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  1. To me, those kinds of fast food places are just way too risky to eat at! Is it worth the risk of eating there? Not to me. I've been glutened by Wendy's, and never went back. At...
  2. What a great analogy! I love that story:) Reading your post made me cry! I'm glad you don't tell your daughter to suck it up. My mom doesn't tell me that either. Sometimes, encouragement...
  3. Hmmm....that's interesting. I am not sure what to think now because I called the ADA and they said that a celiac has the legal right to bring in their own food. Let me call backand...
  4. But the law says that restaurants must change their regulations to meet the needs of those with disabilities!
  5. Of course it is best just to sneak in your food and hope no one notices. That's what I do. But in certain cases like if you're going to be thrown out of a restaurant, you can tell...
  6. Isn't diet coke caffeine free? Sorry you had the twitching too! I did a lot of research online and it seems like lots of people get this buy noone knows what it is! It...
  7. What's a spastic colon? It's directly 2 inches below my belly button, right in the middle, not to the right. woke up with it happening again. It's not painful just annoying haha
  8. Hmm I wonder why no one knows what it is! It's pretty weird feeling like there's a bird kicking me or something..haha! So Tom, yours went for a long time? Mine wsjust a couple seconds...
  9. I have been getting this feeling for the past few days, where my lower abdomen will start to twitch/flutter/spasm, not sure what to call it exactly. If I put my hand on my stomach...
  10. I signed the petition! Thanks for the link!
  11. I don't have a Facebook but I am so angry that they are deleting everyone's comments. They're just too scared to stand up and say they made a mistake so they're gonna delete the...
  12. For restaurants, if they don't know what gluten is there's no way I'm gonna try to make them understand. Even if you explain what you need to be done to keep you safe they aren...
  13. I hate when companies do this....it makes it hard for us who have celiac because it makes non-celiac people think that we can eat everywhere, and they get confused. Of they just...
  14. I am 15 and was diagnosed just a few months ago...you say you are a Jesus freak! Well, let me tell you, I love Jesus too and I don't think I'd be able to get through this without...