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  1. I know that this is a hard time at this point however just remember that it will get better. I hated going gluten free in the beginning and now (even after eliminating other items such as olives, cheese, milk, meat etc.) I feel that I'd rather not eat those foods than suffer through the pain that comes after eating them. I agree with the entry that said food in its natural state is the best. Whole Foods Market and Trader Joes (If you live in the US) both carry gluten free pastas. As mentioned earlier stir them as they cook. Corn pasta I haven't tried, but quinoa pasta is one that I have that I've found amazing. It won't stick together as much, again, as long as you're stirring. If you want noodles try rice noodles. They only need to boil about 5 minutes until they are done and then all you have to do is put them in soup or buy cheap cans of already made gluten free pasta sauce. Good Luck!
  2. I get really bad stomach aches after the majority of things that I eat and have cut out dairy as of a few days ago. It's really starting to interfere with school, when I get a reaction it feels as though somebody has punched me in the stomach and my thinking gets somewhat distorted. I had surgery on my stomach a month ago and it took suppositories, miralax, and a fleet enima to finally clear out my system (which plugged up again in about 2 days.) I've had a few boughts of laxitives since then and each time my distended stomach and constipation goes away it comes back in a few days. My doctor is starting to suspect that this is something more than just effects of the surgery, it seems ive been what she refers to as "functionably constipated". Do any dairy intolerants remember having this issue? I had blood work done a while ago testing me for all allergies and my doctor told me the only results were celiac's disease. Any thoughts?
  3. 1) By all means if you don't want to smoke it try it! Just keep in mind that the effects are going to last longer 2) As long as you don't indulge it in the few hours before you go to work you should be fine. I have school everyday in the morning until noon and as long as I make it through the work I need to do (maybe take a small dose of advil or ibuprophen if you're in pain at all, however doing so everyday or more than once a day can cause harm to your body) after I'm done and home it's nice to find some relief. 3)Here are some tidbits of information and their sources: "Studies indicate that cannabinoids in marijuana bind with cannabinoid receptors in the digestive tract, especially the small and large intestine, causing muscle relaxation, reduction of inflammation, analgesia, increased nerve-muscle coordination, anti-emesis, and relief of spasms such as those that cause nausea."http://www.kindgreenbuds.com/medical-marijuana/marijuana_digestive_disorders.html http://www.safeaccessnow.org/article.php?id=4561#overview I didn't really find anything on negative effects. As for migraines, the links say that it helps with any type of pain. Start with a small dose Hope this helps!
  4. It's a great way to get your appetite back in times of loss. For me it's a never ending cycle, if I get nauseous and can't eat, and because I can't eat hypoglycemia kicks in making the nausea worse etc. etc. Using medical cannibis wisely helps to end the cycle everytime. Even for things like minor headaches, fibromayalgia, and the other many symptoms of celiacs disease relief can be brought by a mild dose every once in a while or even up to a couple times a day. Medical clinics sometimes sell butter that you can buy and then cook with so that anything you make you can substitute it in for regular butter. May I add to clear up some confusion that nobody has ever died from a THC overdose where up to millions have from asprin; a commonly used pain reducer. I prefer the natural, safe way; even if it isn't as accepted in society it's safer. Also if you're concerned about effects of smoking cannibus and would like a faster way to medicate than eating it, try a vaporizer. I've know cross countriers and other avid atheletes that condone this as the best way because smoke is purified in to just the good stuff that makes you feel better and eliminates any possible bad things in it.
  5. Who said that the people posting that they have smoked haven't already recieved the proper licensing?
  6. I didn't see a location, but if you live in the los angelas are I would recommend speaking to my pediatric GI doctor, Dr. See in West Hills. She works with a lot of different people and has referred me to other doctors including my surgeon that did a laparoscopic nissen fundoplication on Sep. 11 of this year. If not, I'd suggest having your regular doctor refer you to a GI doctor. They have a lot more insight into the digestive track and can easily diagnose things that your regular doctor may not. (My regular doctor didn't diagnose me with celiacs or acid reflux, even though I exhibited all of the symptoms of both. It was Dr. See whom she referred me to who could tell, off the bat may I add, both of my complications when I told her my symptoms.) I haven't been to an ENT except for when I've had infections in that area so I can't really compare however I would definitely suggest that you go to your GI just because they will be more familiar with your stomach and the origins of acid reflux. I hope this helps!!
