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    Prairie field, possibly the best picture I've taken!

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    Hockey, music, baseball...mostly hockey :~D
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Sports is my biggest love. To read the sports articles that I contribute to, along with many others from around the world, visit my public profile on Bleacher report, which can be found here

At 26 years old, the list of current conditions I have are: Celiac Disease, Jan./03; Symptoms of an IBD, since Jan.28/06, no diagnosis (all specialists gave up); Esophagitis (cured) and Hiatus Hernia, Jan./07; Hypothyroidism, June 14/07; gallbladder issues since Dec./07; Lumbar facet arthritis, Oct.10/08; Iron deficiency anemia, Nov.3/08 (cured); Osteoarthritis, Mar./09; Hypertension, Nov./09; Osteoporosis, Nov./09


  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. I think it is normal for Celiacs. Definitely sounds familiar..
  4. Very interesting. I've had issues with the vision too from time to time. Sometimes it's like I can't even see, its just a blur nearsighted and farsighted. Other times my vision is terrific... ptkds, does anyone else in your family has eye issues? that sounds EXACTLY like my dad's case. He pretty...
  5. I sure have gotten a lot more nightmares since having Celiac. And i can afree with everyone here that if I get glutened they get worse. But unfortunately I tend to get them in a regular basis even when NOT glutened...some of them are so "real" i wake up by sitting up and nearly having a panic attack...
  6. Yeah and now that I have the list I havent had a chance to go for ice cream at all I have my colonoscopy in 6 days, but gotta start the crap on Sunday .. getting nervous for sure! Thanks for asking about it ~lisa~
  7. I was cleaning my room yesterday, and I FINALLY found my list!! Last year I went into a little gas station near a provincial park, and they sell ice cream, and they had something I never seen in any other place: a list of ingredients posted in front of the ice cream (which specifically say "contain...
  8. num1habsfan


    My problems are starting to scare me. I keep getting worse quickly enough that I swear by the time I actually get the answer to what it is I am going to fall over dead...
  9. Yeah i feel like whining about the pain in here, too. I dont know why I even have this blog, but all I can add (so I dont forget) is that its been 52 days that I have been sick and getting worse...
  10. I feel like one of the old people (no offense) who an predict the weather. Seriously, I can tell if it going to snow or rain, or if theres going to be a drastic change in weather (from cold to hot, or hot to cold). Arthritis will get me right in any areas that I have hurt (back, right ankle, right...
  11. num1habsfan


    I wonder what else is truly wrong with me. I'm serious already, the arthritis, rib pain, mysterious stomach pain, constant flu-like symptoms, and worst of all: Jeans falling off!! If I lost weight again I'm going to scream. Maybe I should just scream anyways...
  12. Oh yes, the clumsiness is insane for me. I am always nearly falling over, running into things, dropping things, etc etc etc. Sometimes I've gotten up out of bed, and seriously just fallen to my floor! I'm always being called clumsy. Sometimes its rather embarassing ~lisa~
  13. I always chew on Trident and have never had a reaction to it, Hope that helps! ~ ~lisa~