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homeschool mom

itchy rash under breasts

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1 hour ago, Awol cast iron stomach said:

Edit 3/1/19

I wanted to chime in despite my vigilance my doctor just told me despite the care I have taken to keep my lunch isolated and using my place mat at work, my Dr. Explained it is safest for me not to eat in the work lunchroom. I just experienced my third cc/ DH outbreak in 4 months at work. Sadly, I enjoy socializing with collegues , but my health comes first. Unfortunately I  am unable to share a gluten lunchroom. She explained I am more sensitized and while the cc is not apparent the brain fog and ataxia start after lunch. Truly my gluten-free home is the safest place to eat. I am still trying to figure this workplace eating out.

I'm surprised that you can't even be in a room where there's people eating gluten. That's too bad:( Do you think that in time that could change, when, say, your immune system calms down more? I hope so.  I am blessed that I am at eating/cooking at home all the time, and now that we've gone gluten free I hope things will get better. Eating out or at other people's houses never happens much for us so it's not a huge loss.

 Just going off iodine and fish has made my itching lessen A LOT, which I'm really thankful for, but the redness is still there. Will it ever go away?

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Yes, the redness will go away. It takes time. I am thrilled to hear you're having good results with avoiding the iodine & fish!! Hooray!!! The antibodies have been deposited under the skin & it takes time for them to get out of there. BTW, don't be surprised if you have outbreaks even when being freaky careful. That's one of the most vexing things about this stuff. It just sits there under the skin like little grenades just waiting for something to set them off. It can be impossible sometimes to determine if you've gotten some cc or if this is just the dh being a massive pita because it's mean. As long as you know you haven't been cc'd b/c you are ultra careful then try not to let it make you insane. 

Gluten free Dec. 2011
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Reynaud's October 2018

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I totally get the possibility of being glutened in a lunchroom (it makes me a bit nervous), but it is possible to not get glutened from this environment if you have a protocol. I eat in a university cafeteria most days (tables crumby, never cleaned), and often eat at other similar venues while traveling. I think that with celiac there is a danger of social isolation - I've been there, and so I think it's worth it to make changes that allow you to interact with other people. Though some situations are a no-go (bakeries, breweries etc.), but you can sit in most places with other people and eat without getting sick - unless people are spitting and spilling their food everywhere, unlikely that it gets inside you unless you somehow contaminate your hands/utensils.

Here are some things you can do to avoid that:

1. Bring sanitary wipes to clean the surface of the table you will be placing your food containers on. This should take care of obvious crumbs. Even after you have wiped it, consider the table a "dirty zone." Anything that touches it is dead to you and does not go in your mouth. If the sanitary wipe thing makes you feel weird, place a paper towel or something under your container

2. Wash your hands before eating and do not touch ANYTHING with your hands other than your food. No phone, no buttons/handles, no table.

3. If you are very worried about the space, avoid foods that you eat by hand. Utensils only. I have a set of lunch cutlery (Systema) that comes in its own box, so it doesn't get dirty even if you throw it in the bottom of a bag.

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