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  1. My doctor actually recommended to me to try the vegan lifestyle until I've finished my healing, and then, if I want to, to add meat back into my meals. He said that because cows, pigs and chickens are generally grain-fed, they can carry the gluten in their system and it ends up in the meat. I tend to be super sensitive, even needing to make sure there is no gluten in my lipgloss, so maybe he was just being overly cautious. Anyways, thought I would share at least...
  2. I live in Regina and we have a store here called Old Fashion Foods. I was just there this morning and they have an amazing selection of Gluten-Free products. I'm going to see how I am at making gluten free potato flour bread tomm! If there is anyone close to Regina..definitely check it out. Also, I'm trying to figure out if MSG is safe in Canada?? All the info on the site is for MSG in the US..but nothing on Canadialand. Any ideas... (yes I know MSG is the devil LOL..but I like Campbell's Fat Free Chicken Broth and it has MSG in it)
  3. I noticed this thread hasn't actually been posted for a while but I thought I would say hi anyways. I'm from Saskatchewan, Canada and I was just diagnosed this morning with Celiac Disease. I was online doing a bit of research (I won't be seeing a nutritionist for at least three months unless I admit myself into the hospital, and that just ain't gonna happen) to see what I can do for myself, what to avoid and so on, when I came across this site. It's been very informative and has helped with how incredibly overwhelmed I feel at the moment. I was out shopping with my mom this afternoon trying to find some food that I can eat, and it just become so clear to me how different my life has to be from now on. I'm an admitted Diet Coke junkie and I've read a few posts about how Diet Coke has gluten in the caramel coloring..yikes! Such a lifestyle adjustment. Anyways, good to say hi. Talk to you all later!
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