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  1. Yes, celiac3270 and I both live in Boston now, but he's finishing up his first semester of senior year at Harvard, so he's been working a lot so we haven't had time to hang out, but still keep in touch and will see each other soon! Yes I graduated, degree in chemistry (I don't really know how I did...
  2. I'm stopping by to say HI for the first time in forever, so hi to everyone I miss talking to :-)
  3. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  4. hey you're like me! i'm just a year behind you lol. i was diagnosed at 20 months so about 1 1/2 as well
  5. 15 years and 3 monts and 20 days (approximately )
  6. for ferritin normal ranges are from are from 45-150 not 7-150 cause mine is 7 and that is NOT normal at all. it could indicate celiac, has he been tested before?
  7. You probably do have an allergy to chocolate cause that is really the only way that you could explain that or it could be lactose and just chocolate has the right amont of lactose in it to bother you. That really really really sucks to be allergic to chocolate I think i would die, I hope...
  8. look at the topic entitled tye-dye, everyone is asking about it... in the gab room
  9. they all say that, never had that specific bowl though.
  10. it won't come off for a long long time though............................................................................ Also cause the SAT practice tests i al got 800 on so...
  11. It was tye dye in chem class me and my friends had a major tye dye war squirting each other with the dye and running around campus during chem. It was a realx day before the SAT 2 today.
  12. Lowrys season salt is NOT gluten-free when I was little it made me sooo sick, we use mayacamas seasoning salt
  13. I am p***ed that my GI 14 years ago thought I had a muscle problem, did an unnecessssary muscle biopsy, and that will probably keep me from playing soccer ever again.