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  1. I also have microscopic coliis and celiac. I am 13 weeks pregnant and did experience D early in my pregnancy. My midwife said that immodium a.d. is fine to take while you are pregnant!!!
  2. Nausea Question

    I know how you feel. I am 13 weeks pregnant and have been miserable since the beginning. I went off my gluten free diet because I was so nausous and did not want to take the time to make my own bread, or I would be out and just need something to stop the nausea. I realize now that I am feeling this bad because I HAVE been eating all this gluten. It is really messing me up. This is a very hard time to get through, but we can do it, and know that staying away from the wheat and gluten will accually make us feel better.
  3. I was soooooo hoping that I had just gotten better. I just hate the unknown of that negative biopsy. It's like I feel like I will never know for sure!!!!!! Thank you for your email.
  4. I had a positive blood test for Celiac, negative biopsy(after being gluten-free for two weeks), back in January 06'. I went off gluten and really never noticed any changes. I had diahreah for months. Once I started taking the immodium A.D. things finally started firming up. I am recently pregnant(3 months), and with the terrible nausea have found myself grabbing anything(usually with gluten, i.e. pretzel, bagel, etc.) when I am out. I have not gotten diahreah so far. My question is this: Is my body just protecting itself because I am pregnant or could I just really not be allergic to gluten? Has anyone had a similar experience while being pregnant? Any advice or thoughts would really be welcome. I don't want to do damage to my body or my baby.
  5. I don't understand. So you believe that you do not have celiac? does the doc think that also? What long term effects are you afraid of if you do not have celiac disease. Does anything happen when you eat gluten? Thanks for your input. Jennifer
  6. those are definately gluten symtoms. I get the same symptoms, but usually 24 hours after I eat gluten. I am glad to know I am not the only one who cheats. it's hard. : (
  7. Hi everyone, I was recently told that I had celiac and to start a gluten free diet. I was gluten free for two weeks, and then had a biopsy which was negative for Celiac Sprue. Could the two weeks of gluten free food make my biopsy negative? The doc said he thinks I don't have celiac but to stay gluten free for 6 months and then add wheat. Does anyone have a take on this? Thanks.
  8. Does anyone chew gum? Is is gluten free? Any advice? I am traveling on a plane in two days and need to chew gum to pop my ears. Thanks.
  9. Hi everyone, I need some opinions. I was recently diagnosed with celiac sprue. I have been taking these Digestive Enzymes for about two months now with no problems. I have been gluten-free for three weeks. In the last week and a half, after taking them, I get terrible tummy ache and nausea. I even threw up two days ago. It says Gluten Free on the bottle. Do you think that my body is absorbing them differently after going gluten free? Does anyone else take them or get sick from taking them? Are they crucial to recovery? Thanks for comments!!
  10. I am VERY New to this myself and am on a strict diet. I would suggest eating brown rice with garlic everyday. Also start taking(if youare not already) a probiotic, this will help settled down an inflamed stomach mucosa. I also have "d" as a symptom of intolerance. My nutritionist has suggested drinking carrot juice as it helps to soak up the extra water in the gut. I am starting to feel better. I have had a few days of solid stool and I have been doing this for about a month. I also eat chicken, fish, sweet potatos and eat yogurt (plain)!!!! Hope this helps, and hope you get feeling better soon!!
  11. thanks for the info, i will check it out. Immodium does not help me, but maybe I need to take more than the normal dose.?
  12. Wow!! Thank you so much! That was very helpful. I would love your recipe for quinoa salad. I am still staying away from raw veggies though. Depression is huge!!!!!! I think I was a little post pardum already after my baby was born last September. this really put me over the edge. Everyone is so great here!! Hopefully it becomes less overwhelming over time.
  13. Just read your post. I was recently diagnosed, and have been soooo hungry. Right now I am starving but do not know what to eat because everytime I eat I feel nauscious and sick, I think it is worse than the hunger. this is really hard!!!
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