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  1. ? Rest will really help. Let us know how you survive finals.
  2. You are most likely going thru gluten withdrawal. Try gluten free amino acid powder. You need more protien. Hold of on roughage until weight stabilizes. Then slowly add it back. It took me over 3 months to stop loosing weight. Get a free gluten scanner on your phone. It is great. I hope you have...
  3. Homeopathic medicine usually is your offender in a small dose. The theory is your body will build immunities to it. Maybe that med is a gluten substance.
  4. Hi Anonymous! I am happy to let you know my weight is better now. I have gained a few pounds. If you notice trigger foods avoid them. Introduce them slowly in tiny amounts in a few weeks. I have added passion flower and amino acid gluten free powder to my diet. Tastes awful. It is ok stirred in peanutbutter...
  5. This is normal gluten withdrawal. I just read adding salt with iodine helps with the frequent urination part. The time frame varies for each individual. Sorry you are going thru this with your finals. Google gluten withdrawals, you will find helpful ideas. God Bless!
  6. Gluten made me to sick. I couldn't function. Gastro is still going to do endo and colonoscopy. He said I could have the gene test. It would not confirm celiac though. Hope your back gets better?
  7. Hello Kathouse. I know the feeling with ears and sinus. Weather changes mess me up. Anxiety and depression is probaly stemmed from celiac. My nerves are on edge many days. That became worse after diagnosis. Hope your miseries subside.
  8. I was just researching this. I have returned to the gluten challenge. My ears hurt and are full of pressure. Of course this made me cutious if there is a relation to gluten. There is. For celiac, gluten sensitivity and for wheat allergy. If you can tolerate garlic it is recommended. Also something...
  9. Tested positive foe ttg iga test. Doctor didn't tell me to not go gluten free. The withdrawals were terrible and didn't want to go back on it. It is the gastro specialist. Had been gluten free for 2 months.
  10. Thankyou ironictruth. I didn't add carbs. I always have protein with carbs to balance sugar level.
  11. He told me to start half carbs gluten a few days and then move up to all. The challenge is for 2 weeks. I was at half.
  12. Thankyou Ennis_TX. I think I am going to stop. I take care of an elderly woman. I can't work like this.
  13. Day 2 of gluten challenge. I feel drugged up and can barely stay awake. Is this common? Also has anyone else done a two week challenge before endoscopy.
  14. Has anyone else doing a gluten challenge experience strange twinges in back. I never had this before. Preparing for endoscopy. Thankyou!