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  1. My birth mother (deceased) had a "problem with wheat" according to my dad. Whether Celiac or NCGI we'll never know. I went gluten-free before testing and then could not take on a gluten challenge due to my reaction to gluten when ingested; that was all the test I needed. However I had the genetic...
  2. BeFree, that sounds yummy! I kinda have a hankering for Chinese. So if I can get home in a decent amount of time through the traffic and rain and after I check on my friend's dogs, I think sweet and sour chicken would be tasty tonight. Just got some King Arthur AP gluten-free flour to try, so...
  3. I'm allergic to teff. My airways start closing up. Same thing happens with millet. Wish I could eat Udi's whole grain bread. Their white bread I eat with no issues whatsoever. I agree with Skylark, xanthan gum may be more the issue.