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About Me

"I'm not your classic medical wheat flour/gluten reaction case"

I have always eaten breads, wheat, pasta, and gluten all my life without any problem.

Then the day after Christmas 2012, I suffered excruciating pain after dinner and then passed out.

Through the elimination diet, I figured out on my own that it was anything that contained wheat flour or semolina that caused this.

Before I never had this reaction, it came on so sudden that it was bizarre.

I have had every medical test in the book done, Celiacs (blood work, genetics, biopsy, etc) come back NEGATIVE. I'm also NEGATIVE for any wheat or gluten allergy.

Yet every time I eat anything containing wheat flour or semolina I have excruciating pain and pass out.

I'm hoping anyone out there who has any idea what this may be or suggest things for my doctors to test for, please let me know, thank you!!

  1. Ate some rice breads/cakes, feeling okay, no reaction...

  2. Right that's the thing, mini-wheats does NOT contain "enriched wheat flour", it's "whole wheat". BUT I have eaten whole wheat bread and it DOES hurt. I'm not sure if milk helps or not, it does not seem to make much of a difference. I know that I do NOT have an acid problem. I have tried Omeprazole...
  3. I'm not sure if this is the right board for this, so move as needed. Ever since I had acute abdominal pain back in December 2011, the only two bread-like foods I could eat that would not cause pain are white rice and mini-wheats (the frosted ones Kelloggs makes). Any other bread or pastas would...