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  1. Hey, this information is exactly what I was searching for! I'm heading off to college in the fall, and am probably going to live in a dorm that comes equipped with a kitchenette, but no stove. So I just wanted to thank you, this is extremely helpful in finding out what I can use in college to make food. I'm definitely going to have to experiment with cooking foods in the microwave!
  2. I get the same ones, and they are delicious!! Love them, just like regular glazed donuts!
  3. Hey I'm sorry you haven't been able to find a penpal yet. I know there are some kids younger than me (I'm 16) on but it may take them a while to see this post. I think your best bet is to try to get in contact with some of the moms around here. I hope this somewhat helps! Just keep on looking! I'll try to look around and help find a penpal for your daughter.
  4. I was diagnosed at age 12 and I've grown a lot taller since changing to the gluten free diet. I'm now officially 5'5'' which I am sooo proud of (hey, everybody in my family is pretty short) I'm now sixteen and I still feel like I'm growing because I have a lot of catching up to do!
  5. Could you please send me the list too??? horsegal1139@bellsouth.net ~Thank you sooo much!! ~
  6. Hey I live in Florida too! South florida though. I might be interested. I've never been to Europe. I'm in Spanish 3 and 4 this year and hopefully I will continue on in AP spanish next year and I think a trip to Europe would really expand my vocabulary. I'm not sure whether I can go, but my email is horsegal1139@bellsouth.net if you want to talk. (My name's Julie by the way)
  7. Notta Pasta is ggod. really quick to make although it does stick together. I love pasta and although i suppose i agree it doens't have much of a taste, I like the pasta with some spray butter if i don't want my pasta to have to cook a looooong time
  8. I eat cheetos a lot now. I have started eating the cheeto puff balls that come in the 100-Calorie bags. Love them and good portion sized for a kid
  9. Florida is much to big of a state. everybody lives everywhere!! I just went on vacation and we drove from Ma to Connecticut and I was like, such a short ride to a completely different state!! We also had to drive through Rhode Island. You could drive for hours and never get out of Florida at the end of the day, depending on where you start from. boring, flat, swampland. That's where we live. Go FLORI-DUH. (I discovered from my cousins thats how they pronounce Florida in California.) Nice, huh?
  10. I live in south florida. martin county. maybe in a couple of years I might be a gator though.
  11. I've been very delayed in growth, and have finally been starting to grow this past year. I'm just up to 5'4'' but I am really hoping I grow taller than that!! I seem to be growing a quarter inch every couple months, so hopefully I'll continue in my growth spurts. Though I'm not sure about how tall I might get, because all my female relatives are pretty short, and I'm taller than everybody except for my sis, who's 5'6''. My goal is to at least reach 5'6'' so i can beat my sis. lol.
  12. yes, it is. I love movie theater popcorn too, but light butter is better for you. lol. I like to get movie theater when I rent movies.
  13. Most people will say Tinkyada, but I have to say I disagree. My personal favorite is BiAglut, a pasta that is made in Italy. Most people have not heard of this brand because you can't find it in a lot of stores but you can order it from almost any online gluten-free store and it is by far the best. It heats up fairly well and cooks for about 8 minutes for every shape. Tinkyada is ok but mushy and I think slimy. It has a weird slimy coating on it, especially the spaghetti. My second fav is Dr. Schar which is also a pasta that is made in Italy.
  14. Any kind that I know of is gluten free. I like Orville Redenbacher the best, I almost eat it every day. My favorite kind is light butter, though sometimes I buy Smartpop butter but I like it far less. Mostly I eat light butter and I sometimes put spray butter on it. yum!!
  15. I'm 15 also. I also feel embarrassed when I go out with my friends and I have to eat different food and if I get a hamburger, can't have a bun, etc. Tell you daughter to feel free to contact me. I can hopefully relate.
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