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  1. Hubby and the kids ordered pizza tonight, so I made my own quick pizzas with some organic pizza sauce, Udi's bread, black olives, and Daiya cheese. They were pretty good!
  2. Our first kitty that we got, we adopted as a stray last year. He just stopped by our house....and never left! We checked around and after being unable to locate his owner (placed ads, checked for microchip, etc.) decided to keep him. He is a fantastic cat, very loving and good with the kids...
  3. I try to hide my toothbrush so that my gluten eating children and husband won't accidentally use it.
  4. I use a brand that is labelled gluten free. It's Xyliwhite by NOW. http://www.nowfoods.com/Xyliwhite-Refreshmint-Toothpaste-Gel-6-4-oz.htm
  5. Oops, I quoted off the Australian website by accident. This is what I read from the U.S. website: Quorn Chik'n Tenders, Grounds, Turk'y Roast, and Naked Chik'n Cutlets are suitable for a gluten-free diet. All allergens are clearly marked on the back of each package within the ingredient declaration...
  6. Going vegetarian (or staying vegetarian) is perfectly safe for a celiac. The main thing to watch if you don't use many (or any) animal products is your B-12 levels. It doesn't hurt to take a B-12 supplement if you have any doubts that you are getting enough. Protein is not usually an issue, as...
  7. It looks like Quorn is working on becoming celiac safe in the future, though, based on this statement from their website: "Some of our products, including Quorn meat free, soy free Pieces and Quorn meat free, soy free Fillets do not include any gluten-containing ingredients in their recipes....
  8. Quorn does not make any products that are safe for celiacs at this time unfortunately. There are one or two of their products that contain no deliberately added gluten ingredients, but when the majority of their other products have gluten, cross contamination is a possibility. Quorn does not market...
  9. I find that I can turn out a loaf more quickly when I do it by hand. The bread maker's cycle takes a lot longer than me.
  10. I bought a bread machine and it really hardly ever gets used. So in my opinion, it's not very necessary.
  11. It is my understand that nothing packaged on site at Whole Foods is guaranteed to be free from gluten CC. Whole Foods has a sign on their salad bar stating that they are regrettably unable to offer any completely gluten free options.
  12. Bartfull, I order my kitty's grain free cat food through Amazon's subscribe and save program. Great price and it's very convenient to have a new bag delivered to my door every month. Plus, the kitty loves it!
  13. I have small children as well and find it very difficult to avoid glutening if gluten is consumed very freely in the house. Little kids typically take multiple reminders to wash their hands and face. They drop a lot of crumbs around, touch gluten free food with contaminated hands, give adults slobbery...
  14. Did you replace all the scratched up pans and wooden spoons? What about old cutting boards and colanders? Do your pets eat gluten free? Have you checked all personal care products that go in or around the mouth? (lip balm, toothpaste, etc.) Have you checked any medications or supplements? Do...
  15. Happily, Daiya pizzas are now available at my health food store. Most of the pizza places are pretty iffy. There is a place here in Michigan, though, Guido's that offers truly gluten free pizza. They have a gluten free bakery right next door to them and the pizza is baked in the bakery's oven...