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  1. My nearly daily diarrhea went away after stopping gluten, but it took me a couple of weeks after stopping gluten to realize my horrible gas pains and mushy stools were from lactose (milk)... it was funny because I'm not much of a milk drinker and I would blame my stomach pain on the chocolate in chocolate bars, not even thinking about the milk in them. So now I'm fine with dark chocolate bars. Also, beans, nuts, and quinoa took a few months for me to be able to digest with comfort. Have you seen the low fodmap diet? I thought it was interesting, and it claims it can help with SIBO. It eliminates just about anything that your body can't digest and sits fermenting in your stomach. Then you slowly introduce foods to see if they give you problems.
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    No well water. It could be the city water, but I've come to the conclusion that it's a combination of my impaired gut, stress (highly emotion teen in our house left me without sleep last week), plus I was sick with a cold about a week or two ago, my immune system has probably not been well. Then there's my family. My youngest has a habit of eating couch food and my husband has no problem eating week old leftovers. Plus, I have to remind everyone to wash their hands, they don't do it on their own. I figure the giardia is probably not going to just go away. So I'm going to maybe take the oregano oil for a week or two longer this time to give my gut a chance to heal before it infects me again, sprinkle turmeric on everything I eat for the next year or so, and eat a probiotic food with each meal.
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    Yes, the first time the doc checked, no for the second, the second I just recognized the symptoms (yellow feces with floating fat on top of the water) and started adding turmeric to my food and taking the oregano oil. I'd be all about taking the antibiotics if I was throwing up or had a fever, but I don't/didn't. They use hefty antibiotics for it (because it's a parasite, not a bacterium) which can lead to renal complications, as far as I'm concerned it's not worth it to me unless I really need them. I'm wondering if I've been carrying the giardia around, or my family members are carriers.
  4. I wasn't sure where to post this. Since going gluten free, I've contracted Giardia twice, 3 months apart. Is this common? Does it go away after a time? How did you make it go away? So far I've managed to avoid antibiotics, because IMO what's worse than Giardia is antibiotic resistant giardia... I've been taking turmeric and oregano oil instead which work very well, but it's still uncomfortable. I cleaned the entire house with an ammonia solution the first time because bleach won't kill it, and I've been using it at least weekly in the bathrooms and kitchen... but it came back anyway. Our dog is the only other one that has been infected in our house, and I'm pretty sure I'm the one that gave it to her, not the other way around .
  5. I'm a nurse, and I pretty much diagnosed myself, I'm not going to test for many reasons. First because I'm cheap, and I plan on having a nice retirement instead of spending a ton of money on multiple blood tests and endoscopies all so they can tell me to stop eating gluten. Second, I've worked with countless doctors and it's pick and choose the right day, right time and right person whether they're going to listen to you and take you seriously or make fun of your complaining to the nurse in the hallway after they see you and take your money. Third, I don't trust the FDA or their supplementation, medication or diet recommendations. They've been bought out by the big food and big pharma. Finally, I think the entire process of diagnosis totally violates the "do no harm" motto. Going back on gluten would be harmful. Having an endoscopy, while it may not be harmful, it's not comfortable nor is it a risk free procedure. It involves medication and it seems a bit over the top for something that's not an emergency. They need to come up with something better. I read a study coming out of Norway, and it looks like it may be a one step process pretty soon, and I'm content to wait for that. Last, in a situation where you're hospitalized, they're probably not going to have your records right there anyway unless you've been hospitalized before, just put gluten under allergies when they ask for it. I don't think they'll question it, I wouldn't have if I were doing intake. It's not like the nursing staff is going to be happy about cleaning up after you, nor would they want to risk a lawsuit if they ignore you. Gluten or any common food allergens for that matter wouldn't be an ingredient in anything they would feed you if you weren't conscious. However, I could see a long term care facility deciding to be cheap and wanting documentation.
  6. I'm afraid to eat anything that might make me sick, and I'm trying to pinpoint a reaction I had this past weekend and a day last week. I figured it's either the processed meat from Spouts, but my son (who I suspect is more sensitive than I am -- he's had a couple of cross contamination issues with other kids) but he didn't react. Too much fruit, we had smoothies, which my son also consumed. I realized I had probiotics I took with my vitamins both days before the diarrhea, they're gluten free and dairy free per the label, but it's filled with lactobacillus. I've had the probiotics once before, and had a little indigestion (and for anyone that I'm a spotty supplement taker, I usually only take them if I'm not feeling energetic, I'm constipated, or I start having heart palpitations.) Also I didn't have any anxiety, insomnia, heart palpitations, or panic attacks at all this past week, which happened nearly all the time when I was consuming gluten.
