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  1. Frozen Pizza

    I personally think I like the Cheese Glutino pizza better than Amy's.
  2. O man do I know how you feel. I am between 5'3 and 5'4 and when I was healthy I was 114 and then when I got sick I went down to like 83 pounds and people kept making comments and doctors even asked me if I was anorexic and I absolutely hated it. I had tons of anxiety due to what I have been through and so I would not eat alot or in front of people because I was afraid of getting sick because everything used to make me sick so I decided I guess not to eat. Anyhow to make a long story short I am about 125 now and I have a healthy appetite because the doctors actually put me on an anti anxiety med that helps increase weight. You know I am not a big fan of meds but when you are so thin like I was, it's a last option. Anyhow, just try not to let it get to you...I know it is harder than it seems cuz I was there and those comments hurt because you feel like you can't help it but you know what..it WILL get better. And being gluten free for a while did help me gain weight back too. Just hang in there PS...I don't think your weight seems that bad to me..that is actually a pretty good weight for your size if you ask me. Maybe they are just jealous
  3. I Cant Take It Anymore Someone Help

    WOW! That is some of the worst advice from a fellow celiac that I have ever heard. This person obviously is either new to celiac and just believed the first thing he/she read or is in denial. You should never eat any amount of gluten as even the smallest amount will give you damage whether or not you have symptoms. I do have glutenease and if I somehow accidentally get glutened I will take them for one reason...they can't hurt anything because I am already miserable! lol and to me thats the only purpose they serve. There are actually alot of "snacks" and "junk food" that we can still have. Alot of ice creams, chips, etc. if that is what you crave. As far as gluten free specialty items...some of it tastes like crap BUT there are alot of good brands and if you ask for suggestions I am sure people will be more than willing to help I know I will help. I am a very picky eater and a brand I like to get alot of stuff is Gluten Free Bakehouse by Whole Foods has some really good Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins, sandwich breads that don't tast like cardboard, cookies, and more that my husband loves and he is picky and not celiac. Glutino has a pretty good cheese pizza too As far as people trying to force it on you...just tell them it can die and it will just slowly kill you if you eat it. If they don't understand that is their problem. I know it is difficult. I was 17 when I was diagnosed and I had pizza parties and all that I went to and it was tempting but in the end I was able to resist because I was so miserable and knew how it made me feel. Just stay strong and know that you are not the only one. If you need any help just let me know
  4. I know for me when I started to be gluten free I was up and down alot even when I was not getting any gluten in. When I did accidentally get something it got worse and I felt like I had been hit like a bus and soooo much nausea. I know for me there was nothing I could do to get it over with quicker. It would take me sometimes 2-3 weeks but for some it is longer and for some it is shorter. I would have good and bad days throughout that 2-3 week span. Just hang in there and know it will be over soon and take care of yourself and much as you can. Probiotics and enzymes are a good addition when you are feeling bad as well. Take care
  5. Well, I moved to Arkansas at the beginning of the year to get married and so I had to find a new GI doctor. We went and saw him 2 days ago and I have been having some of my symptoms again(think partly due to my anxiety disorder and getting off of those meds that helped with it) So he was puzzled that my former GI doc was able to give me a 99% diagnosis since they normally are not supposed to do that unless there is a biopsy. So, they wanted me to go back on gluten for a week and then do a biopsy but I told him I knew I had it and I get reactions and no longer am malnourished in vitamins and minerals. So they decided to check for refractory celiac. Yesterday I went and had to be sedated and they did one on my. They did a endoscopy and biopsy and they said it all looked great which I figured it would. I really liked the doctor though....he was being very thorough and not giving me answers unless he is confident in the answer and he did a good job and was very knowledgable with celiac. My family (many of whom hate doctors) were there and got to talk to him after the procedure and they were impressed to. Just goes to show not all doctors are bad. Another guy who is not a GI but another doctor I saw said he has celiac and he can eat anything made of potato and rice and corn and says he gets bread from a normal store and doesn't have to go anywhere special and he also believed you have to have the classic symptoms such as diarrhea and weight loss to have celiac and I was like telling him about it and I was like o my goodness he knew nothing about celiac and if you know this area you would know there is no such thing of finding gluten free bread at the local grocery store. Anyhow, I have been feeling good since I got back on my anxiety meds. The regular doc. said that I could quit cold turkey since it was a low dose but I went through withdrawal and thats when my symptoms started this mess. But we are talking about starting to have kids so we were hoping to get off of it but I am going to be tapered off instead. I was a little upset with the doctor but I didnt ask the specialist who put me on it so it was myt fault. Anyway thats all for now
  6. Utz...

    I am sensitive to gluten and have honestly never had a problem with that brand
  7. Cheesecake gluten-free

    If you are looking for a gluten free crust then I would seriously try crushing Josefs vanilla graham crackers and putting butter in with it to have it stick together. I tried this and everyone loved it.
  8. Don't even start me on this topic It's ridiculous! I mean overnight it can change like 15 cents. But seriously, people are going to lose jobs because they will have to pay the "more important" people at the business more so they can pay the gas prices.
  9. How Do I Attend A Wedding Dinner?

    My cousin just got married last weekend and we have my husbands best friends wedding this weekend. When we went I brought my own food but i did have some fruit that was not already cut. It worked out fine. I have learned that even if they are offended it is ok because they probably don't fully understand the extent of it...in the end it comes down to you looking out for yourself.
  10. Well if you keep them gluten free and then get bloodwork done then the it is likely that the bloodwork will show up negative. That is the way they keep track of how celiacs are doing with their diet. Like when I had blood tests done that showed positive they checked me after being gluten free for 6 months and it came back negative and thats the way they monitor compliance because not everyone can tell from symptoms.
  11. Celiac can be very tricky to detect in some cases because you here of alot of false negatives with some of the tests (depending which ones they run) Some are just better than others. Do you know which tests you had done? Either way if they came back inconclusive I would most definitely ditch that gluten. It really is not something to mess with. There is alot of risk involved long term if it is not dealt with.
  12. Coffee can react bad to the stomach especially in mornings on an empty stomach it can be bad. It could be something in it that is causing it. Is it just when you have coffee in the morning or anytime?
  13. Some celiacs can handle them and some can't. It really is a risk and toss up. Some celiacs react to the protein in Oats called Avenin and that is even with pure oats. The problem is what about those celiacs who don't get symptoms when eating gluten? If they are the ones reacting to the oats how would they know they are not doing damage? I personally avoid them and I know I would react and man do I feel it.
  14. I love Burt's Bees lipstick and it is gluten free. Another thing I really like is Bare Escentuals and alot of theirs is also gluten free
  15. A Wheat allergy is different from Celiac. You see an allergy is IgE mediated where Celiac is not. I was told I have both but I just had a recent blood test done and I showed not allergic to it but I still have celiac.