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  1. Can anyone tell me what stem cell treatment is like. Because I have RCD2 it looks like my next course of treatment could...
  2. Thanks for your reply. I feel for anyone who has rcd2 and I am always trying to read about celiac disease and rcd2. The...
  3. Hi there My name is John I have been suffering from undiagnosed celiac disease for the past 55 year's. And 6 year...
  4. I am from the UK and I have been suffering from Refactory type two celiac disease for the past 4years. I have been on...
  5. I think this page needs updating to the relevant 2018 and not looking back at issues going back to 2014. When it is...
  6. Jpate

    Refractory Sprue

    My name is John I have had celiac disease since I was born but only diagnosed with it 6 year's ago. I also have...