  7. I've had dental enamel issues since childhood, my back molars came in with cavities already in them, and most of the rest of my teeth have enamel and sensitivity issues that have gotten progressively worse. I found that brushing very well only once a day, every single day with an electric toothbrush and flossing every day in between my teeth up and down twice between each of the pockets at the sides of each tooth has helped immensely. I haven't had a cavity in 10 years. Too much brushing will wear down your teeth. Brushing after meals will just run down the enamel on your teeth, because you're brushing with the acids in the food you just ate. If you want to brush your teeth in the morning do it before eating breakfast. I know it's hard but avoiding sugar, candy, soda, juice, sugar in coffee/tee helped me as well, especially with the tartar build up.
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    THINK I'm celiac

    I'm a new to gluten free also, it helps that my husband was already grain free, so we didn't have much of an adjustment other than no cookies or dining out for me anymore. You're going to have to change the way you eat. Look up the no sugar no grains diet, or the paleo diet, start trying new recipes, eating new foods, and stay away from processed food substitutes, it's really tough the first couple of weeks, but you'll find that after a few months you'll like veggies a lot more, and foods that weren't sweet before will be much sweeter later. It's probably going to sound gross, but my favorite easy to make, feel good comfort food is sardines mashed with avacado on rice cakes. Roasts in the slow cooker are really good and easy to make too. I suspect I have had celiac (not confirmed, and until there is a gluten free test it will stay that way) since I was in my mid teens, and I had 2 kids in my 20s but was infertile when trying for #3 at about 30, but that was about the time my digestive system refused to digest anything at all and I was also super skinny size 0, which can't be good for a baby anyway. So, hopefully, if you keep up with the diet, you'll have more time to have kids than I did.
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    A little help

    I'd say it's food poisoning, but there were 5 other people eating it with me. I'd say it was definitely gluten, but my son is also gluten sensitive, and he had no issues. Maybe it's just the processed food issue. I eat small amounts of bacon occasionally, but no other processed meats. I was thinking maybe the fat, spices, or food additives. We get most of our meat at Costco. Sprouts is an occasional buy, and since their customer service was very unhelpful when I asked. I think I'll skip their meat department from now on. Costco labels the meats that are processed on equipment that have allergens, plus you can see in their kitchen, they have windows, it's clean.
  10. I have been blissfully diarrhea free for 2 months and I'm not sure if I'm being glutened or not. I'm suspecting Sprouts meat department cross contamination, I emailed them suspecting their sausage a few days ago and they told me unapologetically that their sausages were not gluten free (despite the store clerk telling me otherwise, and the label not having any wheat as a possible contaminant). I complained to the USDA, because they should be listing allergens on the packaging. Now I believe their corned beef is causing me problems. (I should probably stop meat shopping there). I've cut dairy. I know Sprouts is a small grocery store, and they possibly share a kitchen with their bakery and deli. It should have been a no brainer. However, could it be something else, the excess fat maybe?
  11. That is a good point, I think I'll talk to his doctor about it. I really find the whole diagnosis process very unacceptable. I get that diagnosis is hard to get, but it's not very accurate, and it's potentially damaging.
  12. I'm pretty sure I have celiac, and I've probably had it since I was a teenager. We're a Swedish family. I believe my aunt also has it (she's a head shorter than her siblings and has always had a hard time keeping food down), and my son who has weight gain issues, and hives that mysteriously and alarmingly come and go. I have what I thought was IBS, female problems, premature labor, dental enamel problems, and trouble gaining weight. Realization happened this past weekend, I've been grain & sugar free by choice, eating at home since the holidays, feeling great, and on Friday I had pasta and I'm still feeling the effects. So I started looking at gluten intolerance, and found myself here. I'm pretty angry at the medical community, especially on my son's behalf. He's had problems since birth (probably because I had problems and I nursed him), and they've never really done anything about it. I don't want to even look at his doctor right now. I am also hesitant to introduce more gluten in our diet just to get tested for celiac. I don't want to have diarrhea for weeks by reintroducing gluten, and really I want to get on with my life, gain 10 lbs and feel healthier. I really don't see a good reason to test.