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  1. Hey everyone! I have a very fast metabolism, I'm gluten free, dairy free, and mostly egg free... I work long hours, as most of us do, but I find it incredibly difficult to get an appropriate amount of calories and nutrients when...
  2. It's good to know (for me) that you have to take such hefty meds - I've upped my dose a bit, and that has helped. I haven't seen a doctor for this because, unfortunately, I've had a lot of doctors treat me like a hypochondriac. I mean...
  3. Hello again everyone! It's been a while since I've posted, but I've run in to another problem lately and just wanted some feedback. I was told that I have a casein intolerance and have since completely gone off of dairy. A few days ago...
  4. I have had it a few times, and I have a small reaction (So I go to the bathroom 6x per day or more, for a few days). I have a really rough time if I drink a six pack within a certain amount of time. Anywhere from a day or two to a week....
  5. MissHaberdasher

    To Anyone In Moab, Ut!

    I think that wouldn't be too bad of an idea! I don't know how many cars we'll be taking, but maybe I can talk everyone in to letting me keep my own cooler with product from a Costco or Sam's Club or something.
  6. MissHaberdasher

    To Anyone In Moab, Ut!

    You guessed it, I'll be coming from Grand Junction, unless we make an extremely random side-trip to some other state. I'll keep these in mind anyway thank you!!
  7. MissHaberdasher

    To Anyone In Moab, Ut!

    I’m going on a family vacation soon, and I’m the only one with dietary restrictions. What grocery store would you recommend going to for gluten and dairy free stuff? Is there a really good family restaurant to visit? Any other recommendations?
  8. MissHaberdasher

    Glutened 2 Weeks Ago

    I don't know, I hope not. I'm eating only at home, making my own food, and I have a 100% gluten-free kitchen. I'm thinking it might be because I had some gluten-free english muffins about 3 weeks after I was exposed to gluten and then found...
  9. MissHaberdasher

    Glutened 2 Weeks Ago

    Ugh I know that this should eventually go away, but I'm so, so tired of being in pain and having stomach issues (including loss of appetite). I don't have insurance until February... should I be concerned that it has been over 4 weeks and...
  10. MissHaberdasher

    So Sick

    As cyclinglady said, it is one heck of a grieving process. Just keep on going, and just go day by day. Stay strong, my friend, we've all been there. We understand what you're going through. *hugs*
  11. It is so, so, hard to give it up at first. Especially if you are the only one in your entire family/group of friends that has to adjust to this. It's okay, we have ALL had our weak moments, especially in the beginning. I can tell I've been...
  12. To be honest, I'm no expert on any religion, so my advice may not be too useful. I tried to go to a Hare Krishna temple when I was newly diagnosed, and they provided such wonderful food. There were a lot of people there that were on a gluten...
  13. MissHaberdasher

    Finally Some Good News!

    Yay!!!! Good luck going forward, but what a weight off the shoulders, eh??
  14. Stay strong, you're making progress! The stomach grumbles are a sign that something is happening. I've been gluten free for 3 years, got glutened 4 weeks ago, and I'm experiencing the SAME EXACT THING. You aren't alone!! I am also dairy...
  15. Someone at the health food store told me to take enzymes to combat my stomach pain (4 weeks after a glutening). I was hesitant, but when I did research online (yes, very dangerous), I found this: So far, two days in, it seems to be...