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  1. bigbird16

    The Song Name Game

    Come a Little Bit Closer -- Jay and the Americans
  2. bigbird16

    Thinking Of Going Vegetarian

    Hugs, Fire Fairy. It's natural to want to please those you love. But you gave eggs and dairy up because your body rejected...
  3. bigbird16

    The Day After The Day Before

    It's funny....I don't OD on food anymore. One serving (sometimes a couple bites more) is sufficient. I can't seem to...
  4. bigbird16

    The Song Name Game

    Dancing Queen --ABBA
  5. To start introducing more meat into your diet, you might try fish first. Some of my vegetarian friends who have found...
  6. bigbird16

    Just A Little Bit Angry

    Congrats on your new job!!
  7. bigbird16

    The Song Name Game

    The Letter -- The Box Tops
  8. My first has been eating grain-free since he was 9 weeks old. He's 3 years now. His coat is shiny and sleek, never has...
  9. There are truly gluten-free dog foods. You have to read the ingredients, because what the pet food companies call gluten...
  10. bigbird16


    Gas up your car, too. Were you in an area hit by the derrecho in June? Getting gas for a friend's generator the next...
  11. bigbird16

    Everything Revolves Around Food!

    It will get easier. I remember the first trips I took after going gluten-free. I was so hungry and miserable; I didn...
  12. bigbird16

    gluten-free Sushi

    Thanks! I'll check the local fish market. If rice is the hardest part, then this should be easy. I make rockin' sushi...
  13. bigbird16

    gluten-free Sushi

    I would really like to make my own sushi. I've gotten nailed every time I've gone out for sushi, even though I've asked...
  14. My birth mother (deceased) had a "problem with wheat" according to my dad. Whether Celiac or NCGI we'll never know. I...