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  1. I get the same thing in the exact spot and I have no idea what's causing it. It doesn't hurt and the only way I can desribe it is as a pressure feeling. I don't have it all the time but enough that it can be annoying. I'm with you, I'm wondering why this is happening and if there's a way to stop it from happening.
  2. I'm seeing a GP, my family doctor. He referred me to a GI specialist but I don't know when that appointment will be yet, it's a long wait. So in the mean time I want to ask him about testing for celiac as he mentioned it to me a few months back. My appointment with my doctor isn't until March 2 so it will be longer then 3 days that I'll be on a gluten free diet when/if the test is done. So will a week of being gluten free make a difference?
  3. I have an appointment with my doctor on March 2 and I'm going to ask to be tested for Celiac, as he suggested this a few months ago. I know you have to be eating gluten to get proper results but I've been on a gluten free diet for the last 3 days. I'm wondering if I can continue to be gluten free until March 2? Will a week and a few days really make a difference when getting tested? Will the results still show up as positive?
  4. Thanks for the help, I'm definitely going to ask to be tested. So is hair loss, ribbon stools, occasional abdominal twitching and left sided abdominal pain associated with celiac? I was reading a few sites and didn't see those symptoms listed. The main symptoms listed weren't very helpful, they really only listed gas, bloating and diarrhea as common GI symptoms.
  5. I'm new here and looking for advice on whether or not my symptoms sound like Celiac or a gluten intolerance. To start with I've had stomach issues my entire life. I've always had cramps, bloating, gas and gas cramps that were intermittent. I never went to the doctors to find the cause of it so I just lived with it. I've always had anxiety and would get terrible stomach aches when ever I was nervous. I've always been skinny and no matter how much I eat I've never been able to gain weight. Starting in June things seemed to get worse. Five times since June I'll be eating and I'll have to run to the bathroom because I'll get cramps and diarrhea. The last time it happened I was eating Spaghetti. Since June I've had these symptoms which haven't gone away; - Gas (almost every night, which doesn't always get released) - Bloating (don't know if it's really considered bloating but gas just seems to move around in my stomach/intestines and doesn't get released) - Gurgling Stomach/Intestines - Pain on left side - Ribbon stools (intermittent) - Twitching on left side (ribbon stools follow when this happens) - Diarrhea (intermittent) - Hair Loss - Weight Loss (I'm down from 135 lbs to about 118 lbs since June for no reason) My doctor wanted to test me for Celiac but I told him I had done a gluten free diet for 2 months and it didn't help. At the time I was still eating gluten but wasn't aware of it (theres gluten in more things then I realized). I stopped eating gluten 2 days ago the gas hasn't been as bad. I have a doctors appointment on March 2 so I was wondering if I should ask to be tested? and if I do, will I still have to eat gluten until I'm tested? One last question, if I get tested and my tests come back positive and I go on a gluten free diet, how long until the gas, gurgling, diarrhea and ribbon stools go away?
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