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  1. I Did A 100% Gluten Free Baby Shower!

    Please come cater my baby shower?? hahah That is just great! I would love to be able to feel 100% safe and trust no one else but another person who must be gluten-free, to do it.
  2. I am now taking protein powder but I am pregnant. My nails started to peel and break like crazy and the only thing I can think of is that I am not properly absorbing enough protein. I am using Syntrax. I have the Vanilla Torte and the Strawberry Mousse. THEY ARE FANTASTIC! Very very un protein powder tasting. Great price ($30 for a big tub) online too. They have my business hands down.
  3. A Celiacs Prego Cravings!

    YAY! I have some energy this evening. Well.. that is something. Been coming home..removing shoes.. eating food and going to bed. SO is complaining a little because I am out cold in about 90 seconds LOL I am glad I am not having cravings for things that are not exactly healthy. I WILL SHARE THAT GARLIC OH YEAH!!! Mouhahahhaha Prego spaghetto sauce.. VERY FUNNY LADIES! I instructed the SO that if he and my daughter NEED TO EAT and I have not made anything..emergency method of tinlkyada pasta and jarred Classico sauce are safe! I have no idea about Prego though! That would be ...ironic! I played classical music for my daughter oh so long ago, whilst pregnant and when I brought her home from the hospital and played it...she had the same look on her face as when she heard my voice for the first time. She got all quiet and wide eyed and focused. She turned out quite the intelligent young lady, too. This time I will do the same and the SO wants to play acoustic guitar for it while it is baking in me too. has a small freak out today and called the Doc. I do not think I trust the info though and I cannot really find the answer online. I do not eat grains. except small amounts of rice.... so I am REALLY missing the whole folic acid thing. I have been supplementing of course but .. maybe it is just not enough because I know I have absorption issues. I have been doing heavy doses of the Vit D and a huge Bcomplex deal..and also the folic acid... but just in REGULAR person prenatal amounts (except the excessive Vit D Rx I have)... and so I called.. and the front desk lady said oh... 800 of folic acid. THAT IS THE REGULAR AMOUNT in most prenatal vitamins. So.. I think I should take more.. but she never even asked the doctor... I have not SEEN the doctor yet (may 19) to ask either and that is almost 12 weeks in. It seems like that is a bigger chunk of time not getting enough that it should be. I do not know what to DO! THEN I sent the SO to Walgreens to pick up GUMMI prenatals..as I thought well. I will just add THOSE to what I already take. I was on the phone with him.. he said he found them and he checked them for wheat.. and no wheat. *SIGHS* HE DID NOT READ THE PART WHERE IT SAID PROCESSED on the SAME EQUIPMENT SHELLFISH!!! Also.. they were not gummis... they are some kind of chewable tablet. Cant take them back because he thought he was being sweet and opened them all up for me. They have a gummi bear on the front but they clearly say tablets... and We had a whole convo about how the smell makes me vomit so i NEED THE GUMMIS!!! I do not want to tell him the screw up at this point. SO I will pass them on to my newly pregnant boss in the morning. and then go buy them MYSELF. the RIGHT KIND. END RANT. I will know the sex in the next month or so. I am 39 so all that genetic testing is about to happen and as a byline they tell you the gender. I DID start my job.. I qualify for the disability abaout 2 weeks before I am due so THAT is good. and I will get christmas and news years with my maternity leave mouahhahahah I am thinking I will do a Who from Whoville as the baby announcement after the birth. Have to find a fun and creative photographer with this quote on it!
  4. You may not know it... But I come here every single day and read posts. Its like you are all my secret rock. Even in the midst of pregnancy, it is better for me here because you all understand. Youre so giving and helpful with your advice and opinions. I could probably do all of this on my own but being here has reduced my stress, worry and anxiety SO MUCH. I realize I am now an over emotional ball of hormones right now but I would love to huggy squeeze each and every one of you. You are my internet ROCK! Gah... I would love to gush and gush and gush about how much you mean to me. Strangers I do not even ACTUALLY know.. and so what? *HUGSLIKECRAZY* XOXOXOXOOXOX
  5. I have been browsing the baby forum boards and reading the posts they have about their cravings. I do not even belong to my species! hahah I see all of this fast food, and junk food, and processed food they are dying to eat and salivating over. Its just not polite to mention it there so I won't. Me though? I am craving crunchy Kale salads, and blueberries, and hot butternut squash soups, oh and APPLESAUCE.. the home made crock pot kind. While it is true and am pretty much too tired to cook, these are the things I drool/think about. It is all so ridiculously healthy! Ive won the prego lottery in that dept., no? LOL OH OH OH AND also... Oven roasted garlic. I want to eat that stuff in the night... oh yeah... bananas... cantaloupe.... about the only thing I can think of that is bad for me but I want anyway is gatorade. I figure that is not too bad? I know I should skip it because of the sugar content though. I end up semi dehydrated at the end of a long work day and I can just guzzle that stuff. It does not even taste good, but I want it anyway. Bizarre how it feels like I have no food self control lately.
  6. Gluten Free Teriyaki Sauce

