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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. I have a ton of RAL products (eyeshadows too!). I adore every one of them. My favs are Ruby Slippers and Strawberry Lips, with Secrets being a close 3rd place. The glosses are great too. You can't go wrong with RAL.
  2. I've tried Udi's and Schar. I really like the Udi's but something in the ingredients gives me gas. My new discovery is Goodbye Gluten bread. My local Wegman's started carrying it. It's shelf stable and doesn't need to be toasted. I've tried the white bread and it's fantastic. It's a bit crumbly but not too bad. I've had turkey, PBJ on it. It's been sitting on my counter now for a week and it's still good. http://www.glutenfreeislife.com/?p=5472 has a good review of it.
  3. Canker Sores

    Prescription orabase pastes work well. My PCP gave me an RX but your dentist could too. Just dob it on with a Qtip before bed. It's gritty and gross tasting/feeling but it does help cut down the pain and longevity of a nasty sore.
  4. Thought I'd post this in case anyone else did a search for the gluten-free status of Tri-previfem birth control pill. I searched here but didn't find anything. So, my pharmacist called the manufacturer today (9/17/13) to inquire about the pregelatinized starch ingredient and the company couldn't say whether it was gluten-free or not. The long story of it is that my doc RX'd tri-sprintec which does appear on the gluten-free drug list online and that my pharmacy confirmed is gluten-free. However, the pharm is instructed to fill that RX with tri-previfem (another generic) unless the doc specifically requests tri-sprintec only. So, I pick up my RX yesterday (it's a new RX) and didn't bother to look at it until I got home because, you know, I figured if the RX was for tri-sprintec that's what I'd get. So, when I finally take it out of the bag and see the label is a different name I immediately called the pharmacy. They said they'll call the manufacturer for me this morning which I'm happy they followed through on. So, since the tri-previfem is an unknown the pharmacy has agreed to swap it with the tri-sprintec and mark my file to indicate they can't substitute another generic. So, lesson learned. Check and double check those meds and don't assume just because you are RX'd one thing that the pharmacy won't substitute for some other generic based on what their corporate asks them to do to save money. BTW, these are all generics for Ortho-Tri-Cyclen. ETA: here's a link to the drug list: http://www.glutenfreedrugs.com/list.htm
  5. I just wanted to update this in case anyone else happens upon this thread in a search. I ended my gluten challenge that very day figuring it wasn't worth the symptoms, especially if this was related. The rash lasted another 2 or 3 days. The joint pain lasted about 4 or 5. The joint swelling in my fingers and feet lasted a solid week. I also noticed around this time that my cheeks were red and it would come and go. The red cheeks (as stated in my other post) did not happen at the same time as my rash. My kids and husband never came down with anything before or following this episode for me. So my follow up with my PCP was about a month after this episode and I mentioned it to her and said, I know, it's probably a coincidence and it was viral and just happened to occur during my gluten challenge. I was surprised when she responded, no, she doesn't think it was coincidence at all and that rashes, flushed face, joint pain and swelling are common responses to food intolerance and/or allergy. I was surprised because while she is quite celiac knowledgeable in many regards she also didn't believe in referring me for an endoscopy based on negative serology and doesn't find genetic testing at all helpful. So she didn't think it was Fifth's Disease virus at all and has solidified my diagnosis as NCGS.
  6. I use the Cerave AM and PM and really like them.
  7. Is there any other reason than celiac that would cause a tTg IgA to be even slightly elevated? Do "normal" people have some tTg IgA in their systems? The reason that I ask is that mine was tested recently. Now, I've been gluten-free since Nov 2011 and did (with advice from my doc and my own desire) a gluten challenge in July (I'm diagnosed NCGS). I only lasted 12 days on the challenge and broke out in a lacy full body rash, joint pain, heartburn, etc. I already had the lab request paperwork from my doc for the tTg and a CBC so I went ahead and did the lab work even though I knew the tTg wouldn't be accurate. I didn't get the lab work done for a month AFTER I stopped the challenge. Again, knew a 12 day challenge wasn't long enough for accurate results so having it done a month later wasn't really going to matter. I got my results today and the tTg IgA was 5.4 (ref range 0-19.9 negative). My total IgA was 204 (ref range 70-400). So I'm curious 5.4 isn't 0 but it's also well below the 19.9. Could it be possible to have low amounts of tTg normally circulating?
