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  1. Which thyroid test results convinced you that your thyroid is 'normal'? Did you test free t3, free t4, TPOab, as well as TSH? What was your doc's normal range for TSH? I struggled with constipation for years. Abstaining from gluten...
  2. burdee

    Stomach Cramps

    I googled metformin side effects and found that 'abdominal cramps and discomfort was the top listed effect. Try abstaining from that drug for a few weeks to see how you feel without that.
  3. burdee

    Food Allergies

    I have a diagnosed allergy to nutmeg. Like most of my other delayed reaction allergies, consuming nutmeg gives me days bloating and gut pain and sometimes diarrhea. Many people have spice allergies. I'm also allergic to vanilla. I'm still...
  4. Nope. I was diagnosed with celiac disease many years after I suffered enamel loss. My dentist and doctors all decided that I caused the enamel problem, because they decided I was bulimic and made myself throw up. Actually I had thrown up...
  5. Another common consequence of (or correlation with) celiac disease is autoimmune disorders. One of those disorders is Hashimoto's thyroiiditis or low thyroid levels, which impair many metabolic functions. Common symptoms are fatigue, low...
  6. I've never taken astragulus, because my ELISA (allergy/intolerances) test results for herbs and spices showed that I had a very strong IgG mediated reaction to astragulus. That reaction was stronger than any other of my diagnosed allergens...
  7. I wasn't diagnosed till i was 56. My dentist saw the enamel damage, asked me if i threw up. He decided I was buiimic, because i was thin and threw up. He didn't ask if I threw up to get/stay thin. (I had terrible reflux and nausea after...
  8. If you're not ingesting any gluten, then you need to consider other possible allergens (or 'intolerances' for people who don't consider delayed reactions allergies). I was not diagnosed with celiac disease until my 50s after a lifetime of...
  9. I was gluten free (and abstaining from my 6 other diagnosed allergies) for 6 years and still struggled with constipation.Then I was finally dx'd with Hashimoto's. It took over a year for me to realize that I didn't do well on any T4 meds...
  10. I had chronic constipation for years. I tried all the recommendations for more liquids, more fiber, magnesium, exercise, everything except laxatives, which caused cramping pain. 6 years after I was diagnosed with celiac disease, i was diagnosed...
  11. Yes, I have 6 other diagnosed food allergies besides gluten. I also have 3+ day (actually 1-2 week) reactions after consuming any of those foods. I've been gluten free for 9 years, but i still react just as severely to my other diagnosed...
  12. I'm sorry that i just discovered this post. Hopefully you already learned that the Paddock T3 brand is safe for you. I've been taking Paddock liothyronine since 2011. i've been on a T3 only regimen since 2012. I'm sensitive/allergic to...
  13. I don't think that effect is common. HOWEVER, I experienced heart palipitations and mild tachycardia after eating sugar for many years. Then I took an ELISA (enzyme linked immunosorbent assay) blood test for food allergies. I had a very...
  14. I've been gluten free since celiac disease dx in 1994. After years of hypthyroid symptoms I was finally dx'd w/ Hashimoto's hypothyroidism in 2009. My first TPOab (antibodies) were at the top of the normal range. 2 years later they are low...
  15. Low good bacteria is one explanation for continual dysbiosis. Are you still taking high dose probiotics? (I'm still taking the Custom CP-1 formula, which you recommended.) After my history of 8 different gut bugs over a 4 year period, I...