    Oh yes.. I was buying it in Hawaii!  I cannot seem to find it around here despite being able to find so MANY other gluten free things.
  7. Tonight (or tomorrow really but I have to prep tonight so I can manage) I am making Gyro salad. Heavy on the meat AND veggies... and a side of Tzatziki dressing.
  8. Pregnant Celiac

    YAY!!! I am trying to be positive too. Hmm.. I wonder if you would be able to order those vitamins online (Yes I am in the USA...and I ordered them online too). The part I wonder is if they would SHIP to SA. I know they have an online live chat help thing you can ask them on it? I was just looking at December birth announcement ideas. TOO CUTE! I do not have any thyroid problems going on, but I am quite qorried I will somehow get gestational diabetes. Even though I really do not eat in such a way that it would be a problem... yep. ok.. too much worry! Saudi Arabia has maternity AND paternity leave from work. The USA has none... at all.... Lucky you!
  9. Pregnant Celiac

    I am about 6 weeks right now too. I am still having problems with my vitamin levels too! I am SO WORRIED I will miscarry. Ive been gluten-free and Grain free for almost 2 years now. I am going to talk to my doctor at my first visit in a couple of weeks about taking some vitamins from a company called Bariatric Avantage. They have a whole prenatal vitamin package as well as one called ADEK which are the ones that I have problems with but the way the make them ..it apparently makes said vitamins EXTREMELY easy to absorb. I have seen (even just tonight for dinner) That I am crazy craving things with high Vitamin A.. it's really weird! I am due 12/12, you?
  10. Well it may be that the only way you know cross contamination in your own kitchen has happened is a blood test. It has made my life a bajillion % more wonderful that my whole family went gluten free (inside our home) and the worry of CC is now gone. Its such a safety relief. They still eat gluten, just when the are out and about, now. The recovery... feeling 100% better? It took me about 6 months to stop feeling tired and achy..and I slowly started waking up and every morning I would realize HEY I FEEL FANTASTIC... but that took months to get there. Everyone is a bit different and will take a varying amount of time to feel better BUT BUT BUT... if you do not feel good, you SHOULD bug your doctor. That is why you give him/her your MONEY! It could be that any number of your vitamins are low.. or even that there is some other thing going on. There are some things that are often co diagnosed with Celiac. Its better to say something. I think so anyway.
  11. YAY!!! That is pretty great news! Its really quite a task to get all the various blood levels to a proper type of place. YOU DID IT! :D It is spring..if you want to lose a few, just promise yourself a nice after dinner walk with the SO ??? Nothing strenuous... but it will do wonders!
  12. Haha...its Just ..sinking In! :d

    Yeah, I think I need to give the recipe directions for the crock pot.... yeah... There is no morning energy hahah nor any at night. geezz I hope this passes soon. The SO works and goes to school, and so does the teen.... but.. I need their help right now! DEsperation is the key *nods* yep yep
  13. Haha...its Just ..sinking In! :d

    Thank you! Yeah, there is no "permit" going on. There is only.. OMG! I CANNOT LIFT MY FEET UP TO WALK! I wake up, go to work... somehow survive the day and then I walk in the door and it is all over. Thankfully, my teenager cleaned the house while I was gone yesterday. I hugged her so much and I even cried a little. I was dreading coming home to the mess and there was nothing I could do about it! LOL I was never this tired when I was pregnant in my 20's with her. This is something new for me!
  14. Yep, it is a symptom. I thought for the longest time it was not but... if it goes IN me...and comes right back OUT of me. Within 30 minutes to an hour at most. I will never actually KNOW if I have Celiacs or not because of this. There is no possible way to have my blood tested because it does not even stay down. It COULD be a very very rare wheat allergy. Either way... its permanently gluten free for me whether I like it or not.
  15. Haha...its Just ..sinking In! :d

    The crock pot requires morning energy. I have zero. I am talking walking zombie haha ..its almost comical. They are "grown adults" for all intents and purposes and I trust they will not let themselves starve. They know all the kitchen rules about gluten and grains so I am not worried if they cook for me. I will have to let them get desperate first though bahahahhaha As long as I take my vitamins, I am pretty sure I have enough weight on me to handle not eating enough calories here and there. That is probably faulty thinking but it is late and Morpheus is now in charge!