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  1. Not only is it possible to accidently ingest these products (ex. place contaminated hands in mouth, etc.) but many of us have DH (dermatitis herpetiformis), so yes we do need to be extra careful, not only with what we take in, but also what we put on our skin. Like many of the other who responded...
  2. I had a bottle of Target's "All Day Allergy Relief" and wanted to know if it was gluten free. Instead of asking the pharm., I contacted the 800# on the bottle, and they were very helpful. It is in fact gluten free. I would suggest that you do the same. Have in hand a list of all the meds. you are...
  3. Has anyone ever had a reaction to these pretzels? I've eaten two other bags over the last few weeks. Opened a new bag yesterday and experienced bloating and discomfort.