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  1. Starting a new medication tomorrow - and as always, it's frustrating trying to find a list of inactive ingredients online...
  2. horsegirl

    Which Is The Better Brownie?

    I too have to vote for Trader Joe's gluten-free brownie mix. The flavor & texture are amazing, & even my picky...
  3. My Enterolab results showed intolerance to gluten, casein, soy, & eggs. I only suspected the gluten, so the others...
  4. horsegirl

    What Is Going On?

    JBaby, I thought about pancreatitis too, in the midst of the pain. However, after about 5 days the symptoms were gone...
  5. Have you checked medications you're taking? Toothpaste? Vitamins? Is your kitchen completely cleaned of gluten/dairy...
  6. horsegirl

    What Is Going On?

    Hi GFinDC, I've already decided chips of any kind are on my "no no list" for awhile (maybe that's what I'm giving up...
  7. horsegirl

    What Is Going On?

    Thanks for the information, Mushroom. I truly hope this isn't a corn intolerance. I still find this very hard sometimes...
  8. horsegirl

    Am I Overreacting Here?

    Thanks for the support - we all need it! And I do appreciate it.
  9. horsegirl

    Feeling Worse

    Oh - and did you make sure the medications you're on are also gluten-free? That could be a source of hidden gluten you...
  10. horsegirl

    Feeling Worse

    I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well! Many of us have found, either through trial & error, or testing, that...
  11. horsegirl

    Am I Overreacting Here?

    Thanks for the perspective, everyone. I know he's trying, & the Valentine's Day thing was very sweet. I guess I still...
  12. horsegirl

    What Is Going On?

    The brands of chips are Fritos corn chips, Kettle brand yellow tortilla chips, & another brand of tortilla chips...
  13. I've been following the restrictive diet lifestyle for nearly 3 years, with good results for the most part. I am the...
  14. horsegirl

    What Is Going On?

    Thanks for the information about lectins - I was suspecting corn since I had corn tortilla chips on all 3 of the occasions...
  15. I use Trader Joe's Rice Milk (vanilla flavor) & have had no problem with it. All of Trader Joe's products say they...