. OK, time for favorite jokes then. What do you call a fish with no eyes?
  8. Hey ski fantastic to have you back. It is a mighty long way to send a search party but it was getting pretty close there.
  9. Nice to know I caused maximum confusion, eek.... So we have managed to lure you back from the book then
  10. I made a pork and leek stew last night so it is l'eft oevres for me tonight. Just as well, been getting kids back to school this week and I am exhausted! Whole30 going well, as long as I remember to eat more protein than seems reasonable. Ski, thinking of you every day and send healing dust for...
  11. Hey love2 ooh, remember to take some nice pictures in that amazing restaurant this time, I recall you mentioned the scenery was very good (European compound recruits?) I ate out for the first time in a year tonight, chicken and fries, all supposed.to fine for celiac dedicated fryer etc. so fingers...
  12. Thanks Peter, I feel I have been initiated as a moderator now I managed a huge, very public goof :-) Cute kitties though...
  13. Never managed to put a photo in before. These 2 handsome fellows adopted us Been awful quiet on here, hope everyone is having a fun summer.