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  1. Victoria6102

    The Choices We Make

    For some of us, it's not as simple, IrishHeart. I constantly have to defend myself. No choice. Either, explain to people or they will mess with my food, put their hands in my chip bag , drink from my cup. I have to explain and when they don't believe me or don't understand, I have to defend myself. Otherwise, I'll end up with no drink, no food, and no friends. Lol!
  2. Victoria6102

    Auto-Immune Disease:

    Celiac is an autoimmune disease:)
  3. Victoria6102

    Is It Safe To Vacuum Up Gluten?

    Sheetrock dust has gluten in it? I went to look at houses with my friends just for fun and we went to one that was in the middle of being built. As we were walking around everything was covered in some sort of dust( Sheetrock, wood...?!) I was obviously breathing it in, I could feel it in my lungs. Later that night my eyes got all swollen and red, itchy and watery. My eczema got really bad and my throat was itching/closing. Thought it was an allergic reaction to the dust, is it possible it was from gluten??!!! I usually have gastric issues, not that kind though.
  4. After being diagnosed with celiac and recently dairy intolerant...I never thought I'd have a nice piece of bread and butter, or a bagel with butter ever again! I found Glutino English muffins, Jillian's French rolls, and earth balance spread....I have been so happy:) mmmmm I love eating a nice buttered roll that tastes GOOD! It took me two years to find good substitutes. This morning when I was about to butter my English muffin, I noticed crumbs in my butter...CRUMBS! My GLUTEN FREE YUMMY CRUMBS! I know it sounds stupid...but I almost cried. Cuz I hadnt seen that in almost two years. I am so happy! This is getting much easier. I never thought if was possible! Today at a baby shower I was just eating chips (which I took out of a bag that I opened first lol) and a lady said "why don't you get some food?" I used to say "I have celiac" and then feel like I had to explain to everyone. But this time I just said "I'm all set, thanks though" my friend who is awesome said "she has to eat gluten free". They all went "awwwwww"....I told them not to feel bad for me, I could eat Reeses! Lol! I'm getting over feeling sorry for myself now and trying to focus on getting healthy. Thank you guys for all your support:) I feel like from here....it's only going to get easier! It's been rough, but things are starting to turn towards the better! Yay!
  5. Victoria6102

    What Gluten Tastes Like After Three Years...

    If doctors don't know much about celiac (which clearly they don't) then maybe they were wrong. Your stomach can be inflamed for many reasons. Damage to villi is the clear marker of celiac. You might wanna eat gluten for a few months before you get tested to make sure it's accurate though:) monk lady, just as a side note, she said she DIDNT feel better when she ate gluten free. hey, if you don't have celiac and the docs were wrong, Ill be happy for you, celiac is no fun! Let us know how it goes
  6. Are there any big brands who's gluten free products may be contaminated with "gluten free oats"? I have had a rash on my fingers which the doctor said was eczema but none of the prescription creams are working! I know i react to gluten free oats, so now I'm wondering if something possibly may be contaminated with oats thanks... And hope you get well soon, love2travel!
  7. Victoria6102

    Fantastic Gluten Free Bakery In Nj!

    While I was there they were packing up dozens of cupcakes for people who were coming to pick them up. They were running out of food cause so many people were ordering! They said they have been really busy and had super good business. Good for them! I think gluten free stores are going to be doing better because so many people are doing this as a "fad " diet. That's one way those idiots will work to our advantage. Lol
  8. Victoria6102

    Fantastic Gluten Free Bakery In Nj!

    Thank you so much for posting this! I read this the day before I went to new jersey. On our way home today, we stopped there because it was literally on the way. I got all kinds of goodies that were amazing! YUM! Before I bought the bread, they let me sample it. When I bit into it, I just started crying right there in the store. I couldn't help it because...I have forgotten what normal bread tastes like, and when I tried that bread...it tasted EXACTLY like the homemade fresh Italian bread I used to eat all the time. They were tears of joy because that is THE BEST gluten free bread I EVER had. The bakery is two hours away from where I live, but it's so amazing that I'm thinking of driving down there to get more bread. Anyone anywhere near this place...you HAVE TO stop by! Thanks again for posting this!
  9. My question is, what triggered your celiac? Did you one day randomly feel sick and it just never stopped til you were diagnosed, or was it a gradual onset of symptoms? I'm still trying to figure out what triggered mine. I was 11, and was about to get in the shower one night when I suddenly felt severely nauseous. I thought it was a 24-hour stomach bug. But it went on....a 3 day stomach bug? Week long stomach bug? Nope it just kept on going and hasn't stopped for the past 6 years. It was such a random thing, before that day I felt nauseous, I was super healthy. But I don't know what triggered it cause I was only 11 so didn't have any real stress, and hasn't had any infections. What else can trigger it? Thanks some things about Celiac will always be a mystery
  10. To the second question, no. I had awful nausea all the time and I would eat saltine crackers or starchy foods like toast or something to try to calm my stomach...little did I know it was making things a lot worse!
  11. To me, those kinds of fast food places are just way too risky to eat at! Is it worth the risk of eating there? Not to me. I've been glutened by Wendy's, and never went back. At places like that, everything is just made in the same spot, whether grilled, fried or whatever. All it takes is walking into any of those restaurants and watching how they prepare stuff to scare you away from eating there!
  12. Victoria6102

    Swedish Fish

    I'm feeling more nauseous than the other end...lol! Thanks for the replies....well I've been gluten free for almost 2 years and eat a good amount of processed foods, so I'm wondering if maybe one of the ingredients don't agree with me? Idk...but that's super interesting about the mineral oil! I have been trying to eat less processed foods (which by the way I lost 12 pounds in the last month!) so maybe because I ate those processed Swedish fish, it bothered me more than usual?
  13. I have always loved Swedish fish and they are gluten free (according to the company) and since I've cut out gluten and dairy they have been my go-to sugary snack. I bought some yesterday and ate them but felt sick to my stomach. I just ate some more 2 minutes ago and now feel sick again does anyone know if they are for sure gluten free? Im not having a reaction like I usually would to gluten so idk if it's gluten or something else.... Ingredients: sugar, invert sugar, corn syrup, modified corn starch, citric acid, white mineral oil, artificial flavored, red40, and caranauba wax Thanks for any help..... It might just be too much JUNK!
  14. Victoria6102

    Finally Getting Some Color

    Thanks guys! Yes I do feel a lot better! My lightheadedness is so much better! I used to run off of stages because I would feel so dizzy but on Sunday I sang with a group of girls in a service at my church...and I stayed up there for the whole song and didn't wobble or have to hold onto anything! Things are getting better....slowly but surely!
  15. WOOOOHOOO! I have been as pasty white and pale as can be for my whole life. Like a sickly looking white....going gluten free didn't help that, but recently I found out that I'm severely anemic so doctor told me to take Iron. After taking it for 3 weeks , I noticed today that I am actually getting some color! My cheeks look a little pinker, and my arms actually are less white! This is great I'm SO excited! People always say " you're the whitest person on earth" and "are you albino" lol But now I'm getting some color! No one thinks it's exciting but me:P but I know you guys always get happy over little breakthroughs in our health so Yay!