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  1. Soy is rated as GRAS in the FDA. Only soy with protein needs to be listed in ingredients. Everything else made from soy can be hidden in ingredients or new names. Help me find the hidden soy.
  2. I’m currently 100% soy free. I have LBD. And when I’m completely soy free, all my symptoms are gone.
  3. Soy destroys my life entirely. I know what has soy and what does not, by touch taste or smell. I can tell if it contains soy in a few seconds. Being soy free is a acquired lifestyle. Everything I eat, I make from scratch, candy, chocolate,cookies, crackers,chips, flavored drinks. I do no t wear deodorant...
  4. Two Item now have issues with, one I assume its in the ham meat in the soup, Pacific Hearty split pea & uncured ham. Also getting a soy reaction to ( Natural Dentist) Peppermint twist. When I first started to weed out soy, at the end of it. I had no idea toothpaste I was using had soy, when I...
  5. Its ok, they all have soy, having my pills made at a compounding shop, all has been fine since
  6. Looking for a benadryl I can take thats soy and gluten free, about to take some antibiotics, like to have something to ease the side effects if I have any allergic reactions to it.
  7. Here you go science to research on soy with eggs and chicken, Im sure this applies to gluten as well https://etd.ohiolink.edu/ap/10?0::NO:10:P10_ACCESSION_NUM:osu1236706764