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  2. Hey guys. I need your help within the next week if possible! We're doing a project on food allergies and Campbell's in my Business Admin. class as our major project! All you need to do is reply with your e-mail address (or PM it to me) and I'll e-mail you a copy of the short survey. Fill it out and send it back! That simple . I promise the data will not be used for any other purpose! I'm planning on actually submitting the overall results to Campbell's (US and Canada), so your responses may be more meaningful than you think.
  3. I rarely eat red meat due to its habit of causing IBD flares. For vegetables I can eat peas, lettuce, asparagus, cucumbers, and coloured bell peppers. I seem to tolerate pork well. Kinnikinnick white rice bread is my staple food. I avoid corn as much as possible, also due to IBD flares. Everything else for food I only eat once in awhile...
  4. Ugh, I've been having a MAJOR spasm this past week. Bad enough that I had to go to the ER for a shot. She gave me a low dose of Toradol (sp?) so that it wouldn't affect my hypertension too greatly. Tomorrow is my last day of taking Celebrex twice daily (the rest as needed), and Cyclobenzaprine half-to-one tablet up to 3 times a day as needed. If it wasn't for either I'd be in bed 99% of the day. I cannot walk more than 2 blocks without having to stop because of the pain :/. And to add to it I have a job that requires me bending down a lot
  5. Harvest hotdogs, and harvest bison hotdogs. Made here in Saskatchewan.
  6. I think I need advice from some of you, as I know I have heard from some of you that you have multiple allergies. I am of course gluten-free, and mainly lactose-free (I can tolerate some forms of dairy again). Since then I have developed the following complications: - some form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (still undiagnosed after 5 1/2 years almost), can't tolerate red meat or most veggies - allergies to all food but beans (as of July 2009) - high blood pressure So, I am trying to manage 6 separate diets: gluten-free, mainly lactose-free, red meat-free, veggie-free, low-sodium, AND am on a rotation diet which I have modified to what works for me (this means I eat something for a few days in a row, then not again for a few weeks, rather than once every 4 days) Is anyone else here just as in bad shape for food?? I'm just puzzled how to rotate it all, while being 100% gluten-free, and stop packing on the pounds...
  7. Wayyy back in the day there used to be a topic about gluten-free restaurants in Saskatchewan. But I know some of these no longer exist. I think we should start one up again . We may be a tiny province but with more and more Celiacs out there I bet this would come in handy! I've got a list as of July/2010: Saskatoon: - 2nd Avenue Grill - 6 Twelve Lounge, Sheraton Cavalier Hotel - Asian Restaurant - Avocados Mexican Restaurant - CAFE 224 - Chianti Cafe - Genesis Family Restaurant - John's Prime Rib & Steakhouse - La Bamba Cafe - La Bamba Bel Norde - Little Bangkok - Prairie Ink - Schreyer's Smoked BBQ Shack - Spicy Garden Vietnamese Restaurant (can make most dishes gluten-free) - Tarragon's Restaurant - 3 Blue Diamonds (the Chicken Parmesiana with tossed salad and rice is safe. I have ate it many times) - Boston Pizza (ask for gluten-free menu) Regina: - Golf's Steakhouse - Luiggi's - Vietnamese Gardens - The Cottage - Mediterranean Bistro - The Green Spot Cafe - Tumbler's/Western Pizza (gluten-free pizza crust with some safe toppings) - Boston Pizza (ask for gluten-free menu) Someone help me out here and add to the list!
  8. I'm still wondering, which of the 2 conditions can cause major back spasms to occur at random times? I had one again today where I nearly had to grab onto the table to keep my balance or walk because it hurt that bad and hit out of nowhere. This is the 5th time in the last 2 months i've had these random attacks now... Aww, sad. Wish she would go get checked! and hope she'll be okay. Not sure how much of my story you know, but I went about 7.5 years undiagnosed/untreated. And the list of my health problems is ridiculous. So long I can't fit it in the signature basically! Just a gut feeling I have that the 2 are connected, but I'm no expert of course. Thanks, I will definitely keep that in mind if anything!
  9. I will definitely mention it to her, then! May 10th can't come soon enough! :/. I wonder about the connection, also. If I do get sent to a rheumatologist I'm going to ask them what the odds of a connection between Celiac/scoliosis is! Can't hurt, right? I just refuse to go to the same jerk as last time, that's for sure.
