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  1. Thanks a ton. I've been meaning to pick up digestive enzymes. Most probiotics I've found myself unable to tolerate, with worsening GI symptoms... though admittedly I probably haven't stuck it through with one for long enough. Do you have a brand or strain in particular that you found helpful? ...
  2. Wondering if anyone else has thoughts on my case here? I'm still basically being led to accept the celiac diagnosis based on *SOLELY* elevated TTG, without a biopsy. 3 months gluten free and I feel worse digestively, if anything. Any change has been very minor. I don't know how long I can...
  3. I've been eating Adam's peanut butter, after doing some googling and seeing it on a lot of 'gluten free' safe lists. However, I'm beginning to realise the necessity, at the beginning of this diet at least, to be absolutely rigid in my avoidance of gluten, even traces. This is what the Adams website...
  4. :| ... I have been very frustrated with my medical system (and doctors, somewhat), but I *did* have clear colorectal dysfunciton for which surgery is often reccomended (although these colorectal surgeries for obstructed defectation do have rather spotty outcomes, and it seems many people choose...
  5. Gee, thanks a ton for replying!! You've given me some great ideas to work with, but after being gluten free for about the past month... I think I'm willing to accept the celiac diagnosis at this point, at least for the time being. My health is simply too compromised to persist in eating wheat right...
  6. It seems the only blood test I have access to here in British Columbia (beyond privately ordering genetic testing) is the TTG. I'm dealing with one negative biopsy despite 4 (geez) positive TTG tests. (firs three "low-positive", now just "positive" since I've been on more gluten & more plagued...
  7. Thank you *SO MUCH* you two. I really really appreciate it. I'll take the advice & make another post about Canadian testing.
  8. Thanks a ton for taking the time cylclinglady! ...do any Canadian (or better, BC) members know about what testing is available in this province? (My GP ordered an EMA to follow up, but the lab here only performs TTG and simply replaced the EMA with another TTG... sigh.)
  9. I'm a 31-year-old high school teacher (currently on disability) who has been dealing with 4 years of major gastrointestinal problems, which resulted in major surgery for a rectal prolapse & redundant colon last August, prior to which I had lost about 20 pounds. The source of all my gas, bloating...