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    Shopping, clothes, high end fashion, laughing really hard, being a couch potato, partying with my friends, sewing, cooking, art, playing with my kitties, Daniel Craig (yum), travel, writing, pretending to be married to aforementioned James Bond star, hanging out with the actual boyfriend, kicking butt and taking name, my job, other stuff.
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I'm trying to get better so that I can enjoy life a bit more :)

  1. I always walked on my toes. My dad says it began when I was learning how to walk and he was so tall that I had to tip toe in order to hold hands with him when I was learning how to walk, haha. I had to consciously break the habit, but I think I still do it sometimes.
  2. I've learned the hard way about the chips in Mexican restaurants... more than once. I admit. Now if there's ONE thing I'm particular about in Mexican restaurants, I ask about the chips, haha. I've considered brining my own and asking for a separate dish of salsa, but frankly, most places I can't...
  3. I tend to be the same way. Last year I'd cave once and a while and eat "real" pizza with my friends with no issue. But if I ate gluten every day for several days (like I did whenever I left the country or because of CC issues in the sorority house) I was always sick, had D, throwing up, super fatigued...
  4. This doesn't help on the day-to-day living, but on special occasions PFChangs has a wonderful gluten-free menu (Ask for it). The Shanghai Street noodles and the Chang's Spicy Chicken .. are my favorites!