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  1. I inquired with L'Oreal about gluten products in the EverPure line of shampoo. Nothing stuck out to me on the ingredients listed but thought it best to ask. The "volume" products from the EverPure line are gluten free (shampoo and conditioner). I like these because they are also SLS free. L'Oreal...
  2. Another vote for Red Apple Lipstick. They have a lipstick "exchange" program whereby you send in your old used lipstick for a discount on their stuff. I sent in 3 lipsticks/glosses and bought 2 lipsticks and 1 gloss. I love them. I have Ruby Slippers and Strawberry and both are very flattering colors...
  3. So today I had the same thing I had for lunch yesterday (a turkey sand on gluten-free panini from a local gluten-free bakery) and so far have had no issues. So it is definitely the King Arthur bread I had for breakfast yesterday and again, that reaction was identical to the reaction I had to the...
  4. So my gas issue has returned today unfortunately. I made the King Arthur gluten-free bread yesterday and had a sandwich for breakfast. Just as last week with the Pamela's I've developed very smelly gas about 6hrs after eating it. I compared ingredients and they have tapioca flour and xanthan gum...
  5. Glad to know I'm not alone. I guess I'll look at the bright side that my reactions were clear enough to know that something was bothering me. I bought the gluten-free king arther bread mix today. No sorghum so well see how I tolerate this one. I'll use the same mixer and pan. If its ok then I...
  6. Anyone have a gluten like reaction to sorghum? I posted earlier this week about getting bad gas from Pamela's bread mix. I've had other Pamela's products and other gluten-free breads and the only ingredient that seemed different was that sorghum was the main ingredient. Once I stopped eating the...
  7. Hmmm...I wonder what excludes the seasonal shaped RPBCs? I know I've eaten an xmas tree and a heart in the past 4 months and looked at the ingredients first. Maybe just cc risk if processing on a different line?