  10. No I didn't. Would it be a rheumatologist that looks at something like that, or can a regular family doctor order it? I plan to see my family doctor but she's so backed up that I won't get in to see her until next month.
  11. Hi everyone. I was wondering, is there a connect between back problems/bone diseases and Celiac? I had x-rays done on March 17th and got results from my physiotherapist last Monday...and it wasn't very good. The x-rays showed levoconvex lumbar scoliosis (still considered mild) beginning in my first 5 vertebrae. But that's not all it showed. The exact words were "mild disc height loss at the lumbosacral junction" (in the words of the physiotherapist, the disc that connects the lumbar to the main joints with your hip bones and things like that has begun to deteriorate). .
  12. Adab8ca, those are some ridiculous comments, wow! But sadly, it does not shock me. I always get people assuming that 'gluten intolerance' and 'wheat allergy' and the same thing. And still constantly hear that "a little won't hurt". People don't realize how hard being a Celiac is! I also agree that I wish it wouldn't take as long as 18 months, though I have noticed lately a LOT more Canadian-made products being labeled as gluten-free already. Really hope for you guys in the U.S. that this eventually makes its way there, too. You deserve it as much as we do!
  13. This is the latest news as of today: New Health Canada rules expand food labels to specify allergens, gluten By: The Canadian Press Posted: 02/14/2011 10:38 AM | Comments: 0 | Last Modified: 02/14/2011 1:42 PM OTTAWA - New labelling rules will give consumers more detailed information about the presence of allergens, gluten and sulphites in food and drink, Health Canada said Monday. The department said the new labels will require manufacturers to clearly list the presence of such substances. The rules will require a listing of allergens in smaller components of the product, as well. For example, if a product includes spices, the label must declare if the spices contain allergens or gluten. Milk, egg or fish products used to purify wines or spirits must also be listed on the label. Beer, ale, stout, porter and malt liquor are exempt from the new labelling rules. The new requirements will be phased in over 18 months to give manufacturers time to comply. The regulations require the use of plain words, such as wheat or milk. Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq says the changes are particularly aimed at protecting children. "These changes to food labels will make it easier for parents of children with food allergies to identify potentially harmful, if not fatal, ingredients in foods," she said in a statement. Health Canada estimates that five to six per cent of young children and three to four per cent of adults suffer from food allergies. Nearly one per cent of the population is affected by celiac disease. These people can suffer long-term complications from eating foods which contain gluten. The exemption for beer came after hard lobbying from brewers, who argued that celiac sufferers already know that beer is made from grain. They also said tougher label requirements would be costly for small brewers. Health Canada said it wants to work on the brewers' concerns. But rather than delaying the regulations, it was decided to exempt beer, at least for the time being. "Any additional amendments dealing with enhanced labelling of beer will be dealt with once further consultations and discussions can be held," the department said. Anaphylaxis Canada, a support and advocacy group for people with severe allergies, welcomed the new rules, but expressed disappointment with the exemption for beer. "Allowing a last-minute exemption for the brewery industry
  14. Okay, people of Saskatchewan (and perhaps other areas of Canada?). I have a Taco Del Mar right by my apartment and I have never stopped in there before. After grabbing a yummy Hot Cider from the coffee shop next door I looked online and the website listed a bunch of gluten-free items. I walked into the place and asked the guy if THEY have anything for gluten-free choices. Well guess what? All 3 servers knew off the top of their heads that EVERYTHING for filling is gluten-free except the chipotle (Sp?) sauce and medium salsa. ANd of course the tortillas/wraps are not, but the tacos are. They were very nice about it and said they get a lot of people coming in asking for gluten-free choices but they don't advertise anywhere that they offer gluten-free. I told them they should and that I'd spread the word! So anyone in Regina, go to the Taco Del Mar near the university. You will not regret it. I am SO glad that I have found another safe place to eat!!
  15. Hey guys, I was just wondering if there is any connection between Celiac and Nocturnal Hypoxemia? I got diagnosed with this about a month and a half ago, but have not had any further testing or diagnosis yet. Apparently my respirologist is waiting until i'm scheduled for another breathing test. I didn't know the exact name of the condition I have until I spoke with my family doctor on the phone today. Anyone else have this condition?
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