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  1. Actually, from what I understand, during perimenopause estrogen levels can swing wildly up, really high, then crash down low. Mine were off the charts high in January when I missed a cycle - my doctor said it was because my ovaries were shooting blanks and it confuses things. Great. I, too, have...
  2. 19 - that's high! - seriously, mine was down to 10. Even before I knew I had celiac disease I had better luck with GNC's Women's Iron Complete thank the SlowFE. The SlowFE gave me abdominal cramps, even though it's supposed to be gentler. The GNC stuff was way better. I tried about 4 brands before...
  3. There is one in Durham, NC too - a Mexican place called Dos Perros. They had a post on their website announcing they'd made their entire kitchen gluten free, but seem to have removed it, probably due to lawyers. They say that everything made in house - their mole thickened with corn instead of wheat...
  4. I suffered several nights of agony with stabbing and burning pains. My endoscopy showed only mild gastritis, H. Pylori negative. But the doctor insisted I try that purple pill. I took it for a week, it helped a bit, but then I quit taking it because I was concerned that the acid reduction would do...
  5. Despite the CSA certifying Omission as safe for celiacs, I can attest - it is not. I actually hadn't researched it before consuming it: I went to the beer store and asked which gluten-free beer was the best, and the guy handed me one and said this one tested the best. Stupidly, I drank it. It...
  6. I'm so proud of my gluten-free Christmas Eve dinner! I made these sour cream and scallion biscuits and carrot soup (it's really ONLY CARROTS and butter!), collard greens, green beans, coconut soy-marinated red snapper and mashed potatoes and two different kinds of gluten free cookies. Everyone loved...