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  1. GlutenFreeAustinite

    Latex Allergy

    Yeah, I think I might go with a bracelet just because I'm going off to college and I would hate to have something go wrong when I'm away from my parents/anyone who could advocate for me. My symptoms aren't life threatening, I don't think, but I'd hate to have it develop into something worse. As I'm gluten-intolerant, I don't think I need that on a medic alert bracelet because I'd rather deal with the symptoms of that than die in a life-threatening emergency. If I were to be diagnosed with any other autoimmune conditions, I would of course add that. Stuff's making sense again: always itching after playing with rubber balls, wearing gloves, sanitary pads, appliques on shirts, etc.
  2. GlutenFreeAustinite

    Latex Allergy

    So I've noticed my skin reacts to band-aids etc. We thought it was adhesive, but I tried latex free bandages (that still had adhesive) and no reaction. I've had problems with rubber gloves and other latex-containing products in the past. I know it's not related to gluten in any way, but is it a good idea to wear a medic alert bracelet when dealing with a latex allergy? EDIT: I should probably also note: my reactions have typically been a band-aid shaped, itchy, red rash; sensitivity to sanitary pads, and itching of hands/other parts of skin that comes in contact with it, and after wearing rubber gloves containing latex (not extremely often) sinus issues.
  3. GlutenFreeAustinite

    Birthday Cake?

    Cherrybrook Kitchen makes a pretty good cake mix that can be made easily dairy-free. They also make a frosting mix (don't buy the pre-made stuff, just the mix) that can be made dairy free (all products are inherently dairy free, but you add the milk you want - rice milk, almond milk, etc. ). The frosting requires butter/margarine, which you could make dairy -free.
  4. Or you could be gluten intolerant. That would make your blood tests negative too. It's possible for one person to be celiac and one to be gluten sensitive in one family, though I admit your chances of celiac are higher.
  5. GlutenFreeAustinite

    Recipe Suggestions?

    I've asked about a Crock Pot, and my RA is finding out for me. I don't think Foreman grills are allowed period because they have an open burner. I might be allowed to bring one and store it.
  6. I'm starting my freshman year in just over three weeks, and I am gonna need MAJOR help in the cooking department. I'm either going to be cooking all my own food, or most of my own food, and my only regularly accessible kitchen is the one the entire dorm shares. I have to supply my own utensils, which isn't a problem, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for cheap, easy to prepare meals? I'm thinking things like stir fry veggies and meat, taco dishes, etc. Stuff I can make in 15 minutes. At this point, I'm strictly gluten-free, MSG-free, aspartame-free, and trying to limit grains and sugar (fruits, etc.) due to yeast. Any thoughts?
  7. GlutenFreeAustinite

    Juice Fast

    If you've never done one, be aware of how your body can react. I've juice fasted as part of church fundraisers several times and done horribly. I get a bad headache from all the sugar, jitters, nausea, extreme crankiness -- in other words, I don't react well, and will probably not be able to fast again. My sister, also prone to headaches, gets nasty ones herself when she fasts. So if you are prone to headaches, make sure you drink plenty of water, and listen to your body.
  8. Could it be refractory sprue, the type that is non-responsive to being gluten-free?
  9. I didn't have MRSA, but I did have a very persistent staph infection on my face a few years ago. The test was negative for MRSA, but it was really hard to get rid of. I was also at boarding school in the middle of rural Wisconsin, so I have no idea what tests were done, or if they really were negative. I've also had recurrent yeast infections since I hit puberty.
  10. GlutenFreeAustinite

    Outrageous Things I Have Said And Done!

    I know the envelopes don't have gluten, but they always make me feel a bit queasy if I lick too many. That and they just taste nasty.
  11. GlutenFreeAustinite

    Now Dairy Free As Well?

    I was dairy free for quite a while when I first went gluten-free back in 2010. I was able to tolerate things like butter and heavy whipping cream, but actual milk/cheese/ice cream/other dairy gave me huge problems. I gradually was able to add it back in after being strictly gluten free, so maybe you can too. Just take it easy...it's really common for those newly-diagnosed to have to be casein/dairy-free too. Coconut milk is a really good alternative. You can buy it in a can (wouldn't recommend drinking it from the can, but it's great for smoothies or cooking) or in a container. So is almond milk....they even make a chocolate flavor. And you can find both coconut and almond milk ice cream. They also make alternative cheeses (usually from soy or almond milk) but they often have casein so it's important to know whether you are casein or lactose intolerant. I personally never cared for them. Goat's milk is also good. It does have a flavor that can only be described as "goaty" but if you can get beyond that, it works well. I will say that goat's milk ice cream is fantastic. Soy is another option, but I wouldn't recommend it. I'm mildly allergic, and I know processed soy can really mess people up anyway, so I avoid it. If it's just lactose, they do make lactose free yogurts, milk, etc. Price-wise, the alternative stuff is a bit more expensive, yes, though not really bad if you use them sparingly. With the exception of the goat milk, they don't go bad as quickly though. Watch the Blue Diamond crackers, as I know one variety has butter in it. My whole family went largely dairy-free when I did, and we didn't notice a huge difference in grocery bills from it. A lot of the gluten-free products are dairy-free as well.
  12. I'm 18 and Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerant, and I'm in the process of trying to work with my college about mandatory meal plans for freshmen. They can't properly accommodate so it's looking like I will most likely have an exemption, which is what I wanted, but it's a bit depressing too as it means I can't really eat with my friends in the dining hall. It sucks, but I'll do whatever it takes to stay healthy. Hang in there...the diabetic restrictions must add to the intensity.
  13. From the limited knowledge I have, yes it can. It may "exist" in you from birth, but symptoms and/or damage can be triggered by something that happens in your life (stress, other medical problems, pregnancy, etc.)
  14. GlutenFreeAustinite

    Recurrent Yeast (Tmi, Sorry)

    I'm definitely gonna check on corn then! I think I'm corn free at this point anyway but it'll take time. Thanks! www.wholeapproach.com is the one I'm using for candida.
  15. GlutenFreeAustinite

    Recurrent Yeast (Tmi, Sorry)

    That is a good point. I'm in the process of cutting out corn (I have a terrible craving for it, which I know is a symptom of intolerance) and fruits/grains. My plan is to do a really intense diet and then add things back in to test whether they are problematic.