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  1. I read somewhere that lots of ciders were gluten free in the UK. Now I just found some information that says that many ciders have barely malt added to them. Does anyone from the UK know brands of ciders that are safe? Or should I just stear clear of all ciders??
  2. Thank you for posting your experience. I read a lot about their labeling and it is very confusing. That is too bad that you reacted ot a lot of it... it must have put a bit of a damper on the trip. It sounds as though things labeled gluten free are more dangerous than those not labelled that look safe from the label. It makes no sense at all! I am leaving in a week so I am really hoping things go well food wise b/c that makes it easier to enjoy the trip! Keeping my fingers crossed!
  3. Thank you thank you!! I didn't realize there were gluten free beers over there! We have only one brand here in Canada and it is not very good. And I am a big beer lover so that is exciting news all on its own! And thanks for the list of stores to get gluten free products. Are you from Dublin Ireland? Because I am going there for a week after I am in London and you might be just the person with some suggestions for places to go there too!!
  4. Another question of mine is what kinds/brands of alcohol are safe in the UK? I know the brands that are safe for me here in Canada but can't seem to find any info on brands in the UK. Thanks!
  5. I am going to London in three weeks and am a little nervous about finding gluten free foods while I am there. I will be in London for a few days before and then a few days after a Contiki tour that starts there. I am mainly looking for a good store to get some crackers, breakfast bars, cookies, etc. to take on the tour with me (becuase I am not sure what I will be able to bring over from Canada). Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. I just wanted to warn fellow Regina, SK people about the flours at Old Fashioned Foods. I am not sure about all locations, but my mom was picking up some flours for me the other day from the south albert location and the label now said "may contain traces of flour." She spoke with the manager about this and the manager explained that they now bag their gluten free flours on the same day as regular flour. They wash everything, but she admitted that they may package gluten free flours right after regular flours, even though dangerous flour is still likely floating around in the air. My mom explained that this does not work for those who are celiac and how this is a serious concern. They gave her the name of a company to order from and that is what we did. I will no longer be buying anything that is bagged in the store which makes me sad. It is a pain to order flour and have it shipped. I wanted to warn others and also raise awareness b/c if many people address this in the store, maybe they will be more cautious and do their gluten free flours on a separate day as they used to. Maybe one day we will be able to buy our flour and foods at the regular grocery store! How nice that would be! And SAFE flour!!
  7. Hi everyone! My friend and I are going on a trip this August for a few weeks to England, Scotland and Ireland and we want to start the trip out with a tour to get settled and comfortable. She brought some info over about a couple of different companies that do tours and we really like how the contiki tours sound. It said that the tour includes continental breakfasts every day (it is 10 days) and then four three course meals and the others are on our own. I am worried the the breakfasts are goign to be muffins and danishes. I called contiki and talked to someone last night and he said they are good about trying their best to meet different food allergy needs, but that I can't talk to the tour guide until the tour starts because they don't know who it will be yet. I need to talk to the guide when we get there he said (and they will have my allergy down in the file) and it depends how much that particular guide goes out of their way to help me. Has anyone done a contiki tour? Or any suggestions for this situation? I can take a bit of food with me for the start of the trip which would be this tour, but I wont' have a ton of room b/c we are just taking backpacks. Help! We need to book our tour within the next couple of days. Courtney
  8. Hemp hearts really help me. I put them in my smoothies for breakfast and into some of the other things I cook. You might want to give them a try
  9. My friend and I are planning on visiting Scotland for about a week and a half this August and we are not sure we want to stay in hostels, but we don't have a huge budget either. Does anyone know of a bed/breakfast or cottage or a place to rent that we could get for a reasonable price that they would recommend? Also, I can't find much about eating in Scotland. I would really like to go to edinburgh but we have no ideas about where we want to go so we are pretty open to suggestions. Any ideas and advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!!
  10. Thank you so much for all of your ideas everyone! I had a GREAT trip and never got sick!! I ate at Chiante's and it was good... very similar to a pasta restarant that serves gluten free in my city (Luiggi's). I also ate at Milestones and it was AMAZING!! I planned to order the salmon on rice that I had in Vancouver at Milestones, but was informed that the brine it is premarinated in has wheat flour and it comes this way. So I was very happy that the staff knew this. Instead I had a chicken dish which had fried mushrooms on it and was served on jasmine rice which is one of my new favourite things! I can't tell you how good it was... it had so much flavour and I am not used to that, especially when eating out. I always get things plain to be safe. Also, I went to the farmers market on Saturday b/c my friend noticed a whole booth set up with gluten free baking and foods and I got some of the best things! I got a gluten free chicken pot pie and it was very very good... and stuffing! and a really good loaf of bread! There were so many things I wanted to try but couldn't bring it all back. I wish I lived there for the farmers market! So if you live in Edmonton and have not been to the farmers market, you should go! Courtney
  11. Not only this, but can you get any in Canada? I have tried ordering a few things from the States and they won't ship to Canada. Very dissapointing.
  12. Thank you so much for the ideas! I am excited about all of the options!!
  13. Hi everyone! I am going to Edmonton on Friday and am staying for a week to visit some friends. I know we are going to be out a lot and I am wondering if anyone who lives there can suggest some restaurants! I know about Outback steakhouse which I love!! And Tomy Romas and Montanas... but those two I eat at so frequently I would love to try something new. My friends are in the Whyte Ave. area. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Courtney
  14. But the Orchard Blend ones don't cause a reaction? I am assuming that they make them on totally separate lines. I am so glad that I asked this question before trying the veggie ones.. you saved me some pain! Thank you for your help
  15. REally? It is scary that they have gluten free all over their webpage and several others that I found. I was a worried when I read about the barley and oat proteins. I will stear clear of the veggie ones then. I am dissapointed though I must say. What kind did you get instead? Did you get a veggie supplement? Or some other kind of supplement?
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