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About Me

I've struggled with "difficult-to-pin-down" type symptoms for awhile: most notably GI "issues", mild vitamin/mineral deficiencies, anxiety/depression, and generally feeling unwell.

I first suspected gluten was the (or a) culprit for my symptoms last summer (2011). I was finally tested (serum) for celiac in October and the results were negative. 

I went off gluten and milk approx. 2/1/12 and for the most part, have felt much better. UPDATED: Oat Sensitive (9/12). Successfully re-introduced milk (2/13). 

Symptom Resolution: (2/13)
- I began growing 6 or so months after going gluten-free at age 18. I began at 5'4 1/2" and now am 5'6" UPDATED (2/14)
- I have been able to stop all allergy medications and steroids.
- GI symptoms: diarrhea, bloating, gas, pain, etc. improved. (Aside from occasional glutenings.)

- The presumed DH/"hive-like" rash (began 3/12) is relatively under control. UPDATED: the rash is well controlled by gluten-free diet. (2/14)
- No weird flu-like "illnesses". 

- Double HLA-DQB1 *0602


UPDATED: (5/14)

- Lupus DX (5/14). Starting Plaquenil 300mg. On a hybrid anti-inflammatory diet + gluten-free.  

- Equivocal wheat allergy blood test result (2/12). Planning to retest.

- GI symptoms and GERD still mostly gone, though still trying to work out some kinks.

- No random rash flares.

- "Environmental" allergy symptoms drastically improved.

- Everything else still mostly the same as above.


  1. Ninja, I sent you an email through here. I hope you got it. 


  2. Hi there, Here are two really good links (particularly the second one) that may help explain 23andme's weird reporting system as it relates to the more common DQ type nomenclature: http://snpedia.com/index.php/Celiac_Disease http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2386975/#!po=5...
  3. This seems to come up a fair amount, thus I thought it might be helpful to have a collection of relevant information all in one spot. [if you are only looking to interpret your results, skip down to the asterisks.] Per current knowledge, if you do not possess any of the celiac genes you are...
  4. My absolute pleasure. This board is amazing and such a huge source of information, support and guidance. So grateful it exists! Welcome to the fold.
  5. I'm sorry to hear that you are getting more sensitive to gluten, though that seems to be par for the course for those of us with celiac or NCGI. Personally, I would not (and did not, for that matter) go back on gluten for the tests because my quality of life is so much diminished. I want to...
  6. Thanks! I am happy that it could help. @Cindy, having the genes plus symptoms can only give cause for further investigation via blood test and/or endoscopic biopsy. Both of those would require you to remain on gluten for accurate results. If you have family members with celiac or other kinds...
  7. Hi Cindy, All of the above are variations of what are considered the "celiac genes" (HLA-DQ2, -DQ8 and -DQ7). HLA-DQB1 *0201 + HLA-DQA1 *0501 make up the HLA-DQ2.5 haplotype. This is the most common haplotype in celiac disease and is said to confer the "most" risk. However, this haplotype...
  8. Hi all, I'm adding more pictures now that my rash has developed some consistency. I get it on my upper back/shoulders, buttocks (not amused ), stomach, jaw line and hairline. Some more recent-ish photos - the rash hasn't changed much - varies in severity (these pics are medium severity). Still...
  9. My cycle changed a few months after I went gluten-free; it got worse before it got better. Now, at almost a year, my period is so much easier to handle. It could be that your body is adjusting because you are beginning to absorb more nutrients?
  10. I like your new pic!

  11. I used to get those all the time...but mostly on my arms. The ones on my abdomen used to be right around my belly button
  12. Hi, I saw that you visited my profile. I read your post today where you were frustrated and confused. I hope that things get better for you.