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  1. ktyler44

    Scars from DH

    I've heard about DH scars that are purple, but the scars I have where my lesions are healing are more dark pink not purple. The lesions get scaly and then heal. Anyone else like that?
  2. My husband has raised cattle all of his life. He's 67. Yes, we provide mineral blocks for them.
  3. Thank you. That helps a lot. We raise our own beef and chicken. The laying hens are free range and get a small amount of chicken feed. The cows are grass fed, so those are pretty safe.
  4. I'm a little confused. Were you saying 2 weeks from the time the breakout started for getting a biopsy? Also, I'm still not sure about much iodine a person has to have for health. I haven't used iodized salt at home for years. I use Redmond Real Salt, which I'm sure has a trace amount of naturally occurring iodine like all sea salt. However, when eating out or at someone else's house, I'm sure I'm getting iodized.
  5. And those darn bugs have bitten me in at least 500 different places. Right? My rash keeps growing. It started with one small place on my back and now covers my torso - boobs and all. It is slowly breaking out on the inside of my elbows and forearms. It's on my butt and top of the back of my thighs. A few on my legs. I just don't know whether I should bother with a biopsy. I've been gluten-free except for mishaps for 2+ years. I know I got glutened a few weeks ago, which may be where this came from since it broke out shortly thereafter. But I don't know how long the antibodies are active enough for biopsy even though I have new bumps every day. What does confuse me is that I don't itch as extremely as I hear described by others. There are times that certain ones will itch real bad, but not to the point of driving me insane. It doesn't help that we have had well water issues at home for the past week so we've had to eat out more. I'm trying to be careful. Question about the iodine: We need some iodine, so how low do we go?
  6. It's true that some have more symptoms and different symptoms than others. But Celiac is Celiac, whether it's manifesting as GI symptoms or DH. The same risk for intestinal damage applies to all. Also, symptoms tend to change or vary within an individual. I used to get bad GI symptoms. Now I'm getting a DH reaction, which I didn't have before. A friend of mine had DH for years but no GI symptoms, but now she gets both. Some people get no symptoms at all but still have the intestinal damage.
  7. But if you have DH, that means you are Celiac. And complications can come from that if you are still getting cross contaminated. You could still be doing damage to your small intestines. Right?
  8. Squirmingitch, I noticed you mentioned something about the full blood panel test for celiac on another post. My son is going to a GI this week to see about getting tested. Could you post that info here or direct me to where we can find what the full panel consists of, please? Thank you.
  9. I do have another question, though. Is it unusual for it to keep breaking out and spreading over my body? It's on my stomach and breasts, a few new places on my back and buttocks, one on the back of my neck and one on the back of my scalp. Now I think it's starting on my leg. I already had a couple on my face. I guess I didn't expect it to spread that much.
  10. Thank you so much for all of that info. That really helps me even if I don't have all the answers I'd like to have since they don't seem to exist at this point in time. I, too, am a research freak and have been trying to glean as much knowledge as I can anywhere I can.
  11. I guess what I still don't get is that I've been eating gluten free for the past almost 3 years, except for the occasional accidental exposure. I've never had this type of reaction before. Actually, I was thinking about doing the gluten challenge a while back but decided after a couple of days that I didn't want to risk it. I had eaten plenty of gluten during that time and didn't have much reaction at all. Now this time I didn't have much at all and am breaking out like crazy. If there is enough in my body to cause that, why wouldn't there be enough to biopsy one of the spots? How long can the antibodies sit under the surface of the skin before breaking out? Can it accumulate for awhile so that it might have been from a few weeks ago when I started to do the challenge and then this little bit just finally set it off? I know that may be far-fetched but I'm just confused by it.
  12. I had no idea you had to be on gluten that long for a dh test. I figured if you were breaking out they could test. The doctor knows I've been eating gluten free, but didn't say anything about having to eat gluten for the biopsy. I have been "loosely " diagnosed with Celiac by my GP due to multiple symptoms and my gene test, plus the improvement I have experienced eating gluten free. My first doctor didn't test me correctly and didn't even biopsy me for celiac while he was doing my endo even though that's why I asked him to do it. He only checked for h.pylori. I ended up changing doctors but not before I had gone gluten-free and was feeling so much better. I was hoping to find out for sure if this rash was dh, which would settle it in my mind. This dermatologist agreed with my GP, though.
  13. Thank you. I just came from the dermatologist. This whole DH thing is all new to me. I've had little bumps break out on occasion that I didn't associate with celiac, but I've never had a breakout like this before. I don't have insurance and can't afford the biopsy until I get some, but he said it definitely looked like DH to him. UGH!
  14. How long do the bumps keep breaking out after getting glutened? Getting the rash is a new development for me.