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  1. flowerqueen

    I am confusion

    Yes, definitely give low FODMAP diet a go, it can make a real difference. After 2 months you start to re-introduce foods which are not allowed, one at a time, to see if you can tolerate them - it helps weed out the real offenders.
  2. flowerqueen

    Had enough of being sick, what now

    I agree with Ennis too. I experienced withdrawal symptoms for a while and even then I didn’t recover for quite a while. Eating foods that harm the gut takes its toll on the whole body and, you will not have been absorbing nutrients from y...
  3. flowerqueen

    I am confusion

    Was it a gluten free bagel? If so, you may have become intolerant to foods in your diet. Have you looked at the low FODMAP diet? I have recently gone on this and it does seem to be helping.
  4. Hi cyclinglady, yes, it does sound like a good diet, but a little strict. I have been doing the low FODMAP for about a week now, which seems to be going okay, although last night I did have some gluten free popcorn last night, but half...
  5. Hi Christiana, you have a good memory, I do indeed live in the UK. My consultant does a full panel every time I visit, so I doubt it’s gluten. I have started a low FODMAP diet, and am feeling quite hopeful, although the amount of other t...
  6. Thank you for the suggestions. I love salmon and eat it at least once a week. I have decided to go on the low FODMAP diet, so fingers crossed .....
  7. I don't really eat much processed food, only gluten free bread. Most of the meals I have are cooked from scratch at home. I'm now on the FODMAP diet and apart from running out of ideas for meals, it's going fairly well I just hope it continues...
  8. I'll have a look, but it does sound intimidating, I agree, from what you've said and I'm finding the FODMAP diet challenging enough.
  9. Hi, Thank you for replying; it's strange you should mention rice, I must admit I do find my stomach settles after I've eaten rice too. I will have a look at the Macrobiotic diet, it seemed big years ago, and have forgotten all I knew about...
  10. Hi, you have a lot to contend with there. A lot of the things you have mentioned, I too have problems with. I think also, my problem maybe, because I have a small list of 'safe' foods, I over-use them, and am worried I am setting myself...
  11. Wow! It sounds like you have been through the mill too. I was beginning to think I was alone in this, thank you for sharing. I too, can no longer have beans, I drink decaf coffee, but I'm wondering if I'm going to have to give that one...
  12. Thank you, that looks very interesting. It looks a very strict diet, and not sure how I could implement everything as my medication contains things which are on the list of "no no's". I will definitely look into it more though!
  13. I regularly get blood tests from my doctor as I have more than one auto immune disease, and the recent one came back okay. I feel like I have so many health issues, that I'm playing a juggling act with them all.
  14. That sounds like a lot to contend with. I have wondered for a while if any sugar/glucose could be a culprit too, it’s hard trying find out exactly what is causing the problem, I’m keeping a food diary. Did you have to have another col...
  15. Since being diagnosed Coeliac a good few years ago now, I seem to have become to intolerant to so many things. At first I just experienced the usual withdrawal from gluten, which took about 6 weeks. Then came intolerance to soya (where...