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  1. Oh yes.. I was buying it in Hawaii!  I cannot seem to find it around here despite being able to find so MANY other gluten free things.
  2. Tonight (or tomorrow really but I have to prep tonight so I can manage) I am making Gyro salad. Heavy on the meat AND veggies... and a side of Tzatziki dressing.
  3. Yeah... We have no such thing around here.  I cannot even find GF soy sauce at whole foods, never mind GF teriyaki sauce.  I have, surprisingly found GF ABC french fries haha!!! I have Beaver brand gourmet ketchup (corn free!) to dip it all in  OH Yeahhhhh
  4. Just made this last week and cooked our teriyaki chicken in it (and marinated in it too) Makes roughly 2 Classico Jars ( I save glass jars and reuse them) full of yummy yummy time sauce! 1 cup coconut aminos (or gluten-free soy sauce if you can find it, but I cannot!) 1 cup honey...
  5. Well.. My little schedule went by the wayside last week with the new job training and 2 hour commute each way... plus the SURPRISE "i'm Prego!~" news... and so it begins! TONIGHT we will have The Teriyaki Chicken and Warm Ginger Carrot Slaw I, thankfully, made the teriyaki sauce from coconut...
  6. WOOOO My two favs (marzipan and prailene) are GF! ... standard disclaimer but.. straight from Rittersport:  
  7. OH NOES!  I do not know!... I havent eaten any yet. But I cannot read the German on the back. May depend on the kind?  The cookies and cream will probably be out... but hopefully the dark chocolate/marzipan one is alright!  TY for the heads up!
  8. haha I got them both a 1 lb bag of buttered popcorn flavoured jelly bellies and I had no ROOM left for dessert.  The SO got home yesterday and brought me back some Rittersport from his visit to his mothers in Waldenbuch (Germany) YAY!!! I can take to with me on the bus to WORK! WOOT! (ok, I...
  9. OK I think Ive got it all worked out and SAFE! I have been a label reading whirlwind! Finger foods to nosh whilst dinner cooks: A plate of Greek Olives, Summer Sausage (which is very hard to find w/o corn syrup!), A dip of stone ground mustard/honey/sriracha, Cabot extra sharp cheddar...
  10. Oh This is not so pretty. haha But thanks! I just move the dinner leftovers into the lunch category for the next day and do the same as you Laura. If there is extra I save it in the freezer. Either I am going to need to take it to a long day of work for a meal OR they will collect and eventually...
  11. Oh noes! I hope youre feeling much better by now! Crepes? mmm filled with strawberries and cream cheese! oh yeah.... *smacks hands together in glee* Tonight I had a friend over who wanted to see how I planned everything out. She has all the symptoms of pre-diabetes and wants to change...
  12. Break out the spiralizer! I made a ton of carrot "noodles" and everything is currently in the crockpot for some hearty chicken "noodle" soup. I just change out the pasta (no tinkyada today!) with the spiralized carrot ribbons. Tastes good and LOOKS so lovely too!
  13. Thanks Mamaw.  I had my own private school for 8 years while I lived in Hawaii. So I know the ins and outs for the most part. The laws of Washington state are a bit different so it will take some time to get it sorted.  I find it is true that the people who are happiest and make the most...
  14. hahah thanks. It was fun to adapt an old classic. I really like the betty crocker gluten-free cake mix. Its very versatile. Can make carrot cake out of it.. and well..anything else cakey too! Tonight, I made Jalapeno Popper Soup with Bacon and Cheddar. It was way too rich so I had to cut it...