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  1. So I'm not pregnant, or planning to get pregnant, for a very long time, but I just got diagnosed with NCGI (though it's possible I could be celiac, I suppose, due to testing malfunctions). I was wondering if anyone with gluten sensitivity/NCGI had problems with fertility...I know it's an issue with...
  2. Funnily enough, I'm on a gluten challenge this month, and I've noticed more irritability than normal. I've been on gluten for about three days, and my stomach hurts like normal, but I'm snapping at people easily. I do have an Irish Yankee temper, but I'm normally not this bad.
  3. I had shoulder surgery this past September, and at my follow-up appointment 1 week after surgery, I asked the doctor what exactly a "subacromial decompression with a capsular shift" meant. Now, my orthopedic surgeon, who has the bedside manner of a corpse, looks at me and says," Well, I put a rubber...
  4. Boyfriend is totally awesome. I've been letting him keep on eating gluten with me (though he really doesn't do it thaaaat frequently anymore) because I'm going to be doing a gluten challenge/test in a few weeks, and there's no point in having him jump through hoops at this point to avoid it when...
  5. I definitely think Boyfriend would be willing to accommodate. My question is....is it really necessary? Am I really damaging myself internally, even if I don't get sick, just from him?
  6. I definitely get that---the thing is, I don't seem to have any reaction whatsoever. My boyfriend has never made me sick. But what I wasn't sure about was if I could be harming myself without having a reaction? At any rate, I brought it up to Boyfriend tonight and he said he'd just stop eating...
  7. So I've been gluten-free for a year and a half, and my boyfriend of five and a half months is not. He is quite respectful of my dietary needs, and will often order gluten-free so I can try whatever it is, but he does eat bread, pizza and things with bread crumbs around me. That doesn't bother me...