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  1. KaitiUSA

    Frozen Pizza

    I personally think I like the Cheese Glutino pizza better than Amy's.
  2. O man do I know how you feel. I am between 5'3 and 5'4 and when I was healthy I was 114 and then when I got sick I went...
  3. KaitiUSA

    I Cant Take It Anymore Someone Help

    WOW! That is some of the worst advice from a fellow celiac that I have ever heard. This person obviously is either new...
  4. KaitiUSA

    Is There Anything You Can Do Once You

    I know for me when I started to be gluten free I was up and down alot even when I was not getting any gluten in. When...
  5. Well, I moved to Arkansas at the beginning of the year to get married and so I had to find a new GI doctor. We went and...
  6. KaitiUSA


    I am sensitive to gluten and have honestly never had a problem with that brand
  7. KaitiUSA

    Cheesecake gluten-free

    If you are looking for a gluten free crust then I would seriously try crushing Josefs vanilla graham crackers and putting...
  8. KaitiUSA

    Gas Prices---geez

    Don't even start me on this topic It's ridiculous! I mean overnight it can change like 15 cents. But seriously, people...
  9. KaitiUSA

    How Do I Attend A Wedding Dinner?

    My cousin just got married last weekend and we have my husbands best friends wedding this weekend. When we went I brought...
  10. Well if you keep them gluten free and then get bloodwork done then the it is likely that the bloodwork will show up negative...
  11. Celiac can be very tricky to detect in some cases because you here of alot of false negatives with some of the tests...
  12. KaitiUSA

    What's With The Coffee?

    Coffee can react bad to the stomach especially in mornings on an empty stomach it can be bad. It could be something in...
  13. Some celiacs can handle them and some can't. It really is a risk and toss up. Some celiacs react to the protein in Oats...
  14. KaitiUSA

    Gluten Free Lipstick?

    I love Burt's Bees lipstick and it is gluten free. Another thing I really like is Bare Escentuals and alot of theirs...
  15. A Wheat allergy is different from Celiac. You see an allergy is IgE mediated where Celiac is not. I was told I have both...