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  1. mom2boyz

    Wahls Protocol anyone?

    Beef liver is the worst. I have to choke it down, but beef heart and chicken organs aren't so bad. I think they taste...
  2. mom2boyz

    Wahls Protocol anyone?

    I do the yucky greens in the morning, to get them out of the way, so I flip between cooked organ meat & greens one...
  3. mom2boyz

    Wahls Protocol anyone?

    So I'm almost 3 months into it, and this diet has improved my life so much. I'm pretty strict with it. My arthritis...
  4. mom2boyz

    Nerve pain in feet

    I would wait it out, gluten affects many of my family members. Celiac or not they have multiple autoimmune issues which...
  5. mom2boyz

    Calorie intake needs help

    I'd go with coconut milk/cream. A vegan friend recommended it to me as replacement coffee creamer. You can have that...
  6. mom2boyz

    Wahls Protocol anyone?

    Did it work? Any tips? I started the Wahls protocol this week, after reading the book. Not too encouraged...
  7. My nearly daily diarrhea went away after stopping gluten, but it took me a couple of weeks after stopping gluten to realize...
  8. mom2boyz


    No well water. It could be the city water, but I've come to the conclusion that it's a combination of my impaired gut...
  9. mom2boyz


    Yes, the first time the doc checked, no for the second, the second I just recognized the symptoms (yellow feces with...
  10. mom2boyz


    I wasn't sure where to post this. Since going gluten free, I've contracted Giardia twice, 3 months apart. Is this...
  11. I'm a nurse, and I pretty much diagnosed myself, I'm not going to test for many reasons. First because I'm cheap, and...
  12. I'm afraid to eat anything that might make me sick, and I'm trying to pinpoint a reaction I had this past weekend and...
  13. mom2boyz

    tooth extractions and gum problems

    I've had dental enamel issues since childhood, my back molars came in with cavities already in them, and most of the...
  14. mom2boyz

    THINK I'm celiac

    I'm a new to gluten free also, it helps that my husband was already grain free, so we didn't have much of an adjustment...
  15. mom2boyz

    A little help

    I'd say it's food poisoning, but there were 5 other people eating it with me. I'd say it was definitely gluten, but...