  7. Trust me i know what you mean. Sometimes theres just those times when you know that something upsets you a lot, but you have no idea why. It's the worst when I get into fights with my boyfriend because there are those times where he doesn't realize I'm not trying to be emotional and sometimes there's no reason behind it. There are times when I'll fight with him and 5 minutes afterwards its hard for me to even remember what started the fight or even what I said. It's extremely difficult but the fact that he's still stood by me through diagnosis, treatment, surgery, and all of my everyday needs really shows character. I'm surprised because there are times when I don't even want to deal with myself. I've found that somedays you need a day to yourself to work it out and calm down, and somedays you just need to keep going with your regular activities. Gluten contact makes me go CRAZY for two days straight. I've been diagnosed with both anxiety and depression and it's lessened serverly since I've been on this diet. However my tolerance has gone way down since then and now when I come in contact with gluten its stress overload city and I snap at anyone who falls in my path. Anyways enough ranting.. haha My email is elenahuerta10@yahoo.com if you or anyone else wants to chat The only support group in my area meets on saturdays and I always work from 9-5. I'd be happy to chat with anyone who wants to
  8. WAIT!!! not all are safe! flavored vodkas need some checking up on. I know that all flavored smirnoff vodkas are NOT gluten free.
  9. Here's a link to a wonderful Gluten-free grocery store in Thousand Oaks: http://www.simplyglutenfree.org/ordereze/default.aspx Not many cities have the benifit of having a specialty store like this and trust me, it's worth checking out. (Whole foods on Moorpark Rd. is good too) If you want somewhere closer, all trader joes carry lists of all gluten free products in their store. The lists can be printed on the Trader Joes website or recieved from an information booth from ANY trader joes. (I've forgotten mine a few times and often borrow one from them while I shop and give it back afterwards to reuse and save paper) Also here's the link to the ventura coundy celiac support group: http://www.venturaceliac.org/ I'm looking for another one that meets days other than satudays (i always have work ) if I find another I'll post again. Hope this helps!!
  10. Just a little note*** PF Changs is now gluten friendly :] http://www.pfchangs.com/pdfs/PFC-GlutenFreeMenu_Jan09.pdf That's their gluten free menu. Some other restaurants I've found helpful are Chili's, Pizzasalad (if you're in the area), Wendy's (if you want fast food), Chipotle, BJs (last I checked they were reformulating their allergy menu) Honestly if you just alert the manager or take your server aside or even call before you come in to eat, many restaurants will be very cooperative especially small, personal restaurants. These people want you to give them business and will most likely do anything to make you comfortable. If I don't have the option of picking the eating place I either eat a garden salad and eat something else after or if I have time I'll research beforehand and see which gluten free options are offered and how well the restaurant controls contamination. I've found that most people who I tell about my disease to, are naturally curious and in satisfying thier curiosity i'm also heightening the chance that anyone in their family with undiagnosed gluten sensitivity or celiac's will be given the opportunity for proper diagnosis. Most family members and friends who recognize and symptoms or complications that I discuss will talk about the possibilities with their suffering family members. You don't need to preach your disease, but you also don't necessarily need to hide it. It wouldn't be the first thing I tell someone that I meet but if the need comes up I wouldn't hesitate to say anything. Consuming gluten to satisfy those around you is a horrible idea; you need to be doing everything to keep yourself healthy. If it helps here's a link to a website with gluten-friendly restaurants. Also checking with support groups in areas your traveling to will provide you with information on grocery stores and other restaurants in the are that would be good to eat at. http://www.glutenfreerestaurants.org/find.php http://www.glutenfreeregistry.com/ Good luck and stay healthy!!
  11. Gluten free food is higher in calories though because it has a higher carb concentration. It doesn't seem logical to switch to a gluten-free diet unless you have proven or suspected insensitivity. His article is very misleading. Look at the debate: http://www.celiac.com/articles/21874/1/Ron...late/Page1.html
  12. Trust me you're not alone on this one. When I come in contact with gluten I get all of these symptoms over the next two day period, and sometimes it's quite unbearable. You just have to remember that it's the gluten that's making you feel so bad and it has nothing to do with outside factors. I've found that taking a vitamin B complex combating stress and fatigue helps a lot, not only when you have epidsodes but for everyday. Especially when you're still healing its nice to be putting those extra B's in your body since you may not be absorbing it from your food. Primal defense by Gardens of Life helps too because it helps your body absorb more of the nutrients from your food and vitamins. I hope this helps!
  13. I was wondering if anyone else has experience chronic acid reflux along with celiac's? For me, the problems started 2 years ago when I missed an entire month of school because i was in so much pain. The doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with me until my regular doctor referred me to a gaestroenterologist who scoped and diagnosed me with GERD. I stayed on medication for 2 1/2 years and things were going well until suddenly things took a turn for the worse. At the time I needed to medicate every time before I ate in order to bring down the nausea so that I could eat more comfortably. I had stomach aches all the time and had such bad anxiety, mood swings, depression etc. the I was prescribed Klonopin. After a visiting both my therapist and my doctor I decided it was time to go back to my gaestroenerologist. My doctor scoped me again to tell me that not only was the GERD acting up again, I had a linear ulcer and signs of celiacs. Ive been on the diet for about a month and since then I barely need to medicate. My neurological symptoms have calmed down considerably but have yet to disappear. I'm having surgery next month to relieve my body of the acid reflux. Has anyone else experience similar problems?
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