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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. Personally, I'd rather have all gluten free products. Then I don't ever have to worry about how close the product is getting to my mouth. I haven't found it very difficult to do all gluten free products, there are lots of options nowadays.
  2. Yep, since you were diagnosed with DH, you have celiac. Once a celiac, always a celiac....
  3. LOL! Yeah, that's about what it boiled down to, for me.
  4. I have had severe neurological symptoms from gluten ingestion. After an ER visit during my gluten challenge, I decided to just forgo diagnosis and live as a celiac. It wasn't worth it to me. I would second ravenswoodglass that I wouldn't attempt a gluten challenge without careful consultation with your doctor.
  5. I'm sorry for the loss of your fur baby, bartfull.
  6. I adopted a constipated kitty. His previous owner feed him gluten containing dry cat food. I switched him to grain free wet cat food and added things to it like canned pumpkin, extra water, prune juice, etc. My kitty's constipation has improved a lot. Now that I've read of the health benefits of wet cat food, I'm working on switching my other kitty other to grain free wet food.
  7. Honesty Vs Glutening

    I will say something like, "Is that food/dish/etc. safe for celiacs?" or will state that I follow a celiac diet or a strict gluten free diet for serious medical reasons and must avoid all of it. I also say to the server, "I'm not on this diet by choice, it's actually necessary, so please tell the kitchen staff that and have them take the necessary precautions."
  8. Arsenic Testing?

    Okay, I see. That's right, BRM would have nut cross contact issues. The Golden Prairie one should probably be okay, since as far as I know, they just process grains. They offer gluten free oats, as well as the gluten free millet, and their gluten free oats are cheaper than BRM's gluten-free oats.
  9. Arsenic Testing?

    I purchase Bob's Red Mill sorghum flour in 25 lb bags. It's also available in smaller quantities. I purchase my millet in 25 lb bags as well. It is Golden Prairie brand. http://www.goldenprairieinc.com/millet-a-gluten-free-grain.html
  10. Hubby and the kids ordered pizza tonight, so I made my own quick pizzas with some organic pizza sauce, Udi's bread, black olives, and Daiya cheese. They were pretty good!
  11. Arsenic Testing?

    You can bake bread using sorghum flour as a substitute for rice flour.
  12. Arsenic Testing?

    Yes, white rice is better than brown. I do Indian white basmati usually. For brown rice, I get organic brown basmati grown in California. (Lundberg) Brown rice pasta is concerning. One serving of that stuff gives kids more arsenic than they should have in a whole week. It's best to rarely serve Tinkyada and types like that to children. Corn pasta and corn/quinoa blends can substitute for rice pasta. Other than lasagna noodles occasionally, I tend to avoid brown rice pasta.
  13. If anybody doesn't understand your dietary restrictions and respect them, then they're not a true friend. Make sure that those close to you know and understand about celiac and why you need to be careful. Then limit your associations with those who feel the need to say spiteful things. My mother-in-law got accused of faking her cancer once. (though she was biopsy diagnosed with it) She passed away of cancer last fall. Some people are hateful and angry and will take it out on whomever, whenever. Seriously, if people have no better things to do than to worry about what others eat or what people's medical conditions are, they need to get a life. I don't even have a diagnosis, but I carefully emphasize to people that gluten nearly brain damaged me (had a mini-stroke during a gluten challenge) and most people really don't question me much. They see me stick to my diet consistently and faithfully, so of course I'm not a fad dieter. I'm been gluten free for almost 5 1/2 years now and I really don't care much what people's opinions are of the gluten free diet. I don't need a doctor's note to do what's best for me and since other people don't have to suffer my symptoms or pay my medical bills, I don't really pay much attention to what they think. Luckily, the gluten free diet has done one thing for me, it's taught me to stand up for myself and be confident in my decisions. Remember if someone is mean and spiteful they will find something to pick on, regardless of if it's celiac or something else. Keep on keeping on and know that you're doing the absolute best thing for your health!
  14. One sure bet for safe corn tortillas is to make your own with Bob's Red Mill gluten free masa harina.
  15. Welcome to the board! I can't do 2-3 months of gluten, so I live 100% gluten free. It works for me and keeps me as a functioning, productive member of society.