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  1. I'm surprised that you can't even be in a room where there's people eating gluten. That's too bad:( Do you think that in time that could change, when, say, your immune system calms down more? I hope so. I am blessed that I am at eating/cooking at home all the time, and now that we've gone gluten free I hope things will get better. Eating out or at other people's houses never happens much for us so it's not a huge loss. Just going off iodine and fish has made my itching lessen A LOT, which I'm really thankful for, but the redness is still there. Will it ever go away?
  2. Thanks for the tips and the links. The second link didn't work, though. I have a stainless steel colander, so is that okay or do I need to get rid of it? You said in an earlier post that until you went entirely gluten free in your house you didn't realize how much you needed that. Can you explain more? I certainly thought I was fine until my bread-making episode. I didn't eat it but boy did I react! Being celiac is a whole different world than just being sensitive to gluten, isn't it? What exactly did you experience when your house became gluten free? I'm really anticipating this in my house.
  3. Thank you for sharing your experience! I am assuming cc means cross-contamination--is that right? I am a celiac newbie so I don't know all the abbreviations yet. I am looking forward to being a gluten-free household! This Thursday, when my family gets their ttg tests I will get everything out. I've already started a little bit. And bought a new toaster:) Do I need to buy new cutting boards? I think so. What about pots and pans? I have stopped taking iodine and eating fish for almost a week now and I already notice that the itching has decreased. The rash still looks the same, though. How long do you think it might take for the rash to diminish? I know there are a lot of factors involved.
  4. Are you celiac then? And what were the tests/symptoms that confirmed it for you? I wonder why you never test positive for TTG? My kids and husband are getting tested next week which I am very happy about, although I'm a bit nervous about what the results will be for them. Can you recommend a good online resource for making a household gluten free? Once their tests are done I'm getting all the gluten out of the house!
  5. Thanks! I am already off dairy:) I'll keep you posted on how things go.
  6. Hi squirmingitch. I'm glad you responded. It was reading your posts that made me joint the forum. I appreciate your advice about the fish. I have stopped the iodine and I will cut out fish(salmon and cod is what I eat) for a few weeks. I use mostly Himalayan Salt. Is that okay? I'd hate to cut out salt because with low adrenal function I really need it. But I will try to cut down on it. Anything else? I have to say that now that I know about this skin problem, DH, being related to celiac, it makes sense to me why I have been itchy my whole life, it seems! I have always felt itchy! But this summer when the rash under my breasts appeared, and now the itching increasing in other areas, too, it's an answer as to WHY. I'm counting down the days to getting the gluten out of my house the day my husband and kids get tested, and I really hope that I will notice a difference in my health, and my itchiness. Thanks again for responding!
  7. Thanks for trying to save me money:) I can't afford to waste time with incompetent doctors. That's why I'm going through a naturopath. I know I'm celiac. And I'm pretty sure my rash is this DH. I also am just itchy all over my body. The back of my head has been itchy for years. And ever since the fall when I ignorantly decided to make bread for my family(not knowing I was celiac, just thinking I shouldn't eat gluten due to sensitivity) my forearms have been super itchy. I don't have bumps though. I have also become itchy on my torso, and other parts of my body, but there's no rash, no bumps, nothing visible except under my breasts where it's red but smooth. I'm really trying not to scratch but it's hard. I just booked my husband and kids for the TTG test. It will be next week. I appreciate you telling me that this may not be conclusive and that other testing may be necessary. What are the EMA and DGP tests? I am concerned about my kids(I have five), especially my youngest, who is off gluten. She is six and started getting constipated when she was two. It got to the point where she didn't go for three days, she was so scared it would hurt. I took her off gluten and dairy(she has a little goat yogurt and goat cheese) and she is doing much better. Goes every day now and is mostly over her fear. But she is often quite tired, more than I think she should be, so I am wondering about her thyroid, too. Anyway, I'm happy to have the appointments made to get their bloodwork done for the TTG at least and then I can get all the gluten out of the house! Another thing I've been thinking about is that last year I went out to eat four times. The reason I remember this is because we never go out to eat usually, being a large family and it's so expensive. But my husband and I went away for our 20th anniversary so we ate out twice. Then my oldest son graduated so we went out for dinner to celebrate. And then my father-in-law came to visit and took us all out for dinner. This is all in the space of six months. Then I got the rash under my breasts. And I started taking iodine during this time, too. Probably no coincidence, hey? Thanks for listening and responding. It helps to talk to someone who understands and has been through it. I appreciate you!
  8. I am in Canada, and I am paying for the tests. No insurance coverage. I opted out of the biospy because I feel it is redundant considering my genetics, history, reactions, etc. I may need to for my kids, though. We'll see. They sure wouldn't like that procedure, though:( I've never liked doctors much, though. When I had my severe adrenal crash six years ago he ran the standard tests, said everything was fine, and then gave me a phycological questionnaire to fill out. I never went back.
  9. I understand. I got a thyroid panel done and it showed my levels were a bit low(so hypo) and I might benefit from some thyroid hormone. As I said, though, my naturopath wants to make sure my kids are tested and the gluten is out of the house before going to the next step. So, one step at a time, I guess. Thanks for the help.
  10. Hi cyclinglady. Thanks for your response. I read a book a few years ago about iodine and taking it seemed like a good idea at the time. I can't remember all the details. I'd have to go back and re-read it! I will stop the iodine right away. My tests showed Thyroglobulin Ab was199 and Thyroperoxidase Ab was 17. My naturopath hesitated to give my condition a name. She wanted to focus on the celiac diagnosis first and get that dealt with. So I don't really know what it is, other than an autoimmune issue with my thyroid.
  11. Hi, I'm new here. I developed a rash under my breasts last summer. It's very itchy but I don't get bumps or fluid like other people mention. I have been eating a gluten free diet for 6 years, knowing I was gluten sensitive, but recently was diagnosed with celiac. I have two celiac genes, and my dad, sister and cousin are celiac. I have certainly had enough stressful events in my life for celiac to present so I am not surprised by the diagnosis. My tissue transglutaminase number was 141.7. The thing is, my family still eats gluten, so I have been suffering with the cross contamination, not realizing it. I will be getting my family tested and then getting all the gluten out of the house. We will all be going gluten-free, truly, and I hope this makes a difference. I also have autoimmune thyroid disease and have been taking three drops Lugol's iodine most days to help with that. Now, after reading on this forum, I see there is a link between high iodine and this type of rash. So how do you get around needing iodine for the thyroid when you have this rash? I'm assuming I have dermititis herpetiformis although I have not been diagnosed officially. I guess I should stop taking iodine, and do you think I should go on a low-iodine diet for a while, too? I do eat fish a couple of times a week! Any help you can give will be appreciated.
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