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  1. apprehensiveengineer

    Sick after decorating

    @cyclinglady I grew up in an agricultural area, but had not been back since being gluten-free except during the winter/spring. A lot of our recreation trails go through crop fields. Mostly corn and soy, but still quite a bit of wheat...
  2. If everyone had that attitude, there would be no gluten-free regulations at all! Other people have complained, and once complaints build up, change can happen... and if it doesn't, I'd rather say I tried to make things better for myself...
  3. That's a violation of the FDA gluten-free regulations. Malt vinegar is not allowed as an ingredient regardless of whether it is under 20 ppm gluten. Gluten Free Watchdog has called out Kroger for this product: https://www.facebook.com/2...
  4. apprehensiveengineer

    Dh Or Psoriasis?

    I get lesions like those that OP attached on my hands when I get glutened, usually on the joints by my fingers. I have not had my skin biopsied, but I'm otherwise (symptoms, presentation, sensitivity etc.) consistent with DH. In my...
  5. apprehensiveengineer

    Diagnosed with sleep apnea

    Er... a study on celiac disease would say that the biggest risk factors are being white and female, but that doesn't mean that men or POCs can't have celiac. Epidemiology alone isn't a good way to rule out illnesses. The study does...
  6. apprehensiveengineer

    Diagnosed with sleep apnea

    To be fair, you can not know you have asthma. The only real way to tell is doing objective testing. I also didn't think I had celiac disease because I ate bread at every meal and assumed that someone with celiac would be dead if they did...
  7. apprehensiveengineer

    Diagnosed with sleep apnea

    Have you ever been tested for asthma (ie. spirometry test)? I have asthma, and was diagnosed as a child because I kept having these very alarming sleep apnea episodes. I would stop breathing in my sleep, wake up (and panic!), and not be...
  8. apprehensiveengineer

    Dermatitis and inflammation AFTER going gluten free

    Ditto this... I have yet to find a brand of gluten-free nuts that haven't caused me issues . There aren't many gluten-free labelled nuts to begin with. Nearly all nuts have a 'may contain wheat' warning, which I would not take lightly as...
  9. apprehensiveengineer

    Safest gluten free oats

    This is good for people to know (I was already aware of this, but you explained it well!). My hypothesis is that some of the difference is from the variations in HLA DQ genes. It has been shown that T-cells from people with 2.5 vs. 8 vs...
  10. apprehensiveengineer

    Safest gluten free oats

    Good hint @Ennis_TX. I've never seen that product, but I'm sure it would be great especially for cookies. Though I think the taste might scare me at first. I usually make grits (corn or rice) and put the same stuff in that I would when...
  11. apprehensiveengineer

    Safest gluten free oats

    Same. I used to eat oatmeal every single day, sometimes twice a day... so believe me when I say that I wanted oats to work very badly! It's convenient for packed meals/traveling, and nutritionally quite good. I was very disappointed...
  12. apprehensiveengineer

    Safest gluten free oats

    IMHO, none. Evidence for the safety of avenin (the protein in oats that is similar to gluten in wheat) in oats is patchy. Yes, there are some feeding studies (from Europe) that show that people seemed to tolerate eating pure oats well...
  13. apprehensiveengineer

    Cross Contamination: Drawing the Line

    I've had mega issues with glassware at bars as well. Part of it is that the glasses are sanitized (kills bacteria, viruses) but not cleaned (removes particulate matter, such as gluten residue). Another part of it is that bars with taps are...
  14. I live in Canada and haven't had much trouble finding gluten-free labelled supplements. As far as I have noticed, all Life Brand (Shopper's Drug Mart store brand) vitamins are labelled gluten-free, and they make their pills in Canada. Most...
  15. Organic has nothing to do with gluten-free, and a lack of "may contain" statement does not necessarily mean that a product is safe. In the US and Canada, manufacturers are only required to list ingredients they put in on purpose. If a product...