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  1. Ninja, I sent you an email through here. I hope you got it. 


  2. Hi ezgoindude, I am on the fly and will come back with a more thorough reply but a few things. . . Yes, I am...
  3. The elevated eosinophils in your colon are certainly suspect. . . Is your new doctor by chance willing to do a repeat...
  4. Ninja

    Eating Out In Vancouver Bc

    How far are you willing to travel? There is a wonderful restaurant in White Rock, BC (5-10 minutes from the border and...
  5. Ninja

    How To Determine Hla-Dq* ?

    Hi there, Here are two really good links (particularly the second one) that may help explain 23andme's weird reporting...
  6. This seems to come up a fair amount, thus I thought it might be helpful to have a collection of relevant information...
  7. Hi there, It looks like you have HLA-DQ9 as well as HLA-DQ6. The problem with the enterolab genetic tests is that...
  8. Potentially not. Though I imagine it might be if you were to end up positive for one or more of the celiac genes! A shot...
  9. Usually the beta and alpha units correspond with each other: if you have beta DQ2 present you are more likely to have...
  10. I went through enterolab and no, they do not report on both the alpha and beta units – only beta.
  11. My absolute pleasure. This board is amazing and such a huge source of information, support and guidance. So grateful...
  12. I'm sorry to hear that you are getting more sensitive to gluten, though that seems to be par for the course for those...
  13. Thanks! I am happy that it could help. @Cindy, having the genes plus symptoms can only give cause for further investigation...
  14. Hi Cindy, All of the above are variations of what are considered the "celiac genes" (HLA-DQ2, -DQ8 and -DQ7...
  15. Hi ClevelandRocks, I know you have said that you are IGA deficient, I am wondering if the doctors have looked at...