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  1. I get the heart pounding feeling when I eat dairy alot. I used to get that feeling at night in bed all the time but once...
  2. Yes I get pressure head aches too. It is almost like sinus pressure for me. I also get feverish about 1 hour after I...
  3. Mine is rum and coke or rum and pineapple. Does any one know of any other good drinks that don't contain rum? Some...
  4. I never drank diet pepsi before but over the past year I had started to. I belive it has led to me feeling glutenized...
  5. hi. After the intial first weeks of suffering following messing up I experience major muscle cramping and bone pain...
  6. hi. I have been diagnosed with celiac since 1996. I had my share of two years of mistakes trying to adhere to this diet...
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