  8. It doesn't itch per se but gets a bit prickly in spots (like the feeling of walking in tall grasses) mostly on my legs. I was reading on fifth disease and in adults it isn't uncommon to not have the slapped cheek look (which I don't) and for adult women to get joint pain, which I do have. But I don't and haven't had in the last few days a fever, or headache, or cold symptoms which are usually symptoms. And of course being the 4th of July I can't call my PCP. I don't feel sick at all so doesn't seem worth wasting time going to an after hours place.
  9. I am 12 days into a gluten challenge. Today I woke up with a lacy rash on my arms and legs (I almost look sunburn) and joint pain in my wrists, knees, and fingers. A bit of googling and I think it is the virus Fifth Disease. My kids don't have it but I've been taking them to swim lessons for the past two weeks so I'm exposed to lots of other kids. It doesn't bear resemblance to DH. Total coincidence right?
  10. Currently free on Amazong for kindle e-book: http://www.amazon.com/How-Be-Gluten-Free-ebook/dp/B00CMV4LL4/ref=sr_1_6?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1369228640&sr=1-6&keywords=gluten+free I haven't read it myself but it seems to have good feedback. Might be a good read for someone just beginning this journey.
  11. I had considered that but I'm a daily dairy user and don't seem to have issues otherwise. This morning I had cereal with skim milk w/out any GI symptoms. Most days I have some dairy in my diet...milk, ice cream, cheddar cheese, greek yogurt.
  12. No no red sauce. It was butter only.
  13. Is there anything else I should be considering? Or should I out doubt to rest and just accept that reactions can and will be all over the spectrum? Can anyone relate?
  14. I appreciate the response. Early on in this journey I definitely was aware that I could react to other things. But having been gluten-free for well over 1.5yr, I definitely know that I don't have any other food sensitivities. My reaction last night after the pasta was very distinct and very much in line with the experiences I had prior to being gluten-free. Had I reacted the same way to the Wheat Thins or the accidental pizza glutening (I'm still so mad at that hotel!), I wouldn't be overthinking this at all. But the somewhat lack of a response to the true glutening and yet bigger response to what could only be cross contamination just has me baffled.
  15. Just a bit of background... 1. I've been gluten-free since Nov 2011 2. My celiac panel prior to going gluten-free was neg so I've been labeled NCGI 3. I live in a non gluten-free household but have my own toaster, colander, labeled condiments, etc and dinner is always gluten-free for everyone So here's my issue. About a month ago in a moment of weakness and doubt I decided to eat 5 Wheat Thins curious to what my reaction would be. It was a late afternoon "snack" so my stomach was quite empty and I anticipated having an immediate reaction of my usual symptoms...massive bloating, nausea, heartburn. While I did think I bloated a bit, it wasn't distinct and no other symptoms came along, nor did I get a migraine or canker sore days later, which again I would've expected. I was surprised that it didn't amount to much. Fast forward to tonight when I had for dinner leftover gluten-free spaghetti with a bit of butter (my own, no cc), and a sprinkle of Parmesan. Within 30 I was so bloated that I thought I'd vomit. I took a phazyme and that helped greatly. I had the same reaction with that same batch of spaghetti a few days ago (the day it was first cooked). That time I had eaten it with red sauce and a side salad with ranch and I really wasn't certain the culprit. But given the same reaction tonight it must be that pasta. It's only corn flour and water. I eat corn and corn products regularly without issue. The only thing that I can think of as to why is that hubby cooked the pasta in a pot that he had used to cook Kraft Mac n cheese for the kids a few days prior. The pot was hand washed in hot soapy water. The pot is rather new, non stick, but has a glass lid (with a seem between the glass and the metal rim) so I'm aware that this could be a source of cc. So if I did get cc exposure in the spaghetti and therefore my reaction tonight and the other night was a glutening, the why such a non response to the Wheat Thins which would've been far more gluten? Is that possible? Actually while writing this I'm reminded that back in Feb I was accidentally glutened at a hotel restaurant. I had ordered a gluten-free flatbread pizza and I had already eaten 1/3-1/2 of it when the waitress came running out to tell me she made a mistake and gave me a regular version. Again, I would've expected the worst bloating, nausea, migraine, heartburn, canker sore, etc and yet only had a minor bloat. What gives? In both case of full on gluten consumption had I not known I was eating gluten I might not even noticed the bloating at all. Given my non diagnosis it just gives me a bit more doubt.