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  1. I'm in the same boat as you. I often don't feel sick when I get glutened, but if I gluten myself several days in a row I start to get sick. Maybe you should eat twizzlers once a day for the next week and see what happens I'm thinking I either have a much higher gluten tolerance level than others...
  2. I struggle with similar issues. My primary celiac symptoms are joint/muscle pain and fatigue, and even when I'm not glutened, my body doesn't seem to react the same way it did before I had celiac. Some days I just hurt. Some days I have zero energy. I took up biking more seriously this summer...
  3. So is your doctor saying that gluten is basic and thus increases the Ph of the stomach? I don't really understand this. And why would other grains not have the same effect? This reminds me of my months 9-15 of being gluten-free. I started feeling sick again and occasionally throwing up. ...
  4. Also, how was she diagnosed? If it's a self-diagnosis, it could be that she's got some other issue causing gluten intolerance like Lyme disease. Is she around chemicals or people wearing perfume or places with new carpeting? Chemicals used to make me throw up all the time. They don't have...
  5. Oh, woah, I totally missed the part about her being gluten-free for 1-1/2 years already! Those are not normal symptoms for people on a gluten-free diet! I'd say she's either not completely gluten-free (have you checked pet food, personal care products, CC at home, "risky" foods like Cheetos/Doritos...
  6. I used to throw up. I haven't recently, though. Everyone's symptoms are so different that I'm not surprised that the small group of celiacs you talked to didn't have the same symptoms as your daughter.
  7. Eventually you can start cooking more naturally gluten-free meals for the while family so you don't have to worry about contamination.
  8. If your mother-in-law insists on putting stuffing in the turkey, you could make a small cornish game hen for yourself. It's like having your own mini-turkey! Or cook some turkey at home and bring it to heat up on the day. I agree with everyone else - I would absolutely not under any circumstances...
  9. Oh, cars is another tricky thing for me! I can never find my car. I moved to Minnesota from Wisconsin last year and the only way I could find my car was by WI plates. I've had MN plates for a week now, and I've had trouble several times finding it.
  10. Has anyone heard of prosopagnosia? It's the inability to recognize faces. Here's some info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prosopagnosia I'm starting to wonder if I have a mild case of it. Last night I watched The Departed with some friends. Normally I don't watch drama-type movies and now I...
  11. This may be asking the obvious, but have you checked that they are gluten-free? I take acidopholis, and when I moved to a different state I bought a different brand and completely forgot to check their gluten-free status. And then I got sick... I'm currently auctioning off an almost-new bottle...
  12. I used to smell no matter how much deodorant I put on. One day a few months after going gluten-free I noticed that I didn't smell anymore. Body odor is often related to